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Are Apple Watches Waterproof?

Apple watches are not waterproof. They are water-resistant up to certain depths (up to 165 feet below water). See the table below:

Apple Watches: Water-resistance Table

Apple Watch 1Apple Watch 2,3,4,5,6Apple Watch 7Apple Watch SE
Splash-proofup to 50 metersup to 50 metersup to 50 meters
Apple Watch 1
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Apple Watch series 2,3,4,5,6
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Apple Watch Series 7
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Apple Watch SE
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Apple Watch 1 – Splash-proof

Apple Watch 1 is Apple’s earliest watch. Unfortunately, with this water you can’t do the water activities you love because it is not waterproof the best you can do with it is washing dishes.

Any submergence can make the watch go bad, if you unintentionally submerge it in water be sure to dry it as soon as you extract it to prevent damage.

Can I Go Swimming or take a Shower with my Apple Watch?

You can shower and go swimming with Apple Watch Series 2 and newer versions like the Apple Watch Series 7, Series 6, and SE provided the depth is shallow.

Don’t bring the Apple watch 2 when you are going to do water activities that have high velocities like skiing and scuba diving.

Consider Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7, and the Apple Watch SE for such activities because they are waterproof.

There are a number of factors that affect waterproofing in the Apple Watch, some of which include:

  • Exposure to perfume, lotions, solvents, acids, sunscreen, oils, etc.
  • Frequently dropping the Apple Watch.
  • Visiting steam rooms or sauna with the Watch on.
  • Wearing the watch while performing high-velocity water activities like skiing, scuba diving, etc.
  • Exposure to detergents.

If by accident your Apple Watch comes into contact with lotion, shampoo, acids, oils, sunscreen, detergents, and acids among others consider rising it with clean fresh water.

And dry with a lint-free cloth before the chemicals forming the items start acting on the watch’s acoustic hence negatively affecting your watch.

Do not shake, or use heat, or compressed air on your Apple Watch after it accidentally falls into the water.

Apart from using a lint-cloth cloth to dry the cloth, you could also let the watch charge overnight and by so doing you will make the moisture in the water evaporate hence the Apple Watch dries fast.

Note: Water resistance in Apple Watches may diminish over time, which means it’s not a permanent feature.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done once the waterproofing capability is gone on Apple Watches.

What Should I do if My Apple Watch Gets Wet?

When you have water splash onto your Apple Watch get a cloth that is soft and nonabrasive and dry the watch.

A lint cloth that isn’t soft may end up leaving scratches on your Watch which can be so annoying.

You are encouraged to wipe the watch from the display to bands after a sweaty workout to avoid bad odor built up.

In case you were swimming it would be best if you rinsed the Apple Watch 2, 3,4,5,6,7, and SE that way you get rid of chemicals used to preserve water at the pool.

How to Get Water out of an Apple Watch

If water accidentally gets the Apple Watch Series 2 and the newer (Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7 and SE) wet while swimming or running in the rain you can eject or clear out by:

  • Swiping up from the bottom of the watch face to access the Control Center,
  • Tap the water drop symbol which is in other words the water lock function.
  • Turn the Digital Crown on. This opens the Apple Watch screen and as it happens a sound and vibration happen to eject water from the speaker.

Water-resistant Apple Watch Bands

You can dive into the pool with the Apple Watch strap that is silicone. The worst idea is to enter the pool with stainless steel (metal) or leather Apple Watch bands.

Without forgetting, avoid swimming with nylon bands too it would be best to switch the App Watch bands to appropriate ones or remove the watch.

What is the Water Drop on Apple Watch?

When you see the water drop symbols/icon on your Apple it means that the Water Lock feature is active.

The purpose of the Water Lock function is to help protect your Apple Watch from getting damaged by water while swimming, in the rain, or showering.

This option locks your Apple screen (no button click and no apps can swipe) until it is deactivated.

If water enters the speaker you can turn the crown to initiate a vibration that will manually eject water from the Apple Watch speaker.

Apart from using this feature in the swimming pool, you can use it while running, jogging, walking, or cycling in the rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You have to use Water Lock on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch 2 and later series still remain water-resistant with the water lock function off. But to fully expel water from a part such as a speaker you will need to use the Water Lock.

Can you Shower With An Apple Watch?

Apart from the Apple Watch Series 1 which is only splash-proof, the reset (Apple Watch 2,3,4,5,6,7, and SE) can be worn while in the shower.

As much, as you can use hot water to shower while the watch is on your wrist don’t allow lotions, soap, conditioner, and perfumer to reach your watch.

Can You Wash Your Hands with an Apple Watch?

Yes, you can clean your hands with the Apple Watch on. All Apple watches including the Apple Watch 1 which is splash-proof can be worn while washing hands. In addition, you can have any Apple Watch on while hand washing laundry.

Is the Apple Watch Waterproof

Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch 6, and Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch 5, Apple Watch 4 are not waterproof.

They are only water-resistant to a water height of 50 meters. Their resistance can diminish over time depending on certain factors. We also have the Apple Watch 1 which is only splash-proof.

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