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Best Fitbit for Seniors

Which is the Best Overall Fitbit for Seniors?

The overall best Fitbit for senior citizens would definitely be the Inspire 2. That is because it can be worn by senior men and women to keep track of their health and fitness. The band also doesn’t exploit the wallet as it features a reasonable price tag.

You may also want to check what’s the best Fitbit senior for Women or for Senior Men.

Fitbit Inspire 2
Fitbit Inspire 2 Health and Fitness Tracker
Fitbit LuxeFitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness TrackerFitbit Sensefitbit senseFitbit Versa 3Fitbit Versa 3
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1. Fitbit Inspire 2: Best Fitbit For Men And Women

Fitbit Inspire 2 is a fitness tracker that is gender unbiased as it can be worn both by men and women.

It is rectangular in shape and small in size as it measures approximately 40mm by 15mm. The screen display is OLED and touch-sensitive; touchscreen.

The brightness is adjustable, whenever you are doing outdoor workouts you can brighten up the display to the desired brightness.

The activity tracker records about 37g and is so slim to the side hence light and comfortable around the wrist.

Some of the activities the Fitbit Inspire 2 comes with are 20 plus exercise modes and some of the exercises it can keep track of include running, swimming, hiking, yoga, cycling, working, dancing, weightlifting, and boxing among others.

Fitbit Inspire 2 lacks the altimeter used to calculate the number of staircases climbed. This activity tracker will give insights into your heart rate and sleep thanks to PurePulse 2.0.

Fitbit Inspire 2 is yet another fitness tracker that can accompany you to the shower, the swimming pool, or the beach since it is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

While either in the shower, swimming pool, or beach the smartwatch prevents accidental taps thanks built water lock feature.

The GPS it comes with makes sure you have a complete insight into your pace and distances. It will as well map all the routes you will need to run or cycle.

This is the best when it comes to keeping a charge. On a complete charge, the fitness tracker can serve for 10 days.

According to a test, the watch was able to survive 2 weeks with a single charge when it operated in normal mode.

Normal mode is whereby, walking and running are only tracked with sensors such as GPS and Bluetooth off. And settings such as screen display set to sleep when not in use.

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2. Fitbit Luxe: For Senior Women, So Stylish With Color Display

Fitbit Luxe is a stylish senior women’s activity tracker that comes with a 0.8-inch AMOLED screen display.

The fitness tracker is so thin measuring about 1.43 x 0.69 x 0.4 inches. The fitness tracker’s total weight stands at about 40 grams.

It is super light and for that reason, many who have used it say they sometimes tend to forget the tracker around their wrists. Changing the wristband with the one preferred is possible as the band is removable.

The smartwatch can be worn by women while in the bathroom taking a shower because it is waterproof.

The activity tracker is water-resistant up to a height of 5 Atmospheres with an IPX8 rating. The best idea is to completely wipe the Fitbit Luxe together with your wrist to dry once you are out of the pool or shower.

Fitness Luxe will automatically keep track of your walks and runs. Other activities the fitness tracker will keep track of are the heart rate, steps, stages, active zones, and most importantly menstrual health. If you are searching for a women’s tracker with a built-in GPS, Fitbit Luxe isn’t the right pick for you.

The only way this smart tracker can have GPS tracking is when it is connected to a phone that has a GPS. That way this Fitbit for women will be able to map all routes and paces.

Like most fitness trackers, Fitbit Luxe will only give you 5 days of continuous workouts as it is said to keep power for up to 5 days on a complete charge.

But with low activities like daily walks, the smartwatch for women can survive 8 to 10 days.

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3. Fitbit Sense: Prestigious Waterproof Fitness Tracker For Men

fitbit sense

Fitbit Sense is a fitness tracker built and designed for older men. Like Luxe, Sense is slightly lightweight recording 48 grams.

The screen display is an AMOLED touchscreen and measures about 1.60 inches which is bigger enough for men with large fingers.

The images shown on the screen are of great quality because of the 336 x 336 pixels of resolution.

All details displayed on the screen are visible thanks to the thousand nits of brightness emitted on the screen.

The wristband is removable thus you can switch from band to band to match your day’s outfit.

The device can connect to Wi-Fi networks to get notifications from apps, and Bluetooth devices to share and listen to music via Bluetooth headphones while working out.

Like the Luxe, Fitbit Sense can automatically track your steps, running, and heart rate. Other activities you can track using the activity tracker include cycling, swimming, and weight lighting.

The other impressing thing about the smartwatch is, that it can track stress. The ability to track stress is made possible by the built-in EDA sensor.

The smart tracker also features a built-in GPS that can track all routes and paces as you walk, jog, run or cycle.

If you are in search of a Fitbit watch that can put up with water spills, bathing, or swimming activities then Fitbit Sense is the right choice for you.

It can survive emersions of up to 50 meters below water. Just ensure the water is warm or hot, and keep temperatures normal because high temperatures might be the end of your smartwatch.

With the GPS, Bluetooth, and other sensors off, the Fitbit can work for 7 plus days. But with the mentioned sensors on plus settings like always-on screen will hit the period hard to 2 days of functionality and then another approximately one hour of recharging the smartwatch.

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4. Fitbit Versa 3: For Seniors Who Adore Swimming

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa 3 comes with a 40mm AMOLED screen display panel that features a resolution of 336 x 336 pixels responsible for the stunning, bright, clear display.

Fitbit Versa 3 features a touchscreen display which makes the interaction between the user and the tracker easier. To wake, the screen either holds or taps on it, and the same sends it to sleep.

The indented button located to the left of the smartwatch will power it on and off and a short vibration will confirm that.

For those in search of a fitness tracker that can pick up or make calls while working out, Fitbit Versa 3 is the right tracker.

The tracker will let you answer any calls on it plus make any of your preferred calls. You can also get to listen to your favorite music while running via this tracker.

You only need wireless headsets and the built-in Bluetooth feature will take care of the rest.

Versa 3 is able to track the level of oxygen in your blood as you sleep thanks to the SpO2 feature.

Heart rate, calories burnt, steps and zone minutes are other daily activities monitored by Fitbit. Your routes are also mapped and your pace is provided with the help of the built-in GPS.

Like all the other Fitbits on our lift, Fitbit Versa 3 is water-resistant up to 50 meters. Therefore, it is best for people whole love swimming and those who forget to take them off while taking a bath or washing dishes.

Versa 3 will take the least time to charge; roughly a quarter to a half of an hour. It thereafter can last for 2 days with always-on display and GPS on and 6 days on normal use.

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