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Can A Fitness Tracker Measure Blood Pressure?

Although not all, there is a fitness tracker that can measure your blood pressure. It is also important to note that their accuracies are limited.

we all know that activity trackers are made to track your physical fitness and not track your medical progress.

But three years ago Samsung made it known that its Samsung Galaxy Watch will be able to measure blood pressure.

This feature is now available in a couple of countries. Apple and Fitbit also worked on the feature and loaded it to their watches to let users track their blood pressure from home.

Including a blood pressure feature in smartwatches could be of much help to users’ cardiovascular health.

Why Fitness Trackers don’t get Accurate Blood Pressure Readings

The blood pressure readings taken by Fitness trackers from the wrist are likely less accurate than the blood pressure taken on the upper part of the arm.

The reason for this is that the arteries on the wrist are narrower and close to the skin.

Even the American Heart Association prefers taking blood pressure readings from the upper area of the arm because the reading is more accurate.

Finding How Accurate a Fitness Tracker can be when Measuring Blood Pressure

Bring along your activity tracker to the clinic so that you can check your smartwatch’s reading against that of your doctor’s blood pressure equipment.

This will help confirm how effective your fitness tracker is when measuring blood pressure.

To get the best out of a fitness tracker make sure that you are using it according to the instructions provided.

Are Fitness Trackers with Blood Pressure Monitor Accurate?

The accuracy of blood pressure readings on fitness trackers can be affected by activities.

For example, while running, cycling, or walking you get high results which unfortunately are inaccurate.

You also get low inaccurate results while doing simple activities like typing as a result of frequent wrist movement.

The only minute you get the best readings is when you are still with the arm and wrist at heart level.

The accuracy of the activity tracker also depends on how it is worn. Make sure the fitness you choose to monitor your blood pressure perfectly fits for better results.

The Main Importance of Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood Pressure tracking (Ambulatory) provides blood pressure readings that are ideal for measuring hypertension or high blood pressure.

Hypertension is among the world’s greatest threat diseases, a blood pressure detector is a way to predict and improve cardiovascular stops.

5 Best Fitness Trackers That Monitor Blood Pressure

1. Omron HeartGuide

Main features of the Omron Heart Guide smartwatch:

Battery LifeAbout 2 to 3 days
Metric MonitorBlood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate, calories burned, step count, sleep
Water ResistanceNot Waterproof

The Omron HeartGuide is an accurate clinically made wearable that measures blood pressure.

The smartwatch is approved FDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration).

Omron HeartGuide is sleek and perfect for those that like fashion and that’s because it is stylish.

Omron HeartGuide is not waterproof. An introduction to water destroys it.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Main features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3:

Battery LifeAbout 3 to 4 days
Metrics MonitoredBlood pressure, EKG, steps, calories burned, cycling, sleep, stress, meditation, elevation, yoga, hike
Water ResistanceWaterproof up to 50 meters

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is more of a traditional watch in the way it is designed. The fitness tracker is able to measure your blood pressure.

This feature makes the Galaxy 3 Watch a great choice for people with heart conditions wishing to keep monitoring their blood pressure throughout the day.

Samsung Galaxy 3 Watch also offers users EKG which will not only help them assess their heart electrical activity but also monitor their sleep patterns and daily activities.

3. HalfSun Fitness Tracker

The main feature of the HalfSun Fitness Tracker:

Battery LifeUp to 24 hours
Metric MonitoredBlood pressure, sleep quality, heart rate, step count, calories burned, active minutes
Water ResistanceIP67 hence waterproof up to 1 meter below the water

HalfSun will provide you with your heart rate data and blood pressure in real time when connected to its app on your phone.

For the HalfSun Fitness tracker to measure blood pressure accurately the wrist ought to be stable.

HalfSun includes a sleep monitor to track your sleep and that is because blood pressure relates to sleep, the results are updated every 24 hours.

The fitness tracker for blood pressure shares the phone GPS to map routes and paces.

4. MorePro Fitness Tracker

The main feature of MorePro Fitness Tracker:

Battery LifeUp to 25 days
Metric MonitoredBlood pressure, sleep quality, heart rate, step count, calories burned,
Water ResistanceIP68 thus waterproof up to 50 meters below water

MorePro fitness tracker monitors almost anything you expect a smartwatch to monitor including your blood pressure.

It also has a wide range of health monitoring options like real-time heart rate, and sleep tracking among others.

The Pro Fit watch comes with an app that provides you with a clear picture of your health data inclusive of blood pressure.

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that can keep track of your blood pressure for a long consider the MorePro smartwatch because it has a good battery life of about 25 days.

5. Yamay Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Monitor

The main feature of Yamay Fitness Tracker:

Battery LifeUp to 7+ days
Metric MonitoredBlood pressure, heart rate, distance traveled, calories consumption,
Water ResistanceIP68, waterproof up to 50 meters below water

Yamay activity tracker is a pretty traditional smartwatch-like Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

The smartwatch uses a blood pressure sensor and heart rate sensor to give real-time data concerning the heart and health in general.

The Yamay smartwatch and other smartwatches are important to our health they are also life-savers.

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Frequently Asked Question

What Other Product like Fitbit can Monitor Blood Pressure

There is a product in the market today that slightly resemble Fitbit. The product is called Helo. This product can track your blood pressure and EKG ambulatory.

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