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Can You Play Music On Fitbit

Fitbit lets you play music wrist from the comfort of your wrist. But not every Fitbits can play you music.

Fitness trackers like Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, Charge 2, Charge 3, Inspire, and Ionic are perfect examples of activity trackers that will let you play music while working out.

Fitbit users with Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Inspire HR, Versa 3 and Sense can’t enjoy this awesome feature because it is not available for the devices.

The music app (Apple Music and Android Music App) makes it possible for users to listen to music.

Once your favorite playlist is downloaded, pair your Bluetooth headsets and enjoy music while keeping features indoors or outdoors.

Fitbits That Can Store Your Favorite Songs

If you want a Fitbit that can store music go for Fitbit Versa 2, Versa, Versa 3, Sense, or Ionic watch.

Smartwatches like Fitbit Charge 5 and Versa lite won’t be able to store your favorite music.

In addition, Fitbit has created an application that can sync your playlists on Pandora and Deezer to keep you entertained even when offline.

How To Remove Or Change Pandora Stations On Fitbit

  • Launch the Fitbit app and tap the Today Tab. Tap the Profile Picture icon, and pick your Fitbit from the list that shows then Media.
  • Choose Pandora from the media list.
  • Tap the 3-dots
  • Select the stations you prefer by ticking
  • Tap the Unlink Pandora Account option when you want to remove all the stations

How To Store Music from Pandora Onto Your Fitbit Versa 3 Or Sense

  • Have the Fitbit on its charger
  • Ensure that your Fitbit is connected to Wi-Fi. If not, then you will need to set up Wi-Fi via the Fitbit App.
  • Launch the Fitbit App, opt for the Today Tab, go to the profile icon then pick your Fitbit from the list that shows.
  • Click Media
  • Choose Pandora
  • Sync up to 3 Pandora stations you love. You can also do this manually by choosing from Pandora’s curated playlists.
  • Click on the 3 dots and opt for Force Sync Now. As soon as this is done Pandora Music will download on your Fitbit.
  • Ensure that all the stations are fully downloaded before taking Fitbit out of its charger.

How Do I Download My Favorite Playlist?

Ensure you have the Fitbit connect free app. The app is available in the Store for both Android and Apple devices.

You will also need your PC or Mac and a good internet connection. The connection should be over Wi-Fi. You can only download playlists that you own or those that do not require a license.

There is also the Pandora App for United States residents only. The Pandora App allows users to download their favorite station to their Fitbits.

Do I Need to Have My Phone Nearby To Listen To Music And Podcasts?

Once you have downloaded your playlist you don’t need to bring your smartphone along with you. The only device you must bring along is a Bluetooth headset since Fitbits don’t feature headphone jacks.

You can be entertained from anywhere just ensure you have enough charge before heading out for exercise.

What Types Of Music And Podcast Files Can I download to My Fitbit Watch?

A Mac or PC will determine the types of podcasts and music files you will get to use. Some files especially older song files won’t download and that is because they are protected by encryption known as the DRM.

Personal Computers and PCs are only able to download three types of audio files which include WMA, MP3, and MP4 files with audio as AAC.

On the other hand, Mac computers will only accept two types of files, they are MP4 with audio as AAC and MP3 files

What Can’t The Fitbit Music Service Find My Playlist?

The Fitbit Music service won’t be able to find your playlist if you have music stored outside the music folder.

It is important to add your music folder to the list of folders so that the Fitbit music service can find your playlist when it does a search. Here are some simple to help you add your playlist folder to the music folder:

  • Launch the Fitbit Connect app on your PC and click Manage My Music
  • Find and click the gear icon situated on the top right corner of your screen. From the options that show opt for Advanced Settings.
  • Click the plus + sign to add your folder to the music folder and then finish by clicking OK.
  • Now confirm to see whether Fitbit Music Service found your playlist. Add more folders if your playlist still doesn’t show.

How Do I Control Music With My Fitbit Device?

Certain Fitbits will let you control songs playing on your phone. You also get to control songs playing on Pandora and Deezer with Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Sense, and Fitbit Ionic. Note, you won’t find this feature on Fitbit Versa Lite Edition.

How To Control Music Playing On Spotify

Apart from controlling music playing in Spotify using Spotify connect devices, you can use activity trackers like Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Versa Series, and Fitbit Charge 4 to control your music in the Spotify app.

With these Fitbits, you can switch and navigate between devices and playlists respectively.

The Spotify app must be launched on your phone for this to work. Here is how to control the Spotify App from your Fitbit watch.

  • Tap the Today Tab from the Fitbit App, go to Profile Picture, and get to the Device.
  • Tap Spotify then Settings
  • Log in and follow the prompts to access your Spotify Premium Account
  • Launch the Spotify App on your Phone and on Fitbit to control music. Users of Fitbit Charge 4 will swipe the tracker’s display left or right to get access to various settings.

To switch between devices simply tap the device icon. You can only list up to 8 devices and you must have the Spotify App opened and logged into your account to see the connected device.

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