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Can You Wear A Fitness Tracker On Your Ankle? (Question Answered!)

It is not recommended to wear fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin Watch, and Whoop on the ankle because they are made for the wrist. However, fitness trackers such as the Garmin Foot Pod, Moov, and MisFit Ray are designed for the ankle. It’s worth noting that just because Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, and Apple watches are primarily designed for the wrist, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t entirely be worn on the ankle. If you plan to wear them on your ankle, you’ll need to invest in suitable ankle bands compatible with your device. Fortunately, the bands are on Amazon at affordable prices.

Are Fitness Trackers Accurate When Worn on the Ankle?

It depends on where the fitness tracker is meant to be worn. If you wear a tracker designed for the wrist on the ankle, you might record inaccurate sleep, heart rate, calories burned, temperature, and SpO2 data.

However, some trackers like Fitbit and Whoop may detect steps more accurately when worn on the ankle due to the increased detectability of striking strides.

If you choose to wear your fitness tracker on the ankle, be aware that you will not be able to see time or metrics even for those with Whoop, which doesn’t have a display.

Use Fitness Tracker Ankle Bands                       

If you are not satisfied with the accuracy of your fitness tracker’s step count data, you may consider wearing it on your ankle with the help of a fitness tracker band specifically designed for the ankle. These bands can keep the tracker securely in place and are now available at affordable prices on Amazon.

Disadvantages of Wearing a Wrist-Based Fitness Tracker On Your Ankle

Here are some important things to consider before wearing a fitness tracker designed for the wrist on your ankle. Firstly, these devices are not specifically built for the ankle and may not provide accurate measurements when worn on this part of the body. Additionally, certain activities such as cycling or swimming may not be properly tracked by the device when worn on the ankle. Finally, using a wrist-based fitness tracker on the ankle may result in unpredictable malfunctions or inaccuracies.

1. Inability to track certain activities

If you do decide to wear a fitness tracker on your ankle, like the Fitbit Alta HR, Charge 4, Xiaomi Mi Band 3, or Garmin Vivosmart 4, keep in mind that it may not be able to track certain activities accurately like sleep, heart rate, skin temperature, SpO2, and more. The only metric you can rely on when the tracker is on the ankle is the step count and calories burned.

2. Random Instances of Failure

Unlike the upper parts of our bodies which move with every step we take, our feet don’t move as much. This means that a lot of activities will not be recorded with the fitness tracker on the ankle.

What Makes Data Collected from the Ankle by Activity Trackers Inaccurate?

The reason behind this is the loose fit of the tracker on the ankle, which means that the sensors at the back of the tracker do not come into contact with the skin where readings are derived.

Most fitness trackers available in the market are designed to track fitness and wellness data from the wrist.

However, if you wear a tracker on your ankle, you may only get reliable data about your step counts. This is because other details, such as heart rate, skin temperature, and blood oxygen levels, are not accurate.

Is There A Fitness Tracker You Can Wear On Your Ankle?

I understand that you are looking for activity trackers that are designed to be worn on the ankle to keep track of both fitness and wellness activities. There are a few options available such as Moov, Garmin Foot Pod, and Misfit Ray.

1. The Moov

Moov is a fitness tracker that is specifically designed to be worn on the ankle. Unlike Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, Whoop, Letscom, and Samsung watches, it doesn’t require an ankle band to hold it in place as it already copies the morphology of your ankle. It can work independently without a phone until it’s time to sync, so you won’t be distracted by notifications. You can sync it to your phone, PC/laptop, or use headphones for entertainment while working out. It’s the best activity tracker for cyclists, runners, and gym-goers, and it’s also waterproof.

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2. The Garmin Foot Pod

Garmin Foot Pod is another activity tracker made by Garmin that is designed for the ankle. However, it requires another Garmin smartwatch (the one meant for the wrist) to work. It’s the activity monitor to go for when you’re not sure of how accurate your fitness data is from the wrist. Those already with Garmin watches can have the tracker on their ankle and use it to transfer step count data to the Garmin app. It’s more affordable than a new fitness tracker and the best ankle fitness tracker alternative for users with Garmin smartwatches.

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3. The Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray is a fitness tracker band that is small and slim like Fitbit Charge 6 but slightly similar to Whoop 4.0. 

It is goldish, very simple with a black strap. The straps are customizable, you can opt to replace the original one with a stainless steel, nylon, or nylon tassel. However, you should be careful with this one because if not worn correctly, it may cause ankle pain. So, as much as you want the fit to be perfect, make sure it isn’t too tight. 

 If you’re searching for a stylish fitness tracker or one that works without a phone, consider Misfit Ray. The fact that the fitness tracker comes at an affordable price and keeps charge for about 3 months will make you love it more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Wear Fitbit Sense or Versa on Your Ankle?

Although you can wear a Fitbit watch on your ankle, it will only count calories burned and steps taken. It cannot provide accurate readings of heart rate, blood pressure, or other such metrics.

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