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Does Apple Watch Have a Camera?

Apple Watches have turned out to be more versatile, especially with the release of the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6. Even so, a feature that the Apple Watch lacks is the built-in camera.

Fortunately, there is an accessory compatible with the Apple Watch that will let you take photos/selfies. This accessory is called the WristCam. And only the Apple Watch can connect to this wrist-based camera.

Apple Watches like the Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch 5, Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch 2, and Apple Watch 4 cannot take photos, but with the WristCam accessory, Apple Watch users can take photos.

WristCam for Apple Watches

Wristcam, Smart Dual Camera Band for Apple Watch

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The WristCam for Apple Watches is an impressive accessory that pushes the WatchOS to its utmost limits.

The accessory is designed like a band. It will integrate with an Apple Watch to take pictures and selfies of great quality.

This Apple watch accessory does not require your phone to work. The WristCam accessory only needs your Apple Watch.

The Wrist Cam accessory is compatible with all Apple Watch Series including the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and Apple Watch SE.

What Can Apple Watch and WristCam Do?

1. Store Images and Videos

The WristCam comes with a built-in space that will give room to the photos as well as videos you take.

The accessory has an internal flash memory of 8GB. You can sync the accessory with your Photo Gallery on your iPhone to transfer files to the phone.

2. You Get to Video Call with Friends and Family

The accessory will ensure users are connected to their loved ones. That is, users can make video calls to families and friends.

3. Auto Manage your Photos

With the help of Apple Photos, the accessory will be able to automatically manage all the pictures taken.

What’s Disappointing about the Apple Watch WristCam?

Even though you get to take photos with your Apple Watch WristCam the quality of the photos is something not to like.

With the WristCam you don’t get an express link to FaceTime. Also, the accessory also feels a bit bulky on the wrist.

Last but not least, what will make you not like the accessory is the limited field of view it offers.  the camera only has a narrow field of view.

Alternatives: Smartwatches with Cameras

SmartwatchResolutionStorageBattery LifeWater Resistance
1. LEMFO LEMX Smart Watch
Lemfo LEMX
8 Mega Pixels32GB2 Days, 2 hours charge timeWater Resistance rating at IP68
2. KOSPET MAX GPS Android Smartwatch with 4G LTE
Kospet Max
8 Mega Pixels32GB2 to 3 days battery life with up to 7 days on standby modeWater Resistance rating at IP68



1. Lemfo LEMX Smartwatch with Camera

LEMFO LEMX Smart Watch

Lemfo LEMX is an excellent smartwatch that comes with an 8-megapixel camera to capture quality photos.

The watch features a Wi-Fi connection that makes it an independent watch to monitor your fitness and wellness.

This smartwatch has an internal memory of 16GB and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

You will also love the fact that the smartwatch comes with more sturdy activity monitoring.

Even though there’s so much you can enjoy from the watch, the only problem you will have with is its standby period.

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2. Kospet Max Smartwatch with Camera

KOSPET MAX GPS Android Smartwatch with 4G LTE

The Kospet Max is one of the best smartwatches when it comes to cell networks.

The smartwatch supports 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Like the Lemfo LEMX smartwatch, Kospet Max comes with a camera that is 8 megapixels.

The 32 GB space ensures each of your photos and videos gets a space to dwell.

Unfortunately, Kospet Max is only compatible with Android devices – don’t buy the smartwatch if you’re an iPhone user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You FaceTime with WristCam?

WristCam has been supporting FaceTime audio over the years. Without the WristCam camera, it would be hard for the Apple Watch to make video calls.

The wearable lets Apple Watch wearers make video calls wrist from their Apple watches. This also answers the question, “Can you FaceTime with Apple Watch?”

Is WristCam any Good?

The Apple Watch WristCam is the real deal for people who love GoPro, those more into athletics, and those who are outdoorsy.

And that’s because it allows them to connect to relatives and friends no matter where they are. This feature is the best especially when in an incident that requires visual support.

Will Apple Watch 8 Have a Camera?

According to the patent filed by Apple, the new Apple Watch (Apple Watch Series 8) will have a camera that will be located in the digital crown.

The user will point the crown to the object he or she wants to take a picture of. Don’t worry about the digital crown, its functions will still remain intact. Visit Economic Times for more information.

Can all Apple Watches Take Pictures?

Apple Watches cannot take photos directly and that’s because they don’t have a physical camera.

However, you can connect an external camera (WristCam) designed for the Apple Watch. An app is also created to provide a preview of what is being captured by the camera on the Apple Watch band.

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