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Does Garmin Watch Work with iPhone? (Answered With Examples)

Garmin smartwatches are advantageous. Some of the best releases are the likes of Fenix, Venu, and Vivoactive 3 having a wider audience already. But does Garmin watch work with iPhone?

Garmin watches can pair and work seamlessly with iPhone smartphones. Examples of compatible watches include Garmin Fenix 6, Vivoactive 3, Fenix 5, Vivoactive 4, Garmin Venu, and Fenix 5X. These watches pair well and work seamlessly, not to mention give you the value you’re looking for.  

In this guide, I’ll tell you more about:

  • Garmin watches that are compatible with iPhone
  • How to connect a Garmin watch to your iPhone and
  • What to do if your Garmin watch won’t connect to your iPhone

Let’s get to it.

Garmin Watch Compatible with iPhone

Here are the 4 Best Garmin watches that are compatible with Apple devices:

1. Garmin Venu

Display1.2”, Touchscreen, 390 x 390px
FeaturesPulse Ox Sensor, Sleep Monitoring, Stress Tracking, Heart Rate Monitor, Step Counts, Smart Notifications e.tc.
Sports Apps20
Battery Life5 days on smartwatch mode, 6 hours on GPS mode & Music

Venu is another fitness band by Garmin that can connect to the iPhone for data transfer. Garmin Venu comes with a touchscreen display that measures 1.2 inches.

This Garmin watch is best for women because it can monitor the menstrual cycle. Apart from tracking women’s help, the watch will track heart rate, stress, respiration, sleep, and the list goes on.

You also get to track the level of oxygen in your blood using the Pulse Ox sensor. This watch comes loaded with indoor sports apps like swimming, running, and Yoga.

You also get a chance to download music and store it locally on the watch or stream from Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer.

Talking of battery life, Venu can last for about 5 days when on smartwatch mode and 6 hours with GPS mode enabled.

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2. Garmin Vivomove HR

Display0.9”,Touchscreen, 64 x 128px
FeaturesVO2 max, Sleep Monitoring, Stress Tracking, Heart Rate Monitoring, Step Counts, Smart Notifications e.tc.
Weight1.44 ounces
Battery Life5 days on smartwatch mode

Garmin Vivomove HR is a hybrid smartwatch for men and women that can connect to apple devices. The watch weighs about 1.44 ounces and has a screen display of 0.9 inches which is a touchscreen.

Vivomove HR is able to track your sleep stages (Light, Deep, and REM sleep), count your number of steps, track stress, and monitor calories burned, relaxation time, heart rate, and VO2 Max score among others.

In addition, Garmin Vivomove HR will provide you with smart notifications for upcoming events, incoming calls, and texts. This Garmin watch can keep a charge for about 5 days when in smartwatch mode.

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3. Garmin Vivoactive 4

Display1.3”, Touchscreen, 260 x 260px
FeaturesSmart Notifications, Animated Workouts, Music, Body Energy Monitor, Pulse OX Sensor, etc.
Sports Apps20 apps e.g. Swimming, Yoga, Running
Battery Life8 days on smartwatch mode, 18 hours on GPS mode

Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a GPS watch that connects to both iPhones and Androids. It comes with a screen display of 1.3 inches which is clear and touchscreen.

The smartwatch will be able to track your blood oxygen levels, sleep, stress, hydration, heart rate, and much more.

The activity tracker is loved more by women than men because it can track menstrual health. Garmin Vivoactive 4 gives you a chance to listen to music on Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon music via headsets like Airpods which are sold separately.

This Garmin watch comes preloaded with about 20 sports apps that will monitor indoor activities like swimming and Yoga.

Vivoactive 4 is a good Garmin Race Predator coming with free 5K, 10K, and half-marathon training guides to get you to achieve your racing goal.

You also get animated workouts and smart notifications for incoming calls and texts right from your wrist. Garmin Vivoactive 4 can serve for about 8 days on smartwatch mode and about 18 hours on GPS mode.

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4. Garmin Fenix 7S

Display1.2”, Touchscreen, 240 x 240px
FeaturesSmart Notifications, Animated Workouts, Music, Body Energy Monitor, Pulse OX Sensor, Garmin Pay e.tc.
Sports Apps30+ Sports apps e.g. Swimming, Yoga, Running
Battery Life11 days in smartwatch mode, 37 hours in GPS mode, 26 days in expedition mode

Garmin Fenix 7S can sync to iPhone to transfer fitness data. The smartwatch is made with an athletic design and cased with fiber polymer.

The display is 1.2 inches and is a touchscreen. With this watch, you get to track your health and wellness. For example, you get to track your sleep, and heart rate, monitor blood oxygen level with the help of the Pulse Ox sensor e.tc.

Fenix 7S can connect to Wi-Fi networks to let you make contactless payments using the NFC technology via Garmin Pay. The battery can last for about 11 days in smartwatch mode, 37 hours in GPS mode, and about 26 days in expedition mode.

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How to Connect Garmin Watch to iPhone

Apart from providing you with the basics of a watch, a Garmin will keep you updated with daily fitness routines.

To get the most out of a Garmin wearable you will need to connect it to the Garmin connect app on your phone.

Follow the following steps to connect Garmin Fenix, Venu, Forerunner, Vivofit, Vivosmart, Vivomove, Vivosport, and Instinct among others to the iPhone:

  • Download the Garmin Connect app from Apple Store. As you do so, ensure the charge in your Garmin watch is sufficient.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your apple phone.
  • Turn on the watch and select the language you prefer to use.
  • Launch the Garmin Connect app on your iPhone once it has been downloaded.
  • Get started with the app by creating an account. Opt to sign in if you already have an active Garmin account.
  • Garmin Connect automatically detects your Garmin watch or any Garmin around over Bluetooth once signed in to your Garmin app.
  • Enter the 6-figure codes sent to the Garmin watch.
  • Enter your personal information e.g. gender, weight, height, and age among others. That is it! Your Garmin watch is now connected to your iPhone.

Garmin not Connecting to iPhone – How to Troubleshoot

Garmin Connect can’t find my device – Garmin Connect can’t find your apple device during the paring process because the nearby device settings are disabled.

The other reason why your Garmin watch and iPhone are not connecting is that they are both out of range. To troubleshoot this connectivity issue on your Forerunner 235 e.tc follows these instructions:

  • Deactivate and activate the Bluetooth.
  • Restart the Garmin app.
  • Restart both your Garmin watch and iPhone. You can also power off both devices and chill for a minute or two before turning them back on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Garmin watch answer calls on iPhone?

You can respond to calls right from a Garmin watch like the Venu 2 Plus. Although most Garmin will notify you of incoming calls only a limited number of them can allow you to answer calls from them.

How do I get my Garmin watch on my iPhone?

To get your Garmin to watch on your phone: Launch Garmin Connect> Get to the apps menus> Select Garmin Devices> Identify your Garmin from the list of Garmin devices that show> Select Find My Device. A message saying “Device Found” will show on the Garmin app.

How does Garmin work with iPhone?

Garmin watches connect to iPhones (where we have the Garmin Connect app installed) to monitor daily activities.

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