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Does Samsung Watch Work with iPhone?

Yes, almost all Samsung smartwatches you know can work with iOS smartphones. Unfortunately, the Samsung Watch 4 is only compatible with Androids. This means Samsung Watch 4 can not work with iPhone.  

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Samsung Watches that Work With iPhone

Samsung Watch 3
Galaxy Watch 3
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,NFC, GPS8GB (eMMC), not expandableDual-core, 1150 MHzWater (up to 50 meters), Dust; IP 68; MIL-STD-810 certified
Galaxy Watch Active 2Galaxy Watch Active 2WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPSRAM768MB, Internal memory:4GBExynos 9110 dual core @ 1.15GHzUp to 5ATM, IP68, MIL-STD-810G

What You Need to Pair Samsung Watch to iPhone

Head over to the Apple Store and download the Samsung Galaxy Watch app (just in case you don’t have the app). The app has always been free so have no second thoughts about having it.

How to Connect Samsung Watch to Phone

At the same time as Samsung Watches are best compatible with Samsung phones, they can be connected to iPhones.

Even though the connection between the two is possible, it doesn’t mean the system is perfect.

That is, even after establishing a connection there is some feature you won’t access, and talking of no connection, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 won’t connect.

Use the procedures that follow if it is your first time trying to connect your Samsung Watch to your iPhone:

  • Head over to Apple Store app on your iPhone and download the Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S) app.
  • Tap the Galaxy Watch (Gear S) app to open.
  • Tap OK when asked whether to enable Bluetooth on iPhone.
  • Select Start the Journey.
  • Choose your Galaxy Watch from the list of discovered devices.
  • Give your Galaxy Watch and iPhone to connect.
  • Your Watch is ready to use with iPhone.

Why Won’t My Galaxy Watch Connect to My iPhone?

Failure is rare and when it happens there are various things you can do to troubleshoot.

Your Galaxy Watch is not connecting to your iPhone probably because it is Watch 4. Samsung Galaxy Watches like the Galaxy watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active.

Unlike Galaxy Watch, it is unlikely to connect error messages on Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3 when pairing with an iPhone.

Here are a couple of things you can do when your Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Samsung Watch 3 is having trouble connecting to your iPhone.

What to do if Your Samsung Watch won’t Connect to Your iPhone

Now that you know how to connect a Samsung Watch to iPhone it is time to learn how to troubleshoot a Samsung Watch that connects to iPhone.

  • Find out if Bluetooth is on both devices – turn the connection back on where turned off.
  • Consider turning both your Samsung Galaxy Watch and iPhone on and off to see if they will connect.
  • Go to your room, backyard, or anywhere away from electronics that might be interfering with signals between your iPhone and Samsung Watch.
  • You might be struggling to connect your Watch to your iPhone because it is Galaxy Watch 4. Remember,  Samsung Watch 4 is only compatible with android phones and not iOS devices.

Things You Can Do When Samsung Watch is Connect to iPhone

Some of the Samsung Watch features that will work as supposed on the iPhone include the following:

Notifications  – After connecting your Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Samsung Watch 3 to your iOS smartphone you will be able to receive notifications from the Apple App as well as third-party apps.

Music Playback – The preinstalled music control on your Samsung Galaxy Watch will let you remote control music on your Apple phone.

Fitness, Workout, and Sleep Tracking – After connecting your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or Galaxy Watch Active 2 with the Samsung Health app on your iPhone you will be able to monitor your daily workout, sleep, and fitness.

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Calls – Once your Samsung is compacted to iPhone you will be able to receive incoming calls as well as make calls to family and friends.

Bixby Assistant – If you sync your Samsung Watch with your iOS you will be able to work with the Bixby Assistant. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use Siri on your Galaxy Watch.

On the other hand, there are some Samsung Watch features that will not work as expected when paired with iPhone. The feature includes the following:

Text Messages – When your Galaxy Watch is connected iPhone you will not be able to respond to text right from the watch. You will only be able to see the text message notification pop up on the Apple smartwatch.

Emails – Like text messages, you will only be able to see the email notification but won’t be able to reply through the watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Turn on a Samsung Watch?

You can switch your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 3, or Galaxy Active 2, e.t.c by long pressing the Power/Home button.

In case the watch is refusing to turn on try charging it (the battery could be completely empty).

If charging doesn’t work check the dock, if the dock is okay and the watch is neither turning on nor charging consider contacting the Samsung Customer Support Center.

Other than the Samsung Watch, learn:

2. How Do I Connect A Samsung Galaxy Watch to a New Phone?

Consider the following if you have just bought a new iPhone and want to connect it to your Samsung Galaxy Watch:

  • Swipe your watch face up
  • Select Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Select Connect to New Phone.
  • Although optional, Select Backup Data.
  • Select Continue.
  • On your, iPhone open the Galaxy Watch app
  • Select Start to Start the Journey from your iOS.
  • Select Pair and follow the instructions that follow.

3. How Do I Reset a Galaxy Watch?

Resetting a Samsung Galaxy Watch is easy. What you do is:

  • Press the Power and Back button until a Reboot Mode Menu shows.
  • From the mode menu select Recovery.
  • Long press the Power button until the recovery process begins. Those with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will need to opt for Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

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