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Fitbit Charge 3 Review (Is it Worth Buying)

Fitbit Charge 3 is a sleek and stylish watch that looks sportier, making it a more irresistible hit for fitness lovers. Fitbit Charge 3 comes with a lot of exciting features that are going to keep tabs on your physical fitness and general wellness. This Charge 3 review is going to highlight and explain all the exciting and important features. Before we dive into the features, here is a summary of Fitbit Charge 3 specifications:

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Fitbit Charge 3 Specification Table

Display & DesignTouchscreen, Grayscale OLED, Curved & rectangular
Resolution110 x 150px
GPSNo built-in GPS (Shares Phone GPS)
Waterproofing50 Meters
Battery Life7 days
Connects to External HR MonitorsNo
Notificationscalendar reminders, text messages, incoming calls, alarms, and email
TrackingSwimming (Strokes & Yards), Steps, Calories burned, sleep (Light, Deep & REM), heart rate (Heart Rate Variability & Resting Heart Rate), etc.
Companion AppFitbit App
Charging Period1-2 hours

What to like about Fitbit Charge 3

  • The watch can keep a charge for a long period when operated in smartwatch mode.
  • Reading texts on the watch is easy because the display is clear.
  • The watch is easy to operate and that is because it comes with a touchscreen display.
  • It is can be worn while in the shower or pool and that’s because it is waterproof.
  • This watch will be able to track your swimming strokes.
  • Bands are replaceable.
  • Comes with smart notifications
  • It gives you chance to monitor your sleep and heart.

What not to like about Fitbit Charge 3

  • Watch faces are limited
  • Does not come with music control


The Fitbit Charge 3 comes with a grayscale OLED display that is touchscreen measuring 19.33mm. Details displayed on the screen are clear thanks to the 110 x 150 pixels resolution used.

Fitbit uses Corning Gorilla Glass on the watch to make it scratchproof. The display is designed to wake when your hand is raised, it’s tapped, or when an alert arrives.

That means, the display on Fitbit Charge 3 isn’t always-on, it is designed to go to sleep by default when you let it stay idle for long.

You can change bands on Fitbit Charge 3. This is a good feature because it allows you to customize the watch to match your day’s outfit.

The bands are comfortable on the wrist and the watch itself is lightweight – about 29 grams.

Health and Fitness Tracking

Fitbit Charge 3 has the ability to keep track of your peak zones while working out. It also provides you with the number of calories burned throughout the day.

Fitbit Charge 3 will also be able to determine your Heart Rate Variability. Whenever your Heart Rate Variability says you aren’t relaxed it means the body is not ready to deal with the day.

Fitbit watches with Heart Rate Variability help users know their levels of preparedness each day. Apart from HRV, the watch will also provide your Resting Heart Rate data.

In addition, Fitbit Charge 3 is able to keep track of your sleep quality and quantity. It also goes ahead and provides you with stats from the three sleep stages: Light, Deep, and REM sleep.


Fitbit Charge 3 has the ability to show notifications on its display. Some of the notifications it will show are text messages, alarms, and incoming calls. You will also be able to set alarms on Fitbit and reminders using the calendar.

For email notices, you will need to add manually add your email on the watch so that whenever a new email arrives you get notified by the watch.

This is the best way to ensure that no important notices go past you without you noticing.


Unfortunately, Fitbit Charge 3 does not come with a built-in GPS. But you can share your phone’s GPS with the watch making it fall among watches that depend on smartphones that cannot work without smartphones.

Once you connect Fitbit Charge 3 to your phone you will be able to track your routes and pace, and you never get lost.

We compared Fitbit Charge 3 to Garmin Vivosmart 4 and it felt bad when we found out that Charge 3 couldn’t connect to external heart rate monitors like the chest straps, ANT+, etc. whereas Garmin Vivosmart 4 could connect.

External heart rate monitors are seen to give more stats that are more accurate.

Water-Resistance Rating

Talking of water resistance, this Fitbit watch is made waterproof t up to 5ATM, which means it can withstand water pressure of up to 50 meters below water.

Therefore, you can have Fitbit Charge 3 while swimming or taking a shower. Fortunately, Charge 3 can track your strokes and the distance you have swum among other pool stats thus one of the best Fitbit watches for swimming.

Companion App

In-depth fitness and wellness data is provided on Companion apps. All activity trackers (Whoop, Letscom, Garmin, Samsung, Oppo, Oura ring, Xiaomi, Apple, etc.) Fitbit included using of companion apps to provide vast insight into daily activities.

Both Apple and Android users can access the application from their respective Stores.

Battery Life

Fitbit Charge 3 is a watch we would encourage you to go for if the key thing you are in search of is good battery life. The watch will run for about a week (up to 7 days) when charged to the mark.

Fitbit Charge 3 serves less than 7 days in case the shared GPS is used. It takes Charge 3 approximately 2 hours to charge to completion. Click here to see how you are supposed to charge your Fitbit.

You may also want to see how Fitbit Charge and Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro compare to each other.

Winding Up: Is Garmin Charge 3 worth the Money

Fitbit Charge 3 is an option you wouldn’t want to let go of if you want a watch that doesn’t break the bank and can track most fitness and wellness activities.

The watch will help you improve your bedtime schedule as it can track everything about your nightly sleep.

The ability to keep track of your heart and keep power for a long period is what also makes the Fitbit Charge 3 worth buying.

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