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Fitbit Sense Vs Apple Watch 7: A Guide That Compares!

We begin with a Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7 comparison table to help you understand the main differences between the watches.

A Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7 Comparison Table

Sizes Options40.5mm45mm, 41mm
Display size/resolution1.58-inch, 336 x 336 pixels1.9 inches, 484 x 396 pixels (45mm)
Cellular optionNoYes
WaterproofUp to 5ATMUp to 5ATM
Always-on displayYesYes
Voice assistantsGoogle Assistant, AlexaSiri
Battery lifeUp to 6 daysUp to 18 hours
Mobile payments(Fitbit Pay)(Apple Pay)
SensorsECG, skin temperature sensor, heart rate alerts, SpO2, EDAheart rate alerts, ECG, SpO2, fall-detection, compass, always-on altimeter
fitbit sense
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Apple Watch 7
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Operating system coverage – Apple Watch 7 vs Fitbit Sense

Apple Watch 7 features an iOS ecosystem that works flawlessly with iPhones. The Apple Watch 7 is only compatible with Apple devices.

On the other hand, we have the Fitbit Sense smartwatch which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Fitbit Sense would be the best smartwatch alternative to go for if you have both Android and iOS phones. Alternatively, stick to the Apple Watch 7 if you are strictly into iOS smartphones.

Screen and Resolution – Apple Watch 7 vs Fitbit Sense

Apple Watch 7 rules when it comes to displaying size, pixel density, and resolution. The resolution on the Apple Watch is better almost 1.7 times that of the Fitbit Sense and at 396 x 484 pixels.

The Apple Watch has a display of 1.9 inches which offers a perfect user experience. Fitbit Sense on the other hand has a display of 1.58 inches which is slightly smaller than that of the Apple Watch 7.

The display resolution of Sense is 336 x 336 pixels which are not that bad. Talking of pixel density, the Apple Watch 7 has 329ppi while Fitbit Sense has 301ppi. Both activity trackers are touchscreens and respond quickly to touch.

Cellular Services – Apple Watch 7 vs Fitbit Sense

Although Fitbit Sense supports Wi-Fi networks, it is yet to have a cellular model. The Apple Watch 7 on the other offers cellular service direct from the wrist.

The Apple Watch 7 comes with both GPS and GPS + Cellular models. The cellular with GPS is more pricey than the GPS model. Taking and making calls on the Apple Watch 7 is acceptable.

GPS (Location Services) – Apple Watch 7 vs Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense works with GPS+GLONASS satellite systems while the Apple Watch 7 works with GPS services from Galileo and GLONASS satellite systems.

GLONASS is a satellite system managed by Russians, Galileo is a satellite system managed by European Union and GPS is also a satellite system managed by the American people.

Fitbit Sense does not support the Galileo satellite system hence not ideal for fitness freaks in European regions.

Both Apple Watch Series 7 and Fitbit Sensor have their GPS built-in. That means, they can monitor your routes, distance travels, paces e.tc while you run, walk or cycle without the smartphone.

Battery Life – Apple Watch Series 7 vs Fitbit Sense

This is the particular point where Fitbit Sense gets to shine. On a complete charge, Fitbit Sense will serve for up to 6 days. It takes anyway from 1 to 2 hours to charge Fitbit Sense.

On the other hand, Apple Watch 7 comes with a battery that can keep the Series 7 going for about 18 hours after being charged to 100%.

The use of a power-hungry sensor like GPS on Fitbit Sense will slash the battery life from 6 days to hours of usage, the same applies to the Apple Watch.

Like Fitbit Sense, the Apple Watch Series 7 also takes 1 to 2 hours to charge to complete which is not much time.

Other Fitbit smartwatches that can keep charging for long include Fitbit Inspire 2 going up to 10 days, Fitbit Charge 4 going for up to 1 week, and Fitbit Versa 3 going for 6+ days among others.

Wireless Charging – Apple Watch 7 vs Fitbit Sense

If you have been looking for a fitness tracker that can charge wireless look no further because the Apple Watch 7 supports whiles charging.

For wireless charging to take part, you will need an Apple charging dock station which is bought separately.

Fitbit Sense on the other end does not support wireless charging and we are not sure if its upgrades will support wireless charging in the future.

Other Apple watches that can charge wirelessly include Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 6

Price – Apple Watch 7 vs Fitbit Sense

The Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch prices depend on the model you are choosing. Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch 7 have an approximate price difference of $100.

For the Apple Watch 7, you pay from $339 to $529 depending on the model. Fitbit Sense is more affordable than Apple Watch Series 7.

Health Tracking and Fitness Features – Apple Watch 7 vs Fitbit Sense

Since there are onboard GPS sensors you can track walking, running, and cycling with either of the activity trackers.

There are 3-axis accelerometers that are responsible for tracking inclination which means both watches will count the number of stairs you climb and they do this automatically. The 3-axis accelerometer tracks inclinations, and we find both watches perfect for hiking.

Fitbit Sense uses the Activity Zone Minutes to give determine the amount of time the body spent on fat burn, peak heart rate zones, or cardio while working out every week.

Apple Watch Series 7 on the other hand will set daily thresholds. You will find the Fitness Recovery Score on Fitbit Sense to monitor but not on Apple Watch 7.

Both of these smartwatches feature an ECG sensor that tells when the heart is beating faster and abnormally, a condition known as AFib (atrial fibrillation).

There are also heart rate sensors to check on things like Heart Rate Variability e.tc. The heart rate sensor is also what both Apple and Fitbit Sense can be used to track sleep.

You will find the skin temperature sensor and EDA (electrodermal activity) sensor on Fitbit Sense but not on Apple Watch Series 7.

The function of the EDA sensor is to determine the number of electric charges available in the sweat on the skin.

There are also SpO2 sensors on both smartwatches. The work of the SpO2 sensor is to monitor oxygen saturation levels in the blood. Both Watches take blood pressure.

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Fitbit Sense gives you a chance to join Fitbit Premium which cost $9.99/month or $79.99/year. With a Fitbit Premium account, you get to enjoy one-on-one coaching.

You are also offered deeper insights into your workouts and wellness, and much more. Apple also has a premium account called Apple Fitness Plus.

Water Resistance

Apple and Fitbit Watches are not Waterproof. Instead, they are water resistant with a rating of 5 ATM meaning they can be immersed 50 meters below water and withstand the pressure.

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Which Should You Buy – Apple Watch 7 vs Fitbit Sense

From this review, it is evident that Fitbit Sense comes out to the top in terms of health and activity sensors, price, and battery life.

You can also get a Fitbit Premium account to get in-depth health stats plus get private coaching from experts.

Fitbit Sense is the probable way for people in search of fitness trackers that are more fitness-focused. Apple Watch 7 is a watch best for those who are in need of a well-rounded fitness smartwatch with tools like LTE and frequent software updates.

You can only enjoy the benefits of the Apple Watch Series 7 with an iPhone. Fitbit Sense on the other hand works with both Androids and iPhones.

You can check for Apple Watch SE if you want a similar Apple watch at a much lower price. You can also try the Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch as it functions similarly to Fitbit Sense.

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