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Garmin Tactix Delta Vs Fenix 6X (A Quick Comparison!)

The Garmin Tactix Delta and Fenix 6X are two of the most well-known Garmin watches available in the market. These watches offer a wide range of features, including heart rate monitoring, sleep quality analysis, and much more. As a result, determining which one is better can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, we will compare the Garmin Tactix Delta and Fenix 6X watches today.

Garmin Tactix Delta vs Fenix 6X Comparison Table

Below is a comparison table that quickly outlines the similarities and differences between the Garmin Tactix Delta and Garmin Fenix 6X:

Resolution280 x 280 pixels (283ppi)280 x 280 pixels (283ppi)
Kill SwitchYesNo
Added Features-VO2 Max
-Training Effect
-Pulse OX
-Respiratory Sensor
-Training effect
-Respiratory Sensor
-SpO2 Sensor
-VO2 Max
Stealth ModeYesNo
Night VisionYesNo
WaterproofingUp to 100 metersUp to 100 meters
Garmin tactix Delta
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Garmin Fenix 6X
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Design and Display: Garmin Tactix Delta Vs Fenix 6X 

The Garmin Tactix Delta and Fenix 6X watches may look similar at first glance, but there are some key differences to note. While both watches have a protective glass display, the Tactix Delta uses Sapphire glass exclusively, while the Fenix 6X uses a combination of Sapphire and Gorilla glass.

Sapphire glass is highly resistant to scratches, but it can still be fragile and prone to breaking if dropped. Conversely, Gorilla glass may scratch more easily, but it is more durable and less likely to break. Both watches have protective screens available at smartwatch stores to prevent scratches and cracks.

Another difference is the shape of the watches’ displays. The Tactix Delta has a bulging glass display to reduce reflections and eye strain, while the Fenix 6X has a flat display.

Additionally, the Tactix Delta has a 24-hour calibration on its bezel, providing a more masculine feel, while the Fenix 6X has a beveled bezel for a more standard look.

The button design is also different between the two watches. The buttons on the Tactix Delta are ridged, making them easier to use with sweaty fingers, while the buttons on the Fenix 6X are not ridged and may be more difficult to operate with wet or sweaty fingers.

Wrist Straps

We have a difference in the band. With the ballistic version of the Tactix Delta Solar, you get a firm strap made of nylon.

Bands made of nylon are great because they can withstand almost any stress. You also get a band made of silicone inside the package.


Although how much a watch weighs is not a feature looked upon by many it is still a feature to consider because it alters with comfort (discomforting Garmin can cause wrist pain).

Garmin Fenix 6X weighs 93 grams which makes it lighter than Tactix Delta which weighs an additional 4 grams.

Features: Garmin Tactix Delta Vs Fenix 6X 

Kill Switch

There is a Kill Switch function on Garmin Tactix Delta but on Garmin Fenix 6X. Its purpose is to erase your data quickly to secure your private information.

A configuration has to be done for Kill Switch to work. Once the configuration is done you can erase all your data by pressing a button longer.

Stealth Mode

Garmin Tactix Delta also comes with a Stealth Mode function. With this mode, your location details are not saved since it disables electronic signals coming from the smartwatch. All wireless communications and GPS are blocked once the feature is alive.

Night Vision

Another feature you will find on Garmin Tactix Delta and lack on Garmin Fenix 6X is the Night Vision Mode.

You can easily read the watch at night or in total darkness with your night vision goggles.

What the watch does to make this possible is, that it lowers the backlight intensity. Unfortunately, when this feature is in use the optical heart rate monitoring goes off. This feature among others makes Garmin Tactix Delta the best watch for the military.


If you love long-range shooting you may want to opt for the Garmin Ballistics version. The Ballistics version comes equipped with Applied Ballistics Elite software which is convenient for long-distance shooting.

Jumpmaster (HAHO Mode)

Last but not least, military persons who push soldiers off the plane while parachuting will love the Garmin Tactix Delta because of the Jumpmaster function with HAHO mode which ensures they are always on time pushing others.

Water-resistance Rating: Garmin Tactix Delta Vs Fenix 6X 

Garmin Fenix 6X and Tactix Delta are both good at resisting water hence can be worn in the shower or swimming pool.

Both watches feature a waterproof rating of up to 10 ATM, which implies that the watches will be able to withstand water pressures of up to 100 meters before their cases start sipping in. Either of the Garmin watches is good for swimming.

Added Feature

The Garmin Tactix Delta and Fenix 6X watches are equipped with storage that allows you to keep and enjoy music while working out. Additionally, both watches feature Garmin Pay, which enables you to link your card and pay for goods and services without cash or contact. The watches also can track various health metrics such as breathing, VO2 Max, blood oxygen level, heart rate, and heart rate variability (HRV).


The amount of money Garmin Tactix Delta watches ask for is so than what Fenix 6X asks for, for Garmin:

  • Fenix 6X you spend up to $699.99
  • Tactix Delta (Solar) you spend up to $1,099.99
  • Tactix Delta (No-Solar) you spend up to $899.99

Battery Life: Garmin Tactix Delta Vs Fenix 6X 

If you are looking for a high-end Garmin smartwatch that comes with good battery life then you have the Tactix Delta and Fenix 6X.

Both of these watches can keep you for 21-plus days on a single charge but of course with no power-hungry functions like the GPS. Learn to charge your Garmin Watch step-by-step.

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