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How To Charge A Fitbit Watch: Juicing It Up In 2 Hours!

Charging your Fitbit watch is the simplest and easiest care you offer an activity tracker. You only plug it into a charger and that is it. This process does not take even a whole of your minute.

Note, not all Fitbits are rechargeable for example Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip come with batteries that aren’t rechargeable.

Replacement batteries for both watches are available in wearable stores near you. And come at a reasonable price. These batteries can last up to 6 months which is definitely an extended run time.

For the rest of Fitbits like Inspire, Versa, Charge 4, Charge 2, and Flex, a USB cable and a power source will do. The power source can either be a computer or a wall socket.

Here is How to Charge a Fitbit Watch

  • Take the tracker out of its band/strap
  • Plug in the USB cable to the computer or wall charger and plug the charging end into the Fitbit’s charging port.
  • Let your Fitbit Charge!

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How To Tell If Fitbit Is Charging?

Fitbit includes a LED indicator in every rechargeable Fitbit that goes red when charging. If the indicator doesn’t light up check the charger connection ensuring the connection is proper.

If the charging connection isn’t the problem then consider the USB charger or Fitbit charging port the possible problem.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Fitbit?

A Fitbit should take from 1 to 2 hours to charge to completion. Once Fitbit is fully charged the LED indicator will automatically go off.

Fitbits are supposed to keep the charge for 5 to 7 days when used normally. With power-hungry features like GPS and Bluetooth, the will run time reduces to approximately 10 hours. Normal use means you will only charge the activity tracker once a week.

How To Check Fitbit Battery Level On Fitbit

To have a clue of how much charge you have left on your Fitbit follow the following steps:

  • Launch the Fitbit App
  • Open the Today’s Tab located on the screen’s top right corner
  • You can also choose to just tab Fitbit’s display and still get the battery levels

How To Extend Fitbit’s Battery Life

One of the ways you will prolong your Fitbits battery life is by ensuring the surrounding temperatures are between 32°F to 115°F.

Abnormal temperatures (very high or very low temperatures) affect Fitbit battery life the wrong way. Taking out any cover while charging the tracker would be a perfect idea.

The tracker also can also lose charge when sluggishly worn. When Fitbit sways, it lights its display on and off.

As the display turns on and off charge is lost. To avoid this, ensure the Fitbit is well fitted on your wrist.

Activating auto-brightness on Fitbit would also extend the battery life. Examples of Fitbits that feature auto-brightness settings include Fitbit Charge 3, Ionic, and Versa Series. Manually adjust those that do not have the mentioned feature.

Avoid the use of built-in sensors like GPS and Bluetooth. If the use of either or both features is necessary, ensure they are off when not in use.

How To Charge A Fitbit Without Charger (Fitbit Flex And Charge 2)

Fitbits cannot charge wirelessly. Fitbit is yet to come up with such a model. You will need to head back home or wherever you left your Fitbit charger to juice the tracker up.

How To Charge Fitbit Without A Computer

When out of charge and you are not around your computer and the charging cable opt to use plug your Fitbit into a wall charger. Fitbit will still charge with the charger you use to juice up your phone.

Final Words

All the charging tips we have provided apply to all Fitbit watches except the mentioned two that use non-rechargeable batteries.

You must also have noticed that there is nothing complicated when it comes to charging Fitbits. It only becomes hard when either the USB charging cable or Fitbit’s charging port is damaged.

Lastly, you don’t need to get back home to charge your Fitbit. You can use your normal phone charger as it works with most Fitbits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long To Charge A Fitbit Inspire

Like most fitness trackers, Fitbit inspire takes 60 to 120 minutes to charge to completion. Once it is charged to completion the tracker shows a battery icon with a smile on it. To check the process, just push the button.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Fitbit Blaze?

Powering up Fitbit Blaze will take up to 2 hours. Charging the tracker takes the mentioned period depending on the power levels.

How Often Do You Need To Charge A Fitbit?

Even when turned off Fitbit still slowly discharges. For that reason, keep your Fitbit charged 30% to 80% for better battery life.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A New Fitbit?

Brand new Fitbits will take approximately 2 hours to charge to completion when they don’t have a charge.

But if it is unboxed with a little charge it can take less than 2 hours to charge to completion.

Are There Fitbits With Replaceable Batteries?

Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip are the two fitness trackers that feature the use of replaceable batteries. Don’t look down on the batteries, they keep charging for so long.

Their batteries are estimated to service you for 5 to 6 months. This is more than enough period for a battery to serve none stop.

Most Fitbit One and Zip users don’t feel the burden of replacing the batteries and that’s because they were well served.

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