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How to Charge a Smartwatch (Fitbit, Garmin, Galaxy etc.)

There are many different types of smartwatches and they don’t all charge the same. From this article, you are going to learn how to charge various smartwatches like the Apple, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung Galaxy, iTech Fusion, Michael Kors, Justice, and the Fossil Smartwatch. Here is how to charge a smartwatch.

How to Charge an iTech Fusion Smartwatch

To charge the iTech Fusion smartwatch plug the provided charging code into a certified USB wall charger or computer.

Plug the iTech Fusion watch into the charging clamp and make sure the pins on the charging clamp are securely locked with the watch.

A battery icon will be displayed on the screen when the watch is charging. A complete charge on the iTech Fusion watch can last up to 7 days.

How Do You Charge a Fitbit Smartwatch?

Like any other smartwatch, Fitbit comes with a charger to bring it back to life once out of charge.

A  Fitbit watch can be charged by plugging the USB cable and the other end into your laptop or a charging adapter plugged into a socket.  

Luckily, Fitbit watches can be charged without charging (using a USB port). Even so not all Fitbit watches will charge without the proprietary charger.

The type of charging you get on Fitbit and other smartwatches depends on how much you spend.

The pricier the watch the more charging options you get. We would encourage you to read this article to learn how to charge any Fitbit model.

How Do You Charge an Apple Watch?

Juicing your Apple watch once out of charge is pretty easy and prompt. You will need to plug the Apple smartwatch into its proprietary magnetic charging cable.

Plug the other end of the proprietary charging cable into the adapter and then plug the adapter into a power source.

To show that the watch is charging a charging icon will show on the display. Let the smartwatch charge to completion before unplugging.

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How Do You Charge a Fossil Smartwatch?

Like Garmin, Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung, the Fossil Group encourages its users to use the charger included in the packaging.

They discourage users from using charging peripherals like battery packs, USB splitters, hubs, and y-cables.

When charging the Fossil smartwatch ensure it’s not in a position with direct sunlight and the surface it’s on is even. Also, make sure the area is nicely ventilated.

Make charging happen on the Fossil watch by aligning the two pins in the magnetic charger with the grooves at the back of the watch.

Did you know a Fossil smartwatch can be charged without a charger? Here is how to charge the Fossil smartwatch without a charger: plug the two pins that extended from Fossil’s band into a USB port and that’s it.

To know whether your Fossil smartwatch is charging check for a charging bolt symbol at the top of Fossil’s display.

How Do You Charge a Samsung Smartwatch?

Galaxy smartwatches can be juiced in four various ways. First, you can plug one end of your charger into the watch’s charging port and the other end into the socket of the portable lead charger.

Secondly, you can charge the Samsung smartwatch using the dock. Align the back of the watch to the back of the charging dock.

To know if your Galaxy watch is charging on the dock a red light will show on the LED indicator. To show the smartwatch is completely charged the LED indicator on the charging dock will turn green.

Thirdly, you can charge the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch by placing it at the center of the charging station. Tap any key to find the watch’s charging status.

Fourthly, you can charge your Samsung watch using your smartphone. Activate the Wireless PowerShare option on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, this method drains your phone’s battery. So, turn off Wireless PowerShare as soon as the watch is charged to your satisfaction.

How Do You Charge a Michael Kors Smartwatch?

Charging the Michael Kors Smartwatch isn’t in any way complicated. What you do when the Kors watch is dead is plug one end of the USB cord into the adapter and place the other magnetic end on the back of the smartwatch.

A charging symbol will show on the display if the battery is getting charged. But is charging the Michael Kors smartwatch without a charger possible? Yes, you can charger charge the Michael Kors watch without a charger.

To charge the Michael Kors smartwatch without a charger, attach the magnetic end of the Michael Kors charger at the back of the watch and the other end to your computer or power bank.

How to Charge a Justice Smartwatch

One of the things that discourage people from buying the Justice Smartwatch is its wanting battery life. Justice Smartwatch comes along with a proprietary charger that is to be plugged into the watch and a power source for charging to happen. A charging icon will display on the smartwatch once it starts to charge.

How to Charge a Garmin Smartwatch

There are various ways you can charge the Garmin watch. The method you use to charge depends on the Garmin smartwatch model you have.

Garmins can be charged in various ways. The first way you can charge the Garmin watch is by plugging the clamp end of the proprietary charger into it and the other end into the adapter, power bank, or computer.

The other way you can charge the watch is using solar energy which is only applicable to Garmin Instinct Solar. A Garmin smartwatch can also be charged without a charger.

The most common reason why most Smartwatches refuse to turn on is that the battery isn’t getting charged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Smartwatch Charge

There are a number of reasons why Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, iTech Fusion, Michael Kors, Fossil, and Justice Smartwatch won’t charge.

The first reason why the smartwatches are not charging is that the charging contacts are corroded hence charge doesn’t follow.

It is also hard to connect to the watch’s storage because the contacts are compromised. Always ensure your smartwatch is stored in a cool dry place to avoid such a thing.

The other reason why your smartwatch is not charging is that either the charging cable or adapter has gone bad or both. You will need to purchase another charging cable for that.

How Do I Fix My Smart Watch not Charging?

In case the charging contacts are corroded make the Apple, Samsung, Justice, Fossil, Fitbit, Garmin watch, etc. use a soft toothbrush and drops of dry cleaner solution.

Consider having the charging ports replaced if there’s too much corrosion. Replace the USB charger or the adapter if it is damaged.

How Do I know if My Smartwatch is Charging?

Smartwatches will show a lightning bolt symbol between the little battery symbol to indicate they are charging.

Also, when off and plugged into a charger there will be a battery symbol in the middle of the screen with a lightning bolt symbol at the center.

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