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How To Clean Fitbit: A Step By Step Guide For 2023!

Fitbits ensure you keep fit so, why not show some love by ensuring they stay clean? They get dirty so first and that’s because they are always with you whenever at the beach, in the desert, pool, passing time outdoors, or during the winter seasons.

Apart from the environmental dirt, you get the Fitbit dirt with your sweat and oil. Accumulation of sweat and oil can make Fitbit cause skin irritation which can result in wrist pain.

It is therefore important that you at least wipe your Fitbit every time you take it off your wrist. All Fitbits including, Fitbit Charge 2, Charge 3, Ionic, Inspire, Versa 2 e.tc have the same cleaning procedure. Here is how to clean your Fitbit strap.

How To Clean Fitbit: Step By Step

Step 1: Take Fitbit Off The Band

Not all Fitbits are removed from their band the same way. For example, Fitbit Blaze will come out of the band when pushed from behind while Fitbit Flex 2 will require you to first take off the strap clasps.

The package comes with an owner’s manual so, if you don’t know how your Fitbit comes out from its band consult the guide.

Step 2: Dampen The Cotton Swab In Rubbing Alcohol

These products are available in drugstores and general stores. Using water as the solvent shouldn’t be a choice because it isn’t good for the job.

Don’t use water, it may damage the tracker (like Fitbit Ionic, which isn’t waterproof), also keep away from abrasive scrubbers, they can develop scratches on your screen.

Step 3: Wipe The Tracker To Dryness

Apply the rubbing alcohol to the cotton swab.

Gently scrub the tracker till it is clean.

The rubbing alcohol dries promptly hence not much time is wasted drying.

We prefer a piece of microfiber cloth because it is soft. Use it to dry out the moisture left on the tracker. When attaching Fitbit bands ensure that there is no moisture.

For those that use Fitbit Flex 2, ensure the pebble tracker is well-dried, paper towels can be used for this. Don’t use paper towels on the display, they will mess up your screen with scratches.

How To Clean Fitbit Charging Contacts

Step 1: Scrub The Charging Port Using A Toothpick Or Toothbrush

We recommend toothpicks or old toothbrushes for this because unlike metal scrubbers they can’t mess with Fitbit’s plating.

Wet the toothbrush or toothpick with rubbing alcohol and gently clean the golden plate in the charging port. Toothbrushes and toothpicks are perfect for removing debris from Fitbit charging ports.

Bonus: Cleaning both ends of your USB cable is very important. Remember, the USB cable plug into Fitbit charging port. So, if the charger being introduced into the smartwatch is dirty then when unplugging dirt is left on the charging plates.

Step 2: Dry Fitbit And Cable

Ensure both the activity tracker and USB cable is dry. It is not safe to connect Fitbit to power sources when the pins and ports are wet. Use a soft cloth that is dry or tissue to wipe out excess moisture from the charging ports.

How To Clean Fitbit Band

Once you are done cleaning the fitness tracker, clean the band. Cleaning the tracker and not cleaning the band doesn’t beat logic.

Cleaning the Fitbit band is easier and simpler than cleaning the Fitbit device itself. Use this to clean your Fitbit HR band, charge 2 bands charge 3 bands, charge 4 bands, Flex 2 bands, versa 2 bands etc. Here is how you can clean your Fitbit strap.

Step 1: Remove The Tracker From The Band

Take out Fitbit from the band (Fitbit bands are removable and hence changeable). Can you change the band on Fitbit is a related article on our site you may want to read?

Step 2: Wipe The Band

Using a dry cloth, wipe the Fitbit band. Use microfiber cloths too. Cleaning the band often prevents dirt build-up that may result in skin problems.

Step 3: Dampen the Microfiber Cloth And Scrub The Bands

Lightly soak the microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol. And wipe the band to remove stuck debris. This step can be used on most bands metal and leather bands included. We don’t use water because it may rust the metal and damage the leather.

For those of you who use Fabric Fitbit bands soap-free cleansers are available. A good example of a soap-free cleanser is Cetaphil Gentle Skin, this soap is able to get rid of tough stains, bad odors, and oils. Using the tips of your fingers, spread a small amount of the cleanser on the band and wipe it with a dampened towel.

If you are using a Nylon Fitbit Band use a liquefied detergent that has neutral pH, Dawn is the perfect example of a liquid detergent you can use.

For Fitbit leather bands, use conditioners, and leather cleansers. Conditioners and cleansers not only get rid of tough stains but also protect against band stains.

Step 4: Let The Band Dry And Attach it To Fitbit

Wipe away excess moisture from the band. No moisture should be left on the surface of bands made of metal or leather. Humidity, direct heat from the sun, or any sort of heat should be avoided.

Bonus: According to Fitbit. Users should clean both their wrists and Fitbit regularly after working out. Additionally, Fitbit discourages the use of soap because in most cases they get stuck underneath the band which can irritate the skin. You are also encouraged to ensure the bands are dry before wearing them.

How To Remove Stains From Fitbit Silicone Rubber Bands

Removing discoloration from silicone Fitbit rubber bands is easy. Make use of a slow-bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide.

Dip the band in the hydrogen peroxide solution. The solution is strong hence consider diluting. The bands are supposed to stay in the solution for 24 hours. Rinse thoroughly and dry before using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Clean My Fitbit With Rubbing Alcohol?

After intense sweating, it is advisable to clean Fitbit using Rubbing Alcohol. You only need a few drops of alcohol to get the job done. Regular soaps or household cleansers will not get the job gone.

How Often Should I Clean My Fitbit?

You are not only supposed to regularly clean your Fitbit but your wrist as well. Do this every time you are done working out.

Why Does My Fitbit Stink?

Your Fitbit Smartwatch sticks because you are not cleaning it. Even if you clean your wrist while taking a shower and put on an uncleansed Fitbit with dried sweat will ooze smell.

How Do You Clean Your Fitbit Without Rubbing Alcohol?

Cetaphil cleanser which is soap-free can be used to clean the band. Completely avoid household cleansers like hand soap, laundry detergent, body wash e.tc when you are cleaning Elastomer Fitbit bands.

Do White Fitbit Bands Get Dirty?

Although they get stains it takes time. I personally tried a white Fitbit band and guess what, it went 4 weeks before catching serious stains.

How Do You Get The Sweat Smell Out Of Fitbit?

I also had an awful sweat smell come from my Fitbit Flex. I was advised to use a mild detergent with warm water to clean the Fitbit Flex band.

Don’t use mild detergent and warm water on the tracker itself. The tracker should only be cleaned using. Tell you what, the process worked and the sweat smell was good for good.

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