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How to Play Spotify on Apple Watch (All You Need To Know!)

Can you play Spotify on Apple Watch? Yes, Apple Watch users/owners can play Spotify music.

Before Apple Watch users can listen to music on Spotify they will need to download the Spotify app on the Apple Watches.

Fortunately, getting the Spotify app on Apple Watch is easy. We will provide the steps to help you add Spotify to your Apple Watch shortly.

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How to Download Spotify on Apple Watch

Don’t have the Spotify app installed on your Apple Watch yet? Well, in less than a minute we will be showing you how to get the Spotify app on your Apple Watch.

But first, you will need your iPhone to be able to get or download Spotify on your Apple Watch.

You will also need to ensure that the iPhone you are using is running on iOS 12 or later and the Apple Watch operating on WatchOS 6 or later. Now, having considered what has been mentioned above:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and choose to add the Spotify app from the list of apps available by tapping Install.
  2. Having downloaded the app switch ON the option “ Show Apple on Apple Watch” on your iPhone.
  3. Then, open your Apple Watch
  4. Scroll downwards and you will find the Spotify app already added to the Apple Watch.

Having successfully added the Spotify app to your Apple Watch the next thing that comes into your mind is how to use or play music and podcasts on Spotify.

Here is a guide on how you will play music Spotify music as well as podcasts on your Apple Watch.

How to Play Spotify Songs

With Spotify already downloaded on your Apple Watch tap its icon to launch on the Apple Watch home screen.

Also, when you open the Spotify app on your iPhone it will also automatically launch on the Apple Watch.

You can tap next to leave the song playing and jump to the next. You can also play previous songs by tapping the previous option.

As a song plays Spotify will display details like the title of the song, the artist of the song, and the time countdown.

Without forgetting you can repeat one song, repeat all songs, as well as shuffle songs.

How to play Spotify on Apple Watch Without Phone (iPhone)

Sadly, only users who subscribe to Spotify Premium can play Spotify songs without their phone because once songs are download internet is not needed which means songs can play offline.

Is Spotify on apple watch

Apple Watch does not have Spotify but can have Spotify. What I mean is Spotify does not come preinstalled on Apple Watch.

That means you will need to get Spotify on Apple Watch by downloading it from your iPhone and adding it to the watch.

How to Download Spotify Songs on Apple Watch

Can I download songs from Spotify? Unfortunately, you cannot download songs on the sport.

What you can do is can put the songs on a single playlist and download the playlist.

That said, here is how you are going to create and download tracks on a playlist or podcast on your Apple Watch.

  1. Visit the playlist you would like to download on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the three horizontal dots ()
  3. Tap on the Download to Apple Watch option. Alas! Your favorite playlist is now downloaded.

Apple Suggests that the Spotify app on Apple Watch be kept open for the playlist to download fast.

Want to Download Songs on Apple Watch? If you really want to download individual songs on Apple Watch as well as play the songs offline, you will need to subscribe to Spotify Premium.

The free version of Spotify will only allow you to play songs on light and skip only up to 6 songs each hour.

How to Turn Your Apple Watch Volume Up or Down: 3 Easy Steps!

Speaking of increasing and decreasing the volume at which Spotify is playing music do the following:

  1. Go to Settings on your Apple Watch.
  2. Scroll to find the Sounds & Haptics option and tap on it.
  3. Tap Volume up to raise the volume and Volume down to reduce the volume.

NB: Although Apple Watches come with speakers you will only be able to play music through wireless headsets like the Airpods (Have a Garmin Watch? Click here to find out whether it can work with Airpods!). These Apple Watch speakers are meant for calls.

To connect your wireless headset to your Apple Watch through Bluetooth, go to settings, opt for Bluetooth and turn it on. Look for your Bluetooth headsets from the list of discovered devices, connect, and start enjoying Spotify music.

How to Mark a Spotify Song  as Liked or Favorite on Apple Watch

Marking songs on Spotify as a favorite is not hard.  Simply open the Spotify app on your Apple Watch and tap on the heart symbol on the song’s love.

You can find your liked song by going to the song Library section on the Spotify app.

How to Connect Spotify to Apple Watch

The Spotify app on your iPhone will automatically connect to the one on your Apple Watch once it is launched.

Can You Play Spotify on Apple Watch Offline

Sadly, you will not be able to enjoy listening to Song on Spotify through Apple Watch with your data connection disabled.

Even after creating a playlist of your favorite songs on Spotify and leaving your iPhone, you will still need to connect to a Wi-Fi or LTE network – you cannot play Spotify on Apple Watch offline.

Can I Download Spotify Songs to my Apple Watch

As much as your Spotify does not allow you to download Spotify Music on your Apple Watch, you can still come up with a playlist of your favorite songs, and give it a title that way when you are online to easily access the songs.

Can’t Download Spotify on Apple Watch

Why is Spotify not downloading? All Apple Watches are supposed to be compatible with Spotify.

So, if Apple Watch cannot download Spotify there is something wrong with it. The most common reason why Apple Watch is not downloading the Spotify app is that its memory is used up.

To resolve the problem you will need to delete the file to free up some space. At least keep 1GB of space on the Apple Watch free for purposes of speed too.

Why isn’t Spotify Working on My Apple Watch

Apart from memory insufficiency the Spotify app on your Apple Watch is suddenly not working because t is in conflict with other apps.

When the Apple Watch memory runs low space to stream audio becomes limited hence the sudden stop. Here are 6 ways to troubleshoot your Spotify app if it’s not working:

  1. Check the Wi-Fi and ensure the watch is connected to it.
  2. Restart the Spotify app on your Apple Watch.
  3. Update both the Spotify app and Apple Watch.
  4. Restart the Apple Watch.
  5. Inspect the Bluetooth connection.
  6. Restart the Spotify app.

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