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Letscom Vs Fitbit: The Ultimate Comparison for 2023

In this article, we compare Letscom vs Fitbit and tell you how some of their features resemble while others differ plus we tell you which tracker wins per each feature after comparing them.

Some of these features include Alarm, GPS, Activity Tracking, Straps, Proofing/Water Resistance, Call and Message, Heart Monitoring, Reminder to Move, and Sleep Tracking.

Heart Rate (HR)YesYes
Track SleepYesYes
Battery LifeUp to 7 HoursUp to 7 days
Charging1 to 2 Hours1 to 2 Hours
AppFitbit AppLetscom App
GPSNo (Uses phone GPS)No (Uses phone GPS)

Heart Rate Monitoring: Letscom Vs Fitbit

There are so many benefits in knowing how your heart rests, where it is at a peak rate, and your fitness intensity as you work out.

All fitness bands will keep track of the heart rate as long as they are well-worn around the wrist. Letscom and Fitbit can both provide you with real-time heart rate updates.

Both activity trackers do perform impressively when tracking the heart rate. Unlike Letscom, Fitbit adds an icon to display various “Zones” which we find inappropriate.  This is simply a tie between the two.

Battery and Charging: Letscom Vs Fitbit

Charging Letscom is easy than a Fitbit. An end with the USB connection can be detached from the band and plugged into the charger or PC.

On the other hand, Fitbit will require bringing along a charging cable which is sometimes inconvenient. Both trackers take 1 to 2 hours to charge to completion.

Both fitness trackers can keep the charge average for 7 days. Both trackers show battery percentages. Letscom wins the title because it’s easy to charge. 

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GPS: Letscom Vs Fitbit

If you like cycling, running, walking, jogging, or exercising more while outdoors then a tracker that comes with GPS is crucial.

Like Fitbit Alta HR, Letscom connects and shares your phone’s GPS to show routes and locations. Both Fitbit Alta HR and Letscom don’t have built-in GPS.

Carrying your phone is a must when you want to use the GPS feature on either of the trackers. Fitbit and Letscom display maps so clearly.

Additional features like distance, pace, and time among others are shown along with the map. It would be fair to conclude and say both fitness trackers tie.

Adjustable Strap: Letscom Vs Fitbit

Letscom fitness tracker features a single-size-fit for all its bands. The band is between 5.4 inches and 7.6 inches.

The band from Letscom will fit most of its users. On the other Fitbit comes with bands in 3 sizes. The small one is 5.5-6.7 inches, the large one is 6.7-8.1 inches, and the XL one is 8.1-9.3 inches.

Whether with a large or small wrist, you can fit a fit whether you choose Letscom or Fitbit. This tag of way also has a tie!

Call and Message Display: Letscom Vs Fitbit

A tracker is the best way to receive notifications when your phone is in the purse, or pocket or is not reachable.

Letscom or Fitbit, whichever fitness tracker you use will need to be connected to your phone. With that done message and call notifications will show both on the phone and on the activity tracker.

An irresistible vibration will be felt so no there’s nothing to miss out on. Both screen displays will display messages and call notifications.

Although Letscom and Fitbit aren’t good options for reading large messages, Fitbit Charge is.

They will help you respond to large messages. Notifications from social media platforms show on Letscom. Since Fitbit is limited to calls and messages, Letscom wins the competition.

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Alarm: Letscom Vs Fitbit

The best way to wake up in the morning without waking others up would happen with the use of fitness trackers.

Fitness trackers feature silent alarms that only wake up the user by vibrating on the wrist. Trackers are also the best ways to set reminders, reminders can be medication, meeting e.tc.

Both Letscom and Fitbit have alarms that will alert you according to the way they are set. Setting these alerts is usually via App. Both trackers win this case.

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Move Reminders: Letscom Vs Fitbit

It is always good to keep moving. Staying down all the time negatively impacts your health. Both trackers can detect how long since you last made movements.

The feature must be enabled in the Letscom App or Fitbit App. To remind you to be on the move both trackers vibrate. For move reminders, it is a tie.

Sleep Tracking: Letscom Vs Fitbit

Like step count, the only way a fitness tracker will be able to monitor your sleep is by detecting movement. With Letscom App and Fitbit App, you will be able to access your sleep stats.

The tracker group sleep in 4 i.e., Awake, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, and REM sleep. Fitbit will track your sleep 24/7.

But Letscom on the other hand will begin tracking your sleep when the hour arm hits midnight.

Most people head to bed before midnight and Letscom won’t be the right activity tracker to track their sleep because they find Fitbit a better watch for tracking sleep and for that reason, Fitbit wins the sleep tracking contest.

Activity Tracking: Letscom Vs Fitbit

Whichever fitness tracker you buy, one of the reasons is usually tracking steps while biking, walking, and running.

The trackers will record steps whenever arm movement is recorded. For example, when you visit the supermarket and push the cart it would be hard for both the tracker to monitor your steps since your arm isn’t swaying as they are supposed to.

The best idea is to release one arm from the shopping cart and let it swing, that way your steps will be counted.

Like Fitbit Alta HR, Letscom is not capable of counting the number of staircases climbed. If counting flights on the staircases you climb is more important then consider a Fitbit Charge 3 or go for a Letscom Smartwatch.

Both activity trackers will allow you to keep track of your workout and the step count accuracy is good on both fitness trackers. Therefore, talking of Activity tracking, Letscom and Fitbit get to have a tie.

Water Resistance: Letscom Vs Fitbit

If water resistance is the feature that matters a lot on a tracker then Fitbit would be the right wearable to choose.

Fitbit comes with a resistance of up to 50 meters of emersion while Letscom comes with a water resistance of IP67.

Not all Fitbits will survive submerges especially the Fitbit Alta HR. Most will withstand splashes, sweat, and shallow dives.

Letscom isn’t best for swimming but can be worn while in the shower. In case you are in search of the best Fitbit for a shower then we would suggest Fitbit Charge 3 to you. Fitbit takes the advantage thus winning the water-resistance title.

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So, which tracker should you go for, Letscom or Fitbit? Well, Letscom is the best cheap fitness tracker.

It is the right option especially when you find Fitbit trackers so costly. With Letscom be ready to deal with a couple of bugs on the Letscom App.

Fitbit on the other hand is a bit expensive compared to Letscom but still the best compact fitness tracker around. Your choice here depends on what you want, both trackers are worth a try.

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