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Oura Ring Vs Fitbit: How Do They Compare?

What is Oura Ring?

As the name suggests, Oura is a ring but an extraordinary ring. That can keep track of your health and workouts.

The ring is made using titanium which is so lightweight and feels comfortable too but only when the right size is worn. The Oura ring is available in two versions namely the Oura Ring Balance and Heritage.

Since the ring doesn’t have a display, it uses a companion app to bring your health and workout stats. The Oura Ring app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

What is Fitbit?

Fitbit is a smartwatch that features a display that will let users view their step counts, calorie burn, heart rate, and much more.

Fitbit’s like Versa 2 will provide users with larger displays while others like Fitbit Charge 4 and Inspire HR will provide fair screen displays. Like the Oura ring fitness tracker, Fitbit also uses the Fitbit App to connect to a smartphone.

Swimming Tracking

Most Fitbits support swimming while a number of them don’t support it. Fitbits that do not support swimming practices are the Fitbit Ionic and Versa.

While those like the Fitbit Charger 3, Sense, and Flex among others support swimming and that is because they are rated water resistant up to 50 meters below water.

Oura ring on the other hand is waterproof up to a depth of 100 meters. This makes Oura ring the best fitness tracker for showers and deep-diving at the swimming pool.

Oura Ring Fitness Tracking

The smart ring uses an accelerometer and gyroscope s sensor to keep track of steps. Oura ring will also be able to monitor the heart rate with the help of an infrared sensor that penetrates light into the skin around the finger for biometric measurements.

The ring will also keep track of the body temperature, indicating when the temperatures go high or low.

You will only be able to measure your heart rate during restful periods, in other words only when you are asleep.

So, in case you want to track your heart while working out go for Fitbit instead of the fitness ring.

The number of calories burned, goal progress equivalency, and inactive time is other aspects the ring and Fitbit can monitor.

Oura can work on Google platforms like Google Fit and Apple Health. You won’t like the smart ring because, unlike Fitbit, it doesn’t have a SpO2 sensor.

Fitbit Activity Tracking

Fitness trackers like Charge 4, Ionic, Sense e.tc can monitor sleep with the help of a motion sensor similar to that used on the Oura smart activity ring.

Several Fitbits like the Charge HR, Alta HR, and Versa 2 among others will be able to monitor the heart rate 24/7 and resting Heart Rate too.

Charge 4 will as far as to provide you with your heart’s Active Zone Minutes. Unlike the Oura ring, Fitbit is yet to support Google platforms like Apple Health and Google Fit.

There are Fitbits like Ionic and Charge 4 which will keep track of routes using an independent GPS connection while others will want support from smartphones.

Several Fitbits like Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Ionic, Charge 4, and Charge 5 come with built-in GPS connections while others like Fitbit Versa 3, Charge, Flex, and One use your phone GPS to show routes and paces.

Fitbits are to estimate your Oxygen Variability as you sleep using the SpO2 sensor. Examples of Fitbits with SpO2 sensors include Fitbit Charge 4, Charge 5, Sense, Luxe, Versa 2, and Versa 3.

Oura Ring Sleep Tracking

Oura Smart ring will be able to provide you with a sleep breakdown. Sleep breakdown is simply the sleep stages that include deep, light, and REM.

The ring will be able to record the total time spend in bed and generate a summary the of overall sleep score.

The activity ring also comes up with Readiness Score by looking at your respiration rate, body temperature deviation, resting heart rate, and sleep balance.

Fitbit Sleep Tracking

Like Oura ring, Fitbit also evaluates sleep accurately right from your wrist. Several Fitbits will be able to tell if you are suffering from sleep apnea by analyzing your sleep data.

Fitbits are also able to tell what time you went to sleep, the time is taken to fall asleep and of course, if the sleep was light, deep, or REM.

You will also come across added features like Sleeps Schedule that will tell your Optimum Bedtime. This feature will help you boost your sleep consistency.

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Oura Ring Vs Fitbit Price And Battery Life

The cheapest Fitbit e.g., Fitbit Inspire comes at approximately $69.95 while an expensive one like the Ionic Smartwatch comes at about $300.

On the other hand, the Oura ring balance and heritage come at $340, there is also a diamond version for those that love flashy things and it cost approximately $1,137.

Talking of battery life, Fitbits will be able to offer around a week of battery life. But with features like GPS active, the battery life decreases.

Oura fitness ring will also be able to keep the charge for up to a week on a complete charge. It takes the ring between 20 to 80 minutes to charge to completion.

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 Should I Buy Oura Ring Or Fitbit?

Choosing between the two is not easy because the two activity trackers are worth it. Users who want to consistently have a glimpse of their activities will go for Fitbit Smartwatches.

While those who want something private and unnoticeable then the Oura ring smart ring would be the option.

Also if you are under budget, Fitbit would be the fitness tracker to consider but if money isn’t a problem and you want something unobtrusive, the Oura ring might be the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oura Ring Waterproof

Yes, Oura ring is waterproof. The ring is waterproof up to 330 feet which is equivalent to 100 meters.

Is Oura Ring And Fitbit worth it?

Either or both trackers are worth having. If you want to have an in-depth look in your sleep Oura ring would be best. If swim tracking Fitbits will be the option.

How Accurate Is Oura Ring

The Oura ring is accurate in most of the activities it tracks. It is 98% accurate for HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and 99% accurate for RHR (Resting Heart Rate) for nighttime rests.

What Is Oura Ring Made Of?

Oura ring is made of the lightest metal on the planet; Titanium. The ring goes into three fingers namely the middle finger, index

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