Spotify Not Working on Galaxy Watch

Spotify Not Working on Galaxy Watch (4 Quick Solutions)

Any music lover would go for Samsung Watch because it streams music from popular music platforms like Spotify. In addition, the inclusion of internal memory to hold songs for offline playbacks is an added advantage for the watch. We prefer the Spotify music platform because it is supported in most countries. However, there are times when … Read more

Why is My Samsung Watch Dying So Fast

Why is My Samsung Watch Dying So Fast?

As much as Samsung Watches are a bit expensive, they have been increasingly popular in recent years. However, the most common problem with this watch is the battery; it drains so quickly. But here is the important question, why is your Samsung Watch dying so fast? Your Samsung Watch is draining so fast because there … Read more

Are Samsung Watches Waterproof

Are Samsung Watches Waterproof? (Question Well Answered!)

Is the Galaxy Watch actually Waterproof? Like Apple Watches, Samsung Watches like the Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are not waterproof. The thing is, Samsung watches are only water resistant to some extent. That said, Samsung Watches have a water resistance rating of 5 ATM. That … Read more

Does Samsung Watch Work with iPhone

Does Samsung Watch Work with iPhone?

Yes, almost all Samsung smartwatches you know can work with iOS smartphones. Unfortunately, the Samsung Watch 4 is only compatible with Androids. This means Samsung Watch 4 can not work with iPhone.   Related Posts: Can Learn how Fitbit Connects an iOS Phone Check out how Garmin Watch Work iPhone Learn how to connect Apple … Read more

xiaomi mi band 6 vs galaxy fit 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2: Here Is How They Compare!

Before we dive much deeper here is a Xiaomi Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2 table of summary to help you distinguish between the two smartwatch brands. Display Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 and Xiaomi Mi B and 6 both come with displays. Both displays are dustproof and water-resistant. The two smartwatches are ideal for … Read more