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What’s the Newest Apple Watch? (Let’s Find Out!)

The newest and latest Apple Watch model we have on the market today is the Apple Watch Series 7.

In as much as Apple has Series 7 as its newest Apple Watch model, we can also include the Apple Watch SE as also a new watch model by Apple.

Did you know: Having discontinued Apple Watch Series 4,5, and 6 Apple still sells Apple Watch Series 3. Right! It doesn’t make sense but the thing is, Apple Watch 3 is still in the game because it’s a lowly-priced option thus affordable to many.

Summary Table for Apple Watch Series 7 (The Newest Apple Watch!)

Apple Watch Series 7
Price41mm model costs $399, 45mm model costs $429
Display (Type, Size, Resolution, and Protection)Retina LTPO OLED, 1000 nits (peak), 1.9 inches,
484 x 396 pixels (~326 ppi density), Sapphire crystal glass, Always-on
OSWatchOS 8
Water ResistanceUp to 50 meters
Mobile PaymentCan make contactless payments (Apple Pay)
TrackingCalories burned, steps taken, distances covered, sleep, swimming, etc.
Battery LifeAbout 2 days on Smartwatch mode

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What to Like about the Newest Apple Watch (Apple Watch Series 7)

  • The smartwatch comes with a larger display – an Apple Watch to consider when your fingers are big.
  • Features a QWERTY keyboard which makes texting and searching easy.
  • A long comes a USB type C magnetic charger for charging.
  • The display is bright enough for comfortable use even when outdoors.

What not to Like about the Newest Apple Watch (Apple Watch Series 7)

  • Comes with very poor battery life – battery life of about 18 hours on a complete charge.
  • Cost a lot of dough – expensive.
  • Does not come with additional health features.
  • Does not have a recovery tool.

Having looked at the advantages and disadvantages of the smartwatch. Let’s now dive deep and discuss some important features you will find on Apple Watch Series 7: the newest Apple Watch!


Apple Watch Series 7 has its edges softly rounded. Without the help of a micrometer, you cannot be able to tell whether model 45mm is bigger than model 41mm.

The blue and red light at the back of the Apple Watch Series is a little brighter than the blue and red light at the back of the Apple Watch Series 6, which is the previous model.

Although Apple Watch Series is far from waterproof, it is water-resistant. It is given a rating a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, which means it can withstand water pressure of up to 50 meters below water.

With that said, it is possible to go to the shower with Apple Watch 7 as well as hit the pool for swimming.

Apple Watch Series 7 which is our newest apple Watch is also dust resistant thanks to the IP6X certification.

The screen used on the newest Apple Watch is so strong, which means it cannot crack easily hence safe to wear while indulging in sports.

But even though the display promises to stay it would be best if you included a screen protector on the Apple Watch.


The newest Apple Watch comes with a bigger screen and the bigger the screen the easier it becomes to use the watch.

The display on the newest Apple Watch is not only 40% larger than Apple Watch Series 3 but also about 15% brighter than its previous model – Apple Watch 6.

The display borders are thinner. The always-on mode option is 50%+ brighter, which means you can use the watch indoors and outdoors and see no difference because you get to see this latest Apple watch display perfectly.

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Price and Availability

The 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 will cost you $399. The 45mm model which is the largest will cost you $429.

You will spend an extra $100 to have cellular support on your Apple Watch. With this cellular support, you are at liberty of choosing whether you want to tether to your iPhone or not.


The newest Apple Watch (Series 7) operates on WatchOS 8. With this operating system, the watch is able to establish its trick of the menstrual cycle (which makes the Apple Watch Series 7 one of the best smartwatches for women), weather notifications, calendar alerts, and sleep monitoring.

WatchOS 8 will make you not go back to the older Apple models because with it you get to easily text and search right from the wrist with the help of the QWERTY keyboard which doesn’t show any signs of lugs.

Health and Fitness Features

It is so unfortunate that the newest Apple Watch Series 7 does not include newer fitness and wellness features. Far from that, the latest Apple Watch is good for running.

With the Apple Watch Series 7, you get to monitor your heart rate, monitor your distance with the help of a GPS, track calories burned, count steps taken, and elevation (which makes it one of the best smartwatches for people working on construction sites) among dozen of workouts.

Although no new wellness is included in this new apple watch an adjustment to the cycling algorithm has been made to perfectly electric bike metrics.

This is the watch to consider for tracking workouts but you can also wear along another of your best fitness tracker to compare fitness and wellness results.

If possible it would be a good idea to include a rest mode in the future Apple Watches so that users can take a day or two off.

Battery Life

Unfortunately, the latest Apple Watch can only last for about two days when charged to the maximum and that’s if you operate the watch on smartwatch mode.

The use of GPS, answering calls from the watch, listening to music, etc slashes the 2 days to 18 hours.

A magnetic USB-C charger is included in the package to help you charge the smartwatch when it runs out or is low off charge.

As much as the watch has a very poor battery life is able to charge 30% faster than the previous model.

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