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Whoop Vs Fitbit: A Comparison Review for 2023

Whoop and Fitbit can at the same time be your favorite brands in the world of fitness bands. Unfortunately, the funds in your pocket can only cater to one of the watches, which means you will need to choose between Whoop and Fitbit.

Comparing Whoop to Fitbit is the best thing to do in order to end up with the best activity band. After comparing the two fitness trackers consider buying the one packed with most of the features you need.

So, how do whoop and Fitbit compare? Whoop and Fitbit come with lots of similarities but are wearables from different brands. Only a handful of features like display, battery life, respiratory rate, and track strain distinguish Whoop from Fitbit.

Whoop vs Fitbit Comparison Table

Here is a Whoop v Fitbit summarized table to help you better understand how the two fitness trackers compare!

Respiratory RateYesNo
Heart RateYesYes
Temperature SensorYesYes
Track SleepYesYes
Track StrainYesNo
SpO2 SensorYesYes
Battery LifeUp to 4 hoursUp to 6 plus days
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Fitbit Review: Fitbit Charge 5 And Inspire 2

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Unlike Whoop, Fitbit approaches fitness trackers in a different way. The company doesn’t produce one but a vast variety of fitness trackers to suit your workout and health needs and that is why most people love activity trackers by Fitbit.

Some Fitbit is equipped with features not found on others while other features are available in all trackers.

Examples of fitness trackers that are equipped with more features are Fitbit Sense and Versa while those equipped with the usual features you would expect on ordinary trackers include Fitbit Ace 2, Charge 5, and Inspire 2.

Fitbit Ace 2, Inspire 2, and Charge 5 function the same way Whoop 4.0 functions. The display is the only thing that differentiates Whoop 4.0 from Fitbit Charge 5, Inspire 2, and Ace2.

Whoop is lacking a display while the mentioned Fitbits have displays that show real-time details on workouts. Fitbit features changeable bands that don’t cause wrist pain. To match your outfit, Fitbit avails these straps in a variety of colors.

Fitbit Charge 5 cost extra than Inspire 2 and it’s because the Charge 5 features a built-in GPS that will track your pace and routes while walking, running, or cycling (Charge 5 is one of the cheapest Fitbit for cycling, running, and walking).

Charge 5 can also connect to Spotify to entertain you as you work out. Inspire 2 is deficient in two features.  The Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Sense, and Fitbit Versa 3 are the Fitbit watches to go for if your phone seems a burden while working out.

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What Health Data Does Fitbit Track?

There is a lot of health data Fitbits track. Some of them include the Heart Rate which is monitored 24 hours every week.

Heart Rate, HR monitoring is the inclusion of Resting Hear Rate RHR, and Heart Rate Variability, HRV. Fitbit will also track your sleeping behavior.

The activity tracker categorizes sleep into 3 namely; Light, Deep, and REM. Calories burnt, steps taken, and the number of stairs/floors climbed among others are also tracked by Fitbits. Lastly, Fitbits (Charge 5, Charge 4, Charge 3, and Charge 2) will track your routes and pace using GPS.

What Does Fitbit’s Membership Include?

Fitbit comes with a membership program referred to as Fitbit Premium. This membership gives Fitbit users access to in-depth insights about their health, and offers them challenges, programs that are guided, and one-on-one special classes.

Although not as good as Fitbit, Whoop also offers users well-analyzed health insights and recommendations. The complete Fitbit Premium Account subscription goes for $55 per month. A standard member at Whoop will pay $55 per month.

What You Will Like About Fitbits

  • Joining Fitbit Premium is optional
  • Fitbits can receive notifications which display on the screen.
  • Fitbit offers good battery life of up to 6 plus days.
  • Some can alert incoming calls.
  • Fitbit rewards users for working out, this starts happening when the tracker is integrated with the Paceline App; available in the Store.
  • With Charge 5 you get to enjoy music while exercising.

What You Will Not Like About Fitbits

  • The normal Fitbit membership has fewer features compared to Whoop’s membership.
  • Unlike Whoop Fitbit cannot be charged on the go.
  • The tracker does not offer upgrades and that means users have to buy a new model

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Whoop Review

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What Does Whoop 4.0 Monitor?

Whoop 4.0 fitness tracker is the best tracker for hardcore athletes. The fitness tracker accurately tracks your heart activity thanks to the new Whoop 4.0 4x photodiode sensors.

This wearable concentrates much on Heart Rate Variability (HVR). Most of the health data you get from Whoop 4.0 is derived from Heart Rate Variability.  

Whoop’s Recovery Analysis Feature

A day that was less stressful but with quality rest will result in a positive recovery score and vice versa.

Whoop estimates your body’s recovery by combining your sleep, activity, Heart Rate Variability, and strain data and represents it in form of a percentage. With these results, you are able to optimize your daily activities thus improving recovery analysis.

Whoop’s Health Monitor Dashboard

From Whoop Health Dashboard you will get real-time data on how your body is performing. Whenever a metric goes wrong on the dashboard the whoop smartwatch will notify.

From the Dashboard, you will be able to get your skin temperature metrics, your respiratory rate, heart rate variability, and blood oxygen thanks to the SpO2 and resting Heart Rate.

Whoop’s Sleep Tracking Feature

Although we all know 8 hours of sleep is important, very few of us know the number of hours we lay in bed but whoop solves the issue. Whoop 4.0 smartwatch will help improve your sleep.

The watch is to be worn to bed. It is lightweight and comfortable so you should have trouble with it while sleeping.

With the insights, the watch offers every morning you can definitely change and improve your sleeping behaviors.

The watch feature an alarm that will wake you up without disturbing other using the built-in haptic that gently vibrates on your arm.

Whoop’s Strain Feature

Strain is calculated by measuring the cardiovascular load taken by the body while working out. Whoop has a scale of 0 to 21.

With this scale, the watch is able to calculate and quantify your exertions. Balancing your recovery and day strain will help increase the efficiency of your training.

The watch gives you a goal rating to ensure you are on to toes to keep fit. The goal rating feature also makes sure the watch is able to optimize performance and recovery.

Whenever Whoop shows high strains but low workouts and activities, it means having stress. A breakdown of your strain, Calories burnt, Heart Rate, and Activities is offered weekly.

Lastly, Whoops come with interchangeable straps. The bands are available for small and larger wrists plus a variety of colors to choose from.


Learn How to Terminate Your Whoop Membership.

What You Will Like About Whoop

  • The smartwatch doesn’t come with a display. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting the screen cracked or scratched while working out.
  • Your sleep is monitored accurately and in-depth insight is offered each morning. The alarm feature also ensures you get out of bed on time.
  • GPS and Whoop data can be uploaded to Strava with the help of the Strava integration.

What You Will Not Like About Whoop

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