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Why is My Fitbit Not Counting Steps? (6 Common Causes & Fixes!)

All Fitbit watches count steps thanks to the 3-axis accelerometer sensor. However, even with good step count sensors and step count formulas Fitbit watches may still not count steps and if they do they will inaccurately. So, why is your Fitbit not counting steps?

Well, your Fitbit is not counting your steps simply because:

  1. Poor placement of the watch on the wrist.
  2. The hand is doesn’t move as you walk.
  3. The GPS is turned on.
  4. The Wear OS software is outdated.
  5. The Fitbit companion app isn’t synchronizing step count data from your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to get Fitbit back to tracking steps.

This post will address all the possible reasons why your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker isn’t counting steps and provide you with solid solution ideas that will help you troubleshoot the problem. Without wasting any time let’s get started.

6 Reasons Why Your Fitbit Isn’t Counting Steps (Solutions Included for Each!)

Why is my Fitbit suddenly not counting steps accurately? There are several reasons why your Fitbit Charge 4, Luxe, Charge 2, Versa 2, Charge 3, Sense, or Versa suddenly stopped calculating your steps. With me today are the 6 most common reasons for their possible DIY solutions.

 Possible CausePossible Solution
1.You are not wearing your Fitbit properly on the wrist.Put on your Fitbit well, I mean, tighten the band properly so that the watch stays still on the wrist.
2.Your arms are not moving.Make sure that your hands are moving for Fitbit to accurately track your steps.
3.The GPS could be left on.Go to settings, find the GPS feature, and turn it off.
4.The Wear OS software version being used is outdated.The only way out is to update the firmware to the current or latest version.
5.Your personal data is incorrect.Update your basic information; stride length, gender, and height.
6.There is a system glitch.Try to restart the watch.

1. Fitbit is Not Counting Steps Because You are Not Wearing it Properly on the Wrist

In order for your Fitbit e.g  Fitbit Sense 2, Charge 5, Charge 4, Versa or Inspire 2 to measure your steps you will need to ensure the Fitbit is snug; comfortably tight to prevent the watch from shaking or dancing while on the wrist.

Also, in case you have problems with the bands on your Fitbit consider new ones to replace the current ones.  

Fortunately, you can change the bands on Fitbit. Here is a related article that will show you how to change the bands on Fitbit Charge if the old ones are bad.

Possible Solution 1: For Fitbit to begin counting your steps, make sure you have tightened the bands. Make sure you don’t tighten the bands too much because you don’t want Fitbit to end up giving you wrist pains.

2. Fitbit is Not Calculating Your Steps Because the GPS is Still On

Apart from failing to wear it the wrong way and failing to move your hands, Fitbit can also stop counting your step because you have the GPS turned on.

Possible Solution 3: Go to your watch’s settings, from the settings access the GPS option and turn it off if it’s on.

3. Fitbit is Not Calculating Steps Because there is a System Glitch

Your Fitbit smartwatch or Fitness tracker won’t track steps because of a system glitch. A glitch will make Fitbit suddenly stop counting steps.

Possible Solution 3: The best way to deal with system glitches is doing a restart; restarts most of the time tackle several problems at once and includes problems involving Fitbit not tracking your steps as well as not counting step correctly.

4. Fitbit Isn’t Calculating Steps Because the Firmware Version You are Using Obsolete

Wear OS is the operating system used by Fitbit watches. This operating system is frequently updated from version to version to fix bugs that may have developed.

Therefore, if a new WearOS version for Fitbit is out but you still use the older one; you might be using an operating system with bugs.

This makes Fitbit not work as it’s designed for example, Fitbit will start giving inaccurate count steps reading or worst of all stop counting your steps.

Possible Solution 4: To troubleshoot a Fitbit that won’t track steps, update the WearOS software to the current version.

5. Fitbit is Not Calculating Steps Because Your Personal Data is Not Correct

Fitbit will request basic personal data like stride length, height, and gender. Make sure you give them all and they are accurate otherwise the step count results you will be getting will be 100% biased.

In addition, your basic personal information improves the general accuracy of Fitbit when it comes to step counting.

Distance Travelled ÷ Stride Length = Steps

Possible  Solution 5: Fortunately, Fitbit allows you to make some adjustments to your personal data. So, if you never provided accurate data about yourself follow the steps that follow to adjust:

Possible Solution 5: Head over to the Today tab, tap on your profile picture or profile icon and select your username to access and view your profile. Finally, select the Personal option and start updating your information.

6. Fitbit is Not Counting Your Steps Because Your Hands are Still/Not Moving

Does Fitbit work if you don’t swing your hands? Here is the thing, even though you don’t necessarily need to swing your hands to make Fitbit track your steps failing to do so may cause the total step count to be lower than usual.

When you swing your arm Fitbit counts it as a step because the 3-axis accelerometer sensor detects acceleration.

Possible Solution 6: To make Fitbit start counting your steps, make sure your hands are swinging naturally. Before I forget, avoid carrying heavy stuff because it may prevent your arms from moving as you walk. I would also advise you not to put your hands in your pocket while tracking walking to monitor your step count.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is My Fitbit Undercounting My Steps?

Step count results on Fitbit are sometimes undercounted and overcounted because of various factors, which include differences in stride length, the placement of the Fitbit on the wrist, and whether the watch is on the dominant or non-dominant arm.

2. Can I Manually Update My Fitbit Steps?

You can manually log your steps on Fitbit through the Fitbit companion app. However, keeping tabs on the exact number of steps calculated won’t be possible.

3. How Does Fitbit Calculate My Steps?

To be able to count steps Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers will use the 3-axis accelerometer, its algorithm, and a step counts dedicated formulae.

4. How Do I Restart My Steps on Fitbit?

To restart your steps on Fitbit follow these 2 quick to learn (easy) steps:

  • Long press the button(s) on your Fitbit.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 seconds or until you see a smiley icon and the watch vibrates; release the button(s).

That‘s it, you have just restarted the steps on your Fitbit watch.

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