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About Us


Jaysonmag is a general tech website that came into Michael Oduor Apels’ mind in October 2022.

The idea was shared with Jashon Owino Apel who later partnered with Michael to launch the site in November of the same year with the aim to make the site among those that dominate the world of tech a few years down the line.

Jaysonmags’ Mission

Find Great Tech Products for Readers: We are here to help our esteemed readers find answers to tech questions, helpful advice, tips, and tricks, and most importantly get the right products for their hard-earned cash.

We are able to achieve this by spending 70% of our time doing massive research and testing. The remaining 30% of our time is spent writing on what we find exciting and useful to our readers.

Help Readers Fix Problems: Jaysonmag will save readers time by providing them with How-To articles to help troubleshoot gadgets that stop working or gadgets that are working but not as they are expected to work.

Find Reader Great Deals to save Money: Jaysonmag will always update readers on best deals so that they get to spend less than what they would have originally spent.

By providing readers with great deals on Fitbits, TVs, Laptops, Headphones, cable modems, smartwatches, phones, scooters, Garmins, and activity trackers among other gadgets we help them save cash for other needs they may encounter their way.

Meet the Team

Currently, Jaysonmag has only two members on board but looks forward to recruiting more people in the near future. Here is what each member does for the website:

Jashon Owino Apel: Jashon Owino Apel is the man who carries out research on products, tests the products, and writes about the products.

Jashon Apel is the one providing tech answers, reviews, tips, and tricks on Jaysonmag.

Apel graduated in 2018 with a Degree in I.C.T. The I.T course has rooted him much into the world of tech.

You can follow Jashon on the following social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter to learn more about him.

Michael Oduor Apel: Michael Oduor Apel is the man that came up with the idea of starting a tech website and that’s how Jaysonmag came about.

Michael is the Senior Editor for Jaysonmag. He is an SEO expert who has been working online since 2012. In most of his free time, you will find him visiting family and friends.

You can find him on the following social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter to learn more about him.

Editorial Independence

No outside Company decides on the review we write for our visitors. Jaysonmag accepts any tech advertising requests.

You will find buttons on product reviews. The purpose of the buttons is to let readers buy products we find worth the money.

Affiliate and Advertisement Disclosure

Jaysonmag needs to make money in order to pay its members and cover the cost of running the website.

The first way the website makes money is by using Affiliate links to products and services on retailer websites.

We are compensated when you click on links or when you buy via the links. We also upload advertorial and sponsored posts on the site and get paid for it.

Readers will easily know a post is sponsored or promoted because they are clearly marked as sponsored or promoted posts and tell which one is editorial and which one isn’t.

How to Follow Jaysonmag

At Jaysonmag we answer the reader’s questions no matter where he or she is at. We do this by sharing links to our posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Twitter to deliver digital privacy tips to their inboxes. Below are links to direct you to us!