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Is Fitbit Premium Worth It?: Features, Costs And More

What is Fitbit Premium?

Fitbit Premium simply is the monthly subscription for Fitbit Services that was launched in 2009. This subscription is able to unlock your in-depth health insights, classes plus extra fitness features.

What Does Fitbit Premium Offer?

Sleep tools, Guided programs, Advance Insights, Workouts, Health Metrics Dashboard, and Challenges are the things the Fitbit Premium Membership offer.

If you can slightly shed some extra cash then you can get access to the one-on-one live coaching. Here are the Fitbit Premium features.

Sleep Tools

Sleep Tools include Sleep Score: the sleep score helps you understand more about your sleeping behavior.

You also get to find ways to improve your sleeping habit. Details on your heart rate are not provided on the standard Fitbit but provided on Fitbit Premium.

Guided Programs

Fitbit Premium Guided Programs procedures are made to help you sleep well, eat better and keep you on the move.

Every program on Fitbit Premium has reminders and check-ins for accountability. Guide programs will only run for a limited time say, a few weeks.

Programs include daily tips and tricks, relaxation tools, coaching, educational content, structured workout plans, and recipe suggestions.

You also get to improve your sleeping and nutritional habit with the help of the 15 step-by-step programs within weeks!


Fitbit Premium offers over 200 workouts of both audio and videos. Some of the workouts you will find on Fitbit Premium include Yoga, Beginner Bodyweight, Introduction to HIIT, Get Moving, Push up Prep, and Core Crush among others.

Premium users can also access Fitbit premium yoga videos and daily calories burn e.tc and get workout plans. All this is with the help of the Fitbit Coach.

Advanced Insights

The Fitbit Premium Account will provide you with a more personalized insight mirroring your activities.

You also get a Fitbit premium sleep report which is much more detailed and learn how to improve your sleep.

From the Fitbit Stats, you will be able to see wellness reports that will help you get more personalized care.

The Heart Rate, Steps, Wellness, Sleep, and Active Minutes will all connect with the help of Advanced Insights.

One of the best fitness trackers on the market that will provide you with a Stress Management Score is the Fitbit Sense. This way you are able to manage stress.

Challenges And Games

A normal or standard Fitbit user will access Fitbit challenges and games but a premium user will have extra challenges and games added.

The custom challenge option will let the user choose metrics and compete with friends. A good example of a challenge available for Fitbit Users on Premium is the Get Fit Bingo.

In this challenge, Fitbit Users compete using Bingo Cards. The Challenge on Fitbit is slightly similar to Apple Watch Challenge.

Mindfulness Activities

With a Fitbit Premium Account, you will be able to find mind-reliving activities that will positively impact your sleep, reduce stress and keep your body positive.

Heath Metrics Dashboard

From the health, Metric Dashboard Premium users can access their Resting Heart Rate (RHR), Heart Rate (HR), Heart Rate variability (HRV), Skin Temperature, and SpO2.

Fitbit Sense is the best Fitbit for skin temperature readings plus min-by-min breakdowns.

Standard users can only track their daily sleep, nutrition, weight, and activities but can’t access the Health Metric Dashboard for in-depth health details.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching cost extra on top of the Fitbit Premium Subscription but is the best premium service on Fitbit Premium.

Subscribers are able to connect with health and fitness coaches and have their fitness goals achieved.

From the Health Coaching, you will get one-on-one guidance. The service is designed to help you lose weight and help those suffering from diabetes to manage the situation. Subscribers are also able to message their coaches in real-time.

Is there a Fitbit Premium Trial Available for Fitbit?

Fitbit offers a 7-day free trial to new Fitbit Premium members. The trial was recently extended to 90 days due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Subscribing on both Fitbit Premium and Fitbit Health Coaching qualifies you for a 14-day free trial.

What Is The Cost For Fitbit Premium?

Wondering how much Fitbit premium costs a month? Here is the thing, the Fitbit Premium account cost $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year for United States residents and £7.99 each or £79.99 every year for those residing in the United Kingdom.

In addition, Fitbit Premium together with Fitbit Health Coach will cost United States residents $45 per month. Those in the United Stated

Should You Get Fitbit Premium?

There is much you can get by using Fitbit premium. Whether or not to go for this subscription should be determined by the goals you have for your health.

If your main goal of having a Fitbit is monitoring step and active minute tracking, sticking to the standard Fitbit app would be the best thing to do.

But if you want to build better habits, cut weight, and in-depth insights about your health then you may want to check the Fitbit Premium out.

In case you have found the Fitbit Premium App worth a try, you can access it via the in-app purchase on any activity tracker.

Fitbit Premium Availability

The premium service is currently available in English. You can always access the service if you have your language settings in English.

A variety of languages will soon be added from Dutch, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Japanese, and Spanish.

Which Fitbit Works With Fitbit Premium?

Fitbit Premium doesn’t connect with your Fitbit, instead, it connects to your smartphone since the service is device agnostic.

That also means the Fitbit Premium service can work with all fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Is Fitbit Premium Worth It? 

So, is it worth upgrading to Fitbit premium? Well, since Fitbit Premium comes with a 90-day trial period using it within the offered period for free won’t hurt.

Searching workout videos on YouTube, downloading meditation apps in Stores, looking for online sleep tips, and finding Instagram workout classes could be tiresome.

Fitbit Premium makes this easier for you as it has it all in one place and is worth the $10 fee. Fitbit premium is best for workout enthusiasts who are searching for workout inspiration to stay motivated.

How To Cancel Fitbit Premium On Desktop

To cancel Fitbit Premium membership using your desktop computer

Go to Fitbit’s official site and sign in to your account

Place the cursor over the Gear Icon (See the top right corner)

  • Opt for settings
  • Click on Subscriptions and Payments
  • Opt to Edit Settings and Cancel Subscription

Make sure the device you created a Fitbit Premium account with is the same device you are canceling your subscription with.

Plus it is not possible to cancel Fitbit Premium via the site if you were in the trial period.

Fitbit Premium Login

You can either log in to the Fitbit Premium account via the Fitbit App on your phone or via the web browser.

If the service is available in your location the Premium Tab will show on the App if not accessible in your area it’s vice versa.

Tap on the tab and then select get started. If you already have an account you can proceed to log in.

If you are new to the Fitbit Premium service you can sign up; the signup process is easy and short.

Fitbit Premium Vs Free

Fitbit Premium is an advanced version of the free Fitbit app. Premium also includes a program removed from the previous Fitbit Coach.

Premium comes with a lot of cool features though not available for everyone who uses Fitbit.

We would prefer the Fitbit Premium App over the Free Fitbit App because it entails all that the free Fitbit has plus additional awesome features to help you keep fit.

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How to Cancel Fitbit Premium on Android

  • Open the App on your smartphone
  • Tap the Profile Icon (you will find it in the top right corner)
  • Tap Payment and Subscriptions
  • Tap Subscription
  • Lastly, Cancel your Subscription and confirm the action

How to Cancel Fitbit Premium on iPhone

Canceling a Fitbit Premium account via iPhone is as easy as;

  • Tap the Fitbit App icon on your iPhone
  • Go to App Settings
  • Selecting your Apple ID
  • Choose Subscriptions
  • Select your Fitbit
  • Tap Cancel Subscription and confirm the action

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fitbit Premium Compulsory: Do you have to pay for Premium on Fitbit?

Even with a new Fitbit, you have the option to choose whether to use Fitbit Premium or not. It becomes compulsory when you want to access your in-depth health data.

The best Fitbit for this would be Fitbit Sense because it comes with a built-in electrodermal sensor to monitor each of your activities stress and sleeps included.

What can Fitbit do without a Subscription?

Even without the Fitbit Premium subscription, a Fitbit will still be able to keep track of your sleep patterns, Weight, nutrition intake, and activities (in short, your basic fitness and health).

It will summarize all these as a simple insight, for a more detailed insight you will have to switch to Fitbit Premium.

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