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How Accurate is Fitbit Calorie Burn: A Guide for 2024

How accurate is Fitbit Calorie burn? Calories calculations on Fitbit are not totally accurate, it is just an estimation. The algorithm used to calculate calories burned use a variety of factors, which I’ll mention below to find the total calories burned.

What Are Calories And Why Do They Matter?

Calories are simply a measurement of energy. Calories have to be present for metabolism of macromolecules to take part.

When the body takes calories gains, body cells are energized and this aids the body in crucial functions like thinking, speaking, walking, and, running.

When more than enough calories are gained, obesity happens, and it may expose you to chronic illnesses.

Reducing calorie intake reduces the risk of getting diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s, and oxidative cancer.

The only way obese people can lose weight to have a healthy body is by exercising: exercises burns calories. Also try to eat healthy food.

How Does Fitbit Calculate Calorie Burn

Fitbit combines measurements of related metabolic rate, heart rate, steps taken, distances covered, and other data from daily physical activities to determine calorie burn.

What is BMR?

BMR refers to basal metabolic rate and it is the rate at which the body burns calories naturally.

Trackers like Fitbit, which feature BMR use exercise from Fitbit App, steps and stairs climbed to determine calories burned.

Are Fitbit Calories Burned Accurate?

Like most trackers, Fitbit Versa, Sense, Luxe, Charge, and Inspire are not 100% accurate on calorie burn. According to a study, when sedentary, Fitbit Watches are 8% accurate of calories burned.

How Does Fitbit Calorie Burn Compare to Other Brands? 

Fitbit Watches are not completely accurate when it come to calculating calories burned and because of that you may want to opt for an alternative trackers that’s more accurate.

Here’s the thing, no tracker or smartwatch provides completely accurate calorie burn results, like Fitbit, some will underestimate and other overestimate calorie results.

Although Fitbit Watches are not as accurate as we expect them to be, they keep us motivated with calorie data and this way continue keeping fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Fitbit Show Calories Burned Or Eaten?

Yes, Fitbit shows calories burned. Use the Fitbit app to see the number of calories your body has burned throughout the day. Additionally, you can see the calories consumed.

2. Why Does My Fitbit Say I’ve Burned So Many Calories?

Fitbit calorie resets every midnight. That means, the number of calories you see on Fitbit or on the App at dawn is for that specific day.

3. What Does the Green Star Mean on Fitbit Calories?

The green on Fitbit calories means you’ve done your best and the calories goal is achieved.

4. What is the Most Accurate Calorie Tracker?

The most accurate calorie burn tracker money can buy is Fitbit Charge 6.

5. Are Fitbits Worth It?

The calorie-burning feature shouldn’t hinder you from using Fitbit. Apart from monitoring calories burnt in the body the watch can track the heart rate, sleep, stress, swimming, and more.

You can also keep time using the alarm feature, respond to calls, and text messages. That said, Fitbit is something worth having.

6. How Many Calories Do You Burn in a Day Without Exercise?

It is recommended that you burn at least 1800 calories every 24 hours even without working out. People who do not work out burn 75 calories each hour.

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