Why is My Apple Watch Dying so Fast

Why is My Apple Watch Dying so Fast? (7 Reasons with Fixes!)

As much as Apple Watch is prestigious, most people criticize it because of the poor battery life it offers. On a complete charge, Apple Watch is able to run for at least 18 hours. Anything less than 18 hours of operation means your Apple Watch is draining. But Why is your Apple Watch draining so … Read more

How to Sync MyFitnessPal with Apple Watch

How to Sync MyFitnessPal with Apple Watch

MyFitnessPal has been one of Apple Watch’s trending wellness apps available on Apple Store for free. The app is well known for tracking the number of calories burned. Counting the number of calories burned is not just it – MyFitnessPal App can go as far as tracking your gym activities once connected to Apple Watch. … Read more

Does Siri Work with Apple Watch

Does Siri Work On Apple Watch?

Apple Watches like Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Watch SE, Series 7, and the latest Apple Watch Series 8 support/work with Siri. In case you are wondering what we mean by Siri on Apple Watches, it simply is a built-in virtual personal voice assistant that eases search work. Apple Watches are able to use the Siri … Read more

Apple Watch Troubleshooting

Apple Watch Troubleshooting: 8 Problems and How to Fix Them

Let’s begin with a table showing the 8 most common problems you can encounter on an Apple Watch with their troubleshooting. Problem Possible Solution 1. Apple Watch  Won’t Pair to Phone Reboot both the Apple Watch and iPhone.Do a reset on your phone’s network.Bring the phone and watch close.Reset the Apple Watch 2. Apple Watch … Read more

How to Play Spotify on Apple Watch

How to Play Spotify on Apple Watch (All You Need To Know!)

Can you play Spotify on Apple Watch? Yes, Apple Watch users/owners can play Spotify music. Before Apple Watch users can listen to music on Spotify they will need to download the Spotify app on the Apple Watches. Fortunately, getting the Spotify app on Apple Watch is easy. We will provide the steps to help you … Read more

Alternative Ways to Wear Your Apple Watch

5 Alternative Ways to Wear Your Apple Watch

Do you love your Apple Watch and never want it off the wrist? First of all, there’s no harm in having Apple Watch on the wrist all day and night as long as you feel comfortable. Apart from the normal way of wearing the Apple Watch, there are other alternative ways you can wear it. Here are the 5 alternative ways to wear … Read more

How to Connect Apple Watch to Samsung

How to Connect Apple Watch to Samsung (Set-By-Step!)

Does Apple Watch work with Samsung? As you well know Apple Watches are only designed to be compatible with iOS devices. Therefore, NO! An Apple Watch cannot directly connect to Samsung because the phones operate on Android. Even though Apple Watch cannot directly connect to Samsung phones, we can use the LTE cellular connection on Apple … Read more

Does Apple Watch Have a Camera

Does Apple Watch Have a Camera?

Apple Watches have turned out to be more versatile, especially with the release of the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6. Even so, a feature that the Apple Watch lacks is the built-in camera. Fortunately, there is an accessory compatible with the Apple Watch that will let you take photos/selfies. This accessory is … Read more

Can you Shower with Apple Watch

Can You Shower With Apple Watch? (Question Answered)

Can you shower with Apple Watch? The brief answer is YES. Although all Apple Watches are not waterproof they are water-resistant up to certain levels. Which means they can be worn in the shower. Like the first generation, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 1 are only splash-proof submerging them into the water would not … Read more