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Does Waze Work with Apple Watch? (Here is Why it Doesn’t!)

Waze is one of the best navigation apps provided by Google. For that reason, most people having the Apple Watch or intend to buy the Apple Watch wonder if  Waze can really work with the Apple Watch.

Cutting right to the chase, the Waze application by Google does not work with Apple Watch.

Since we do not have an alternative way to make the Apple Watch work/connect to Waze it is best if you considered buying a different smartwatch and not the Apple Watch.

Fortunately, the inability to work with Waze does not mean the Apple Watch cannot work with navigational apps, for your information, the Watch comes with navigational applications.

Before we highlight Waze alternatives for the Apple Watch, let’s have a brief look at the Waze app.

What is Waze and is it Free?

The Waze application is a Google property that works with the satellite to show routes of whichever locations and it comes at no cost.

Unlike most navigation applications, Waze allows users to customize notifications as well as advanced features.

The thing we really love about Waze is that it comes in over 50 languages and thanks to that, most people all over the world can enjoy what this Google product offers. Any device that works with a GPS can support the Waze app.

Why is Waze Application not Available on Apple Watch?

You may really be wondering why the Waze navigational app is not working on the Apple Watch yet we have just told you that it is compatible with devices running Android and iOS software.

Well, truly speaking, the reason why Waze cannot work with Apple Watch is still not clear.

Even the latest versions of the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 7, and Apple Watch Series 8 still can not work with the Waze navigation app.

Since Apple has the app available for Apple Carplay and iPhone let’s keep hoping Apple will soon consider making the app available for the Apple Watch.

Who is the Waze App Best For?

Waze is a free app and can be downloaded by anyone who has a device that runs on Android or iOS software.

However, those who drive may enjoy what the app offers. That is because the app majorly targets driving routes. Waze also determined how safe the traffic is and the current traffic status of a city.

The app is able to show you on a route speed traps, police traps, etc and that makes it one of the best navigational app alternatives for Google Maps.

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What to do if Apple Watch does not have Waze? (Consider these 4 Waze App Alternatives)

Although Waze is a one-of-a-kind navigation app, it is yet to integrate with the Apple Watch.

And since we can’t wait until Apple considers the app we will need to use other navigational apps.

So, with us are the Waze app alternatives. This alternative will appropriately work with the Apple Watch to keep tabs on your routes and passes. Let’s begin!

1. Magic Earth

The Magic Earth navigation app will work with your Apple Watch to determine your area’s traffic conditions.

With the Magic Earth app on your Apple Watch, you will be able to check nearby safe locations while walking, running, or cycling.

2. Google Maps

With not even the slightest doubt, Google Maps is the best navigation map alternative for the Waze app.

Unlike Apple, Google Maps and Waze Map are Google-owned navigation applications.

According to Wikipedia, as of 2022, over 1 billion people used Google Maps each month and that suggests the app is widely used.

Unfortunately, unlike the Waze app,  Google Maps don’t offer detailed information like police checkpoints, traffic, accidents, car locations as well as public transportation routes.

3. Sygic Navigation App

The Sygic navigation app is yet another awesome Waze alternative for Apple Watches.

This app is different from Apple Maps, Google Maps, and the Waze app. And what makes it different is it is a premium app, which means you have to pay to start tracking your routes.

Even though the app is paid, it is perfectly functional but why pay for a navigation app when there are others offered for free?

4. Apple Maps

Compared to Google Maps, the Apple map is more complicated. With Apple Maps, you will learn about the areas and roads around the city. Like the Waze app, the Apple Map app can track traffic on routes as well as accidents.

The app is user-friendly i.e, users can opt to use the Siri voice feature to operate and operate the Apple Map.

5. Yandex App

Yandex is another navigation app that can work with the Apple Watch. Yandex navigation app will let you local navigation, road routes, weather, and the nature of traffic on a given route.

This navigation app lets you monitor your routes both online and offline hence one of the best navigation apps for areas that have poor network signals.

Why Your Smartwatch Should Have a Navigation App

Navigation apps are very crucial because they monitor the routes we take as well as the pace at which we are moving.

For that reason, you never get of being lost when walking, running, cycling, or driving in unfamiliar locations – that explains why it is important to have a navigation app on your smartwatch.

In addition, a navigation app like Waze can save you time as it tells you the nature of traffic and you keep out of trouble by telling you where traffic police checkpoints are.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Map App Works with Apple Watch?

Even though the Waze app does not work with Waze, we have other navigation apps like Google maps, Yandex,  Magic Earth, Sygic, and Apple Maps that will work with Apple Watches.

Luckily all the mentioned map apps for the app are free except one, which is the Sygic navigation app.

2. Is Apple Maps Better than Waze

No way, Apple Watch is not better than Waze, matter of fact, Waze is the next navigation app to consider from Google Maps.

What makes Apple Maps better than Waze is, Apple Maps work with Apple Watches whereas Waze does not work with Apple Watches.

3. Is Waze Better than Google Maps?

Compared to the Waze app, Google Maps is so comprehensive and for that reason, Waze is not better than Google Maps. Rather, the Waze app is what you should consider after Google Maps.

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