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How To Set Alarm On Fitbit: A Step By Step Guide!

Setting up an alarm on a Fitbit is pretty simple and as you read on we tell you how. Knowing how to set an alarm on your Fitbit will ensure you never run late for appointments or meetings, classes, workouts, or any other plans you have for the day. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set an alarm on Fitbit.

How the Fitbit Alarm Works

When it is time for the alarm to go off it vibrates on your wrist since no one can the vibration feel you get up on time plus no one is disturbed since the vibration can only be felt and not be heard.

Missing an alarm should not worry you that much. Although a fraction of precious time is wasted as a result of not responding to the alarm the will go off after about 9 minutes. The ringing recurs until the alarm is disabled by opting for Dismiss Alarm.

Dismissing the current alarm can be done by either double-tapping on the display or pressing the button.

There are Fitbits that will automatically disable their alarms once they detect step counts of 50. Most fitness trackers can let you set up to 8 different alarms. Apart from knowing how the alarm works, you may also want to know how the Fitbit watch generally operates.

How To Set an Alarm On Fitbit Using Smartphone

Ensure the Fitbit App is installed on your phone. Now Launch the app and;

  • Tap on the Today tab
  • Tap on Profile Picture

Your profile picture leads you to the Account page, from the Account Page find the Fitbit, having picked on your Fitbit

  • Tap the Silent Alarms option
  • Choose Set New Alarm option
  • Set alarm
  • Tap on Save
  • Tap Done

Setting Alarm Via The Fitbit Website

Setting your alarm through the Fitbit Dashboard is as easy as signing into your Fitbit account and going over the dashboard. From the dashboard

  • Click on the Gear symbol
  • Select you device
  • Click on the Silent Alarms option
  • Opt to Add New Alarm

After that, choose how frequently you want the alarm going off having set the time you want the alarm alerting with the AM and PM preferences in mind. Lastly, click on “Submit” and by that, you are all set.

The entry box only turns red when you put the wrong time format. Ensure your time is valid time set with separators separating hours from minutes.

Check these Fitbits, they are considered the best for tracking nightly periods of sleep.

Setting A Fitbit Alarm Using The Fitbit App

Alarms on certain fitness trackers are best set using the Fitbit app which is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Their examples include Fitbit Ace 3, Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Alta HR, and Fitbit Charge 3. To set the alarm;

  • Launch the Fitbit App
  • Tap on the Plus(+) Button
  • Set Alarm
  • Silent Alarm
  • Set a New Alarm

Choose the time you want the alarm to sound. In case you want the alarm to go off the entire week opt for “Repeat”. The alarm also allows you to choose the days you want it to go off.

  • Save then done once you are all done with the setup.

Once the Syncing between the Fitbit App and the Fitbit Smartwatch is complete, your alarm settings will reflect on the tracker.

How To Dismiss An Alarm On Fitbit

Fitbit will give you alarms severally at intervals of 9 minutes until you dismiss them. Here are some simple steps to help you get rid of an alarm on a fitness tracker. From the Fitbit;

  • Open the Alarm App
  • From the lists of alarms provided, choose the alarm/alarms you wish to dismiss
  • Add opt to Remove Alarm.

How to Add An Alarm On Fitbit

Activating or adding up an alarm on Fitbit is simple. With your Fitbit at hand;

  • Open the Alarm App
  • From the Alarm setting, add a new alarm by tapping on +New Alarm
  • Tap on Time -putting Am and Pm into consideration
  • Head back to the Alarm Settings
  • Choose the day(s) you want the alarm to go off

At this point, all your alarms are set. You can have a preview of your alarms by tapping the back button, this is also the part where you get the chance to turn on or off a particular alarm.

With the Fitbit alarm you wake up on time, take a shower on time and get to work on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Delete An Alarm Via The Fitbit App?

In case you want to delete Alarms on your Fitbit Smartwatch follow the sets below,

Deleting and adding an alarm from the Fitbit App is slightly the same. Without much ado,

  • Launch the Fitbit App
  • Tap the Plus (+)
  • Choose Set Alarm
  • From the Set Alarm section choose the alarm you want to get done with
  • Tap Delete Alarm for alarm deletion.

How Do I Delete Alarm Via The Dashboard?

Deleting Fitbit alarms via the Fitbit website is a bit different. To successfully delete an alarm from your fitness tracker;

  • Sign into your dashboard via PC or laptop
  • Click on the Gear symbol located in the upper-right corner.
  • Clicking on the Image of your Fitbit
  • Opt for Silent Alarms.
  • Click on the Pencil Icon adjacent to the alarm
  • Delete alarm

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