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How to Connect Apple Watch to Samsung (Set-By-Step!)

Does Apple Watch work with Samsung? As you well know Apple Watches are only designed to be compatible with iOS devices. Therefore, NO! An Apple Watch cannot directly connect to Samsung because the phones operate on Android.

Even though Apple Watch cannot directly connect to Samsung phones, we can use the LTE cellular connection on Apple watches to establish a connection.

Since Apple Watch can connect to Samsung indirectly, we have tricks and with this trick, you can start rocking with your Apple Watch connected to a smartphone that operates on Android.

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What Works and What Doesn’t When You Connect Apple Watch to a Samsung Phone

But before diving into the trick you should know that with this trick you will not be able to enjoy all the functionalities that the Apple Watch watch offers since the watch is only designed to sync with phones that operate on the iOS operating system.

Although you can still track your health and fitness with  Apple Watch fitness apps you will not be able to sync with your android phone.

After successfully connecting the Apple Watch to a Samsung Galaxy phone messages may fail to send from the wrist but iMessages with from the watch will send without issues. A messaging app like Telegram will work just fine.

Anyway, this trick is simple and easy so, and without wasting any more time let us get to it:

What You Need to Make Apple Watch Connect to Samsung

For this trick to work you will need two things, which include a cellular Apple Watch and an iPhone (iPhone 6 or above).

The reason why you will need an Apple Watch model that uses a cellular network is so that you can pick up incoming calls, make calls, and to messaging without depending on your phone.

Check if the sim slot on your Android smartphone is the same as the one on your Apple smartphone. And without forgetting, ensure that you bring your SIM card remover along so that extracting the SIM card from your iPhone becomes easier.

Stopping at that, here are the 8 simple steps to help you connect your Apple Watch to your Samsung phone or any other phone.

How to Setup an Apple Watch to Work with a Samsung Phone

  • With the  SIM card in the iPhone turn on the Apple Watch and hold the two devices close to each other.  
  • Make a call from your iPhone to test whether the SIM card is active. Once you have confirmed the SIM is active switch your iPhone to airplane mode and then check if the Watch is still linked to the SIM card network.
  • Power off your iPhone if you’ve confirmed the watch is still connected to the network with iPhone on airplane mode.
  • With the help of a sim card remover extract the SIM from your iPhone and transfer it to your Samsung Galaxy S22 or OnePlus 10.
  • Switch the android phone on and off or alternatively restart it. Also, switch on your Apple Watch.
  • With the connection between Apple Watch and Samsung phone established you will be able to make or receive calls and use several voice controls.

Get this: What establishes a connection between the Apple Watch and iPhone is Bluetooth. What establishes a connection between Apple Watch and a Samsung Galaxy phone is the SIM card details.

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch’s battery will drain in little to no time because it will be locked to the LTE type of connection.

You will also miss exclusive features like health and fitness tracking, and syncing of data from apps, among others.

What of the Apple Watch Series 8, Does it Connect to Samsung Phones?

Like other Apple Watches, the latest Apple Watch  Series 8 can only connect to iPhones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Connecting Apple Watch to Samsung Phone (Android)


  • You will have no trouble using the already installed apps. For example, you can use the Spotify app on Apple Watch since it has nothing to do with the Apple ecosystem.
  • GPS still works, after all, GPS is more effective with Cellular capabilities.
  • You can access blood oxygen levels, ECG, and calorie counters with a sprint counter.
  • Apple Watch will still be able to perform important functions that work through network connections.
  • You could probably be able to connect your Bluetooth headphones with the Apple Watch.


  • You get a chance to share or sync.
  • You will not get notifications like incoming calls, text messages, and reminders among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Apple Watch Equivalent for Android Users?

Up to now we still do not have a phone or device that can give users a complete Apple Watch feel and experience.

Can you use the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with an iPhone?

Sadly, there is no way you can connect the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (a Wear OS 3 Watch) with iPhone or any other iOS device.

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