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Can Fitbit Track Cycling: An In-depth Explanation!

The question, “Can Fitbit track cycling”, is asked by many but can it?

Yes it can! Fitbits can keep track of both indoor and outdoor cycling activities making it one of the best smartwatches for cyclists.

The watch features a GPS integration that provides routes to ensure you don’t get off the trail while cycling. In addition, as you cycle, Fitbit records stats like calories burned, distances covered, average speed, and more.


Fitbit watches have the SmartTrack technology which ensures all activities including cycling are tracked as soon as a workout is started. SmartTrack automatically identifies and records all the data for your workout.

Some of the data collected by SmartTrack include calories burned, the heart rate, etc.

SmartTrack starts detecting workout after 10 to 15 minutes staying active.

So, if you forget to set your Fitbit to cycling mode, it does itself in less than 15 minutes of continuous cycling.

Fitbit watches with this awesome feature include Fitbit Charge 6, Charge 5, Charge 4, Charge 3, Alta, Alta HR, Sense 2, Versa 4, and Charge 2 among others.

GPS Integration

Fitbit Charge 4, Charge 5, Charge 6, Sense 2, Ionic, Versa 3, and Versa 4 are some of the watches that feature GPS + GLONASS. As you cycle, the GPS on your Fitbit indicates your location in real-time on a View map.

The view map can be accessed via the Fitbit App. For those with Fitbits that don’t have on-board GPS, you can connect to your phone’s GPS to keep track of your routes.

Can Fitbit Be Put Inside Sock To Track Cycling?

Yes, you can have your Fitbit in one of your socks but the stats won’t be as accurate as when it would have on the wrist or on the ankle.

Indoor Cycling

Do you cycle indoors? If so, here is how you’ll record indoor cycling from the Fitbit app on Android, iOS, and Fitbit Dashboard.

How to Record Indoor Cycling Via the Fitbit App on Your Android

  • Open the Fitbit App, tap Track Exercise to access workout history.
  • Tap the watch icon in the top right corner of your phone.
  • Select the Log Previous option.
  • Tap the search bar and type Spinning.
  • Provide the Start Time and the Duration of the Workout.
  • Tap on Log It. Calories burned will be recorded and a stat report provided.

How to Record Indoor Cycling Through The Fitbit App on Your iPhone

  • Tap Exercise to open the workout history.
  • Tap on the Stopwatch Icon.
  • Then select Log.
  • Search for Spinning through the search bar.
  • Input the Start Time and Period of the Workout.
  • Tap on Add to get your activity recorded.

How To Record Indoor Cycling through The Fitbit Website

  • Log into the Fitbit account and head to your dashboard.
  • Click the Log option.
  • Then click the Activities option.
  • Like on Android and iOS, search for Spinning.
  • Put in the Start Time and Duration of the Workout.
  • Click Log to let the app start recording and filling the calories you burn.

How Do I Activate The GPS To Track My Routes While Cycling?

The activation process is easy and applies to all Fitbit watches that support cycling. Here is how to activate GPS on Fitbit Versa, Sense, and Charge:

  • On your phone, open the Fitbit App/Exercise app. Then find the workout you want to monitor.
  • Tap on the settings icon.
  • Find the GPS option and turn it on if it is off.
  • Tap the back button to return to the activity screen.


If you are a cyclist looking for a high-quality tracker that monitors cycling, I suggest you get Fitbit. On the watch you will find the SmartTrack technology to responsible for tracking cycling. It is the tracker that will give you the satisfactory feeling you’ve been missing as a cyclist.

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