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Can Garmin Detect AFIB (Yes, Some Can!)

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is a heart rhythm condition that can be risky because it can cause blood clots in the heart. However, AFib is a treatable condition. Smartwatches like Garmin can help detect AFib, but it’s important to note that these devices are not medical devices and their data should not be used for medical purposes, diagnosis, or cure.

How Accurate is Garmin AFib

Recent Garmin watches like the Vivoactive HR have a feature that can notify you when an irregular heartbeat is detected. If your heart rate is above a set threshold when you’ve been inactive for more than 10 minutes, the watch will send an alert. This feature is similar to those found on Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit watches. You can access the heart rate settings via the heart rate widget on the Garmin watch. Consult your Owner’s manual for instructions.

Which Garmin Detects AFib?

Garmin Vivoactive HR

There are several Garmin Watches that can detect AFib well and the best one is the Garmin Vivoactive HR.

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How to Set an Abnormal Heart Rate Alert on Vivosmart 4

If you want your Garmin Forerunner 35 to alert you when it detects a heart rate that is above or below a set range, follow these steps:

  1. Select the “Running” symbol and choose an activity profile
  2. Go to Options, then Alert, and then HR Alert
  3. Select an option – If you want to use existing heart rate zones, select “Heart Rate Zone“. If you want to customize the maximum value yourself, select “Custom, High, then Turn On“. Finally, select “Custom, Low“, and then “Turn On” to customize the minimum value by entering it yourself.

When the Garmin wearable detects a heart rate higher or lower than the set or manually entered value, it will send a notification.

Alerts to Use on Garmin to Detect AFib

1. Smart Notification

This feature lets you enable and customize settings right from your smartphone. Notifications in this section are sorted into two namely “During an Activity” and “Not During an Activity

2. Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts

With this feature, you can set the device to give an alert when it detects a heart rate drop or exceeds the set threshold using the Alert Threshold.

3. Relax Reminders

With the relax reminder you get to set your Garmin device to alert when it detects unusually high stress levels.

How Do I Reset My Heart Rate Zone on My Garmin

How to Reset Your Heart Rate Zone Through Garmin Connect?

It’s possible to customize Heart Rate Zones on Garmin Connect to better match your current fitness level. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Garmin Connect app.
  2. Open the Menu (top left for Android devices and bottom right for iOS devices).
  3. Choose Garmin Devices.
  4. Select your Garmin model name from the list shown.
  5. Choose User Settings.
  6. Select Configure Heart Rate Zone.
  7. Input the minimum heart rate values for each zone (Note: multi-sport Garmin watches will allow you to set HR zones for individual activity profiles. However, non-multisport Garmin watches may limit the profiles for which you can set heart rate zones).
  8. Make sure to save your changes before exiting.

Note that the changes made to heart rate zones will not affect the history of previous data uploaded to Garmin Connect. Additionally, any changes made will automatically be sent to the Garmin device during the next sync.

How to Reset Your Heart Rate Zone Through the Garmin Web?

To reset or change the heart rate zones on your Garmin device, follow these steps on your PC or laptop:

  1. Log in to your Garmin account.
  2. Click on the watch image located at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Under the watch you want to make changes for, click on “User Settings.”
  4. Scroll down to “Heart Rate Zones.”
  5. Enter your preferred heart rate values for each zone. Please note that multi-sport watches may let you set heart rate zones for individual activity profiles, while non-multisport watches may limit the number of profiles.
  6. Save the changes you made by clicking “Exit.”

These instructions should work for most Garmin wearables, except for the Vivoactive HR and Forerunner 35. However, they will work for other models, such as Forerunner 245/245 Music, Forerunner 935, Forerunner 645, Vivosmart 3, Vivosport, Vivomove 3, the Fenix range, and Vivoactive range, among others.

Who is the Heart Rate Zone Feature Best For?

The heart rate zone feature is useful for athletes as it allows them to measure their cardiovascular strength and improve their fitness levels.

Garmin WatchesThat Can Detect AFib (Abnormally Low Heart Rates)

Some Garmin watches that can alert you when they detect very low heart rate include:

  1. Venu
  2. Vivoactive 45/45S
  3. Tactix Delta Series
  4. Vivoactive Legal Hero Series
  5. Vivomove Luxe
  6. MARQ Series
  7. Vivomove 3/3S
  8. Fenix 6 Series
  9. Vivoactive Legal Saga Serie

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does My Garmin Keep Loosing Heart Rate?

If your Garmin watch keeps losing heart rate, it could be due to malfunctioning. You can send it back to Garmin for repair or replacement. Another reason could be that you are not wearing it properly. Make sure the tracker is tightly fastened to your wrist to avoid any data loss.

2. How are High Heart Rate and Max Heart Rate Values Calculated on My Garmin Watch?

To determine your maximum heart rate, the Garmin Connect app calculates it based on your age. For males, it deducts your age from 220, and for females, it deducts your age from 200. However, this is only an estimation, and to get an accurate result, you should measure with gadgets approved by the FDA.

3. What is a Normal Heart Rate on Garmin?

The normal resting heart rate for an adult on Garmin varies depending on factors such as age and gender. It should be around 60-100bpm. If your heart rate falls outside this range, it could be a cause for concern.

4. Which smartwatch has ECG and SpO2?

The Garmin Vivoactive HR is a smartwatch that comes with ECG and SpO2 sensors, making it ideal for tracking your heart health. The additional heart rate monitor sensor tracks heart rate variability to detect irregular heartbeats, such as AFIB. This smartwatch is loaded with features that make it perfect for everyday use.

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