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Can Garmin Detect AFIB

Also called AF and a-fib. It is the abbreviation for atrial fibrillation. Atrial Fibrillation refers to a heart rhythm that is often so rapid. A-Fib is a risky condition.

We say atrial fibrillation is risky because it results in blood clots in the heart. Although AFib is chronic the good news is it is treatable. And we also have smartwatches like Garmin that can help identify AFib.

So, can Garmin Detect AFib? The recent Garmin watches can detect AFib. Note that, Garmin devices approximate data hence they are neither medical devices nor should data derived from them be used for medical purposes, diagnosis, or cure.

How Accurate is Garmin AFib

The recently released Garmin watches like the Vivoactive HR can notify you when an irregular heartbeat goes beyond the normal threshold is detected.

Your heart rate is always above the set threshold when you are dormant for more than 10 minutes, which tells the watch there’s a need for an alert. This is a feature similar to those on the Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit watches.

The heart rate settings can be accessed via the heart rate widget on the Garmin watch. Consult your Owner’s manual for the instructions.

Which Garmin Detects AFib?

Garmin Vivoactive HR

There are several Garmin Watches that are good at detecting AFib but the best is the Garmin Vivoactive HR.

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How to Set an Abnormal Heart Rate Alert on Vivosmart 4

Below is how to set your Garmin Forerunner 35 to alert you when it detects a heart rate that is below or above the set range. For example, when you set your Garmin to alert when it detects heartbeats are below 35bpm it will do so.

  • Opt for ?‍ (running symbol), then choose an activity profile
  • Go to Option, Alert, and then HR Alert.
  • Pick an option

Important: To use existing heart rate zones select heart rate zone. To customize a maximum value yourself by entering the values yourself select Custom, High then Turn On. Lastly, select Custom, Low then Turn On to customize a minimum value by entering it yourself.

A message will appear any time the Garmin wearable detects an HR value higher or lesser than the specified or the manually set value.

Alerts to use on Garmin while Detecting A-Fib

· Smart Notification

This feature let you enable and customize settings right from your smartphone. Notifications in this section are sorted in two ways namely “During an Activity” and “Not During an Activity”

· Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts

With this feature, you can set the device to give an alert when it detects a heart rate drop or exceeds the set threshold using the Alert Threshold.

· Relax Reminders

With the relax reminder you get to set your Garmin device to alert when it detects unusually high-stress levels.

How Do I Reset My Heart Rate Zone on My Garmin

Garmin Connect App Instructions

Heart Rate Zone on Garmin Connect can be customized to better match current fitness levels. To rest/change your heart rate zones on Garmin do the following:

  • Launch the Garmin Connect app.
  • Open the Menu (top left for Android devices and bottom right for iOS devices).
  • Choose Garmin Devices.
  • Choose your Garmin model name from the list that shows.
  • Choose User Settings.
  • Choose Configure Heart Rate Zone.
  • Input the least heart rate values for each zone (Note, multi-sport Garmin watches will let you set HR zones for individual activity profiles. On the other hand, non-multisport Garmin watches may limit profiles you can set heart rate zones on).
  • Ensure that your changes are saved before exiting.

Note: The heart rate zone changes will not affect the history of the previous data uploaded to Garmin Connect. Also, the changes made will be sent automatically to the Garmin on the next sync.

Garmin Connect Web Instructions

Here is how you will reset/change the heart rate zones on Garmin via their website:

  • From a PC/Laptop log into your Garmin
  • Once in your account click on the watch image (on the top right corner)
  • Under the desired watch click User Setting
  • Scroll downwards and find Heart Rate Zones
  • Enter the last heart rate values for each zone (Note, multi-sport watches let you set Hear Rater zones for individual activity profiles but non-multisport watches may limit profiles you can enter your preferred heart rate zones values on).
  • Exit by saving the settings for the changes made.

These settings will work on most Garmin wearables. Apart from Vivoactive HR and Forerunner 35, the heart rate zone will work on Forerunner 245/245 Music, Forerunner 935, Forerunner 645, Vivosmart 3, Vivosport, Vivomove 3, the Fenix range, and Vivoactive range e.tc.

Who is the Heart Rate Zone Feature Best For?

The heart rate zone feature is helpful to athletes because it lets them increase and measure their cardiovascular strength hence improving their levels of fitness.

Garmin Watches that can Alert Abnormally Low Heart Rates

Some Garmin watches that can alert you when they detect very low heart rate include:

  • Venu
  • Vivoactive 45/45S
  • Tactix Delta Series
  • Vivoactive Legal Hero Series
  • Vivomove Luxe
  • MARQ Series
  • Vivomove 3/3S
  • Fenix 6 Series
  • Vivoactive Legal Saga Serie

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Garmin Keep Loosing Heart Rate?

The reason why your Garmin keeps on losing Heart Rate is that it is malfunctioning. The best thing you can do is send it back to Garmin for refurbishing.

Another reason why your Garmin watch is losing heart rate is that you are wearing it the wrong way. Make sure the tracker is not loosely buckled.

A perfectly tightened Garmin watch will stay fixed on the wrist no matter how vigorous your activities are hence you don’t lose any heart rate data.

How are High Heart Rate and Max Heart Rate Values Calculated on My Garmin Watch?

The Garmin Connect app deducts your ages from 220 and 200 for males and females respectively to come up with your maximum heart rate.

Since what you get is based on estimation the best way you can get an unbiased max heart rate result is by measuring it yourself.

What is a Normal Heart Rate on Garmin?

Depending on factors such as gender and age, the normal resting heart rate for any adult on Garmin should be 100bpm.

The least heartbeat per minute you can have on Garmin as an adult is 60bpm. Anything not in the range of 60 to 100bpm should call for an alarm.

Which smartwatch has ECG and SpO2?

A Garmin smartwatch that comes with both ECG and SpO2 sensors is the Vivoactive HR. The two sensors are ideal for tracking your heart health. You get to monitor your heart rate and rhythm.

We also have the heart rate monitor as an additional sensor that will track heart rate variability to determine irregular heartbeats (AFIB). Garmin Vivoactive HR is loaded with plenty of features that make it ideal for everyday use.

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