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Garmin Watch Charging (All You Need To Know)

Your Garmin watch comes with a very unique charging mechanism. For that reason, it cannot charge using your cell phone charger whether Android or iPhone or any other charger.

This means you will need to buy a new Garmin charger if the original one is damaged or lost. The only accessory associated with your cellphone that can help charge your Garmin watch is the power bank.

Even though Garmin watches cannot charge without proprietary charges, those with the Garmin Instinct Solar can use solar energy to juice up and improve the battery.

Check Out This Garmin Watch Charger

You may want to use the original TUSITA charger to charge your Garmin. The charger comes with a built-in chip that regulates power flowing to your battery.

The charger uses copper wire to ensure stable current flow. It is coated with quality, ABS and PVC material that makes it durable.

A voltage regulator is also included to ensure your Garmin watch doesn’t get damaged by high currents when you are charging.

This charger is capable of charging your Garmin watch for a period lesser than the normal period (it is a fast Charger).

TUSITA is compatible with Garmin Instinct, Fenix 5, Fenix 5X, Fenix 6, Fenix 5S, Fenix 6X Plus, Fenix 7X, Fenix 7S, Vivosmart 5, Sapphire edition, Forerunner 45, 945, 245 Music, 45S, Approach, S10, S40, S60, S42, S12, G12, Venu 2, Sq, 2S, Plus, Vivoactive 3, 4, 4S and others.

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Can I Charge My Garmin Watch Wirelessly?

Garmin is yet to design a watch model that can charge wirelessly: maybe one will be available in the near future.

For you to charge you will need to connect the Garmin charging cable (included in the package) to power.

Let’s still hang on tight to see what Garmin does about this. Meanwhile, if you can’t stand the old-fashioned way of charging and want to experience wireless charging consider checking wireless Apple and Samsung watches.

Tips to Protect Your Garmin Watch While Charging

  • Consider charging the watch before it runs down on charge.
  • Don’t use your cell phone charger.
  • Limit your charging time to 80 minutes
  • Consider a charger (Like TUSITA above) that comes with a built-in. The chip will moderate the amount of current flowing into the watch hence prolonging your watch’s service time.

How Long Does a Garmin watch Battery Last?

How long a charge can last on your Garmin watch hugely depends on the type of model.

If you consider the base variant you will be looking anywhere between 5 to 7 days with your watch.

On the other hand, if you are using the solar model you are looking at double the period offered by Variant.

Others like Enduro, and Fenix can easily last for a month or a month and some days or weeks.

Can You Charge a Garmin Watch While Running?

There are two ways you can charge your Garmin watch while running. The first way is using a power backup plan and the other way is using energy from the sun.

You will need to carry along a Garmin Proprietary Charge if you are using a power bank to charge your Garmin as you run.

As Garmin models like Instinct Solar 2 and Garmin Fenix 7X will also let you charge while running (it uses power from the sun).

Do you Have to Charge Garmin Solar Watches?

There is either a Power Glass or Sapphire lens in your Garmin watch. With these lenses, the watch is able to convert energy from the sun to battery power.

Even so, you need to charge your Garmin solar watch because the solar charging feature is meant to be the primary means of charging. The primary means of charging any Garmin Solar watch with a USB cable.

How Can I Make My Garmin Charge Faster?

Unluckily, Garmin watches don’t come with the fast charging feature which speeds up charging hence reducing charging time.

Charging the watch using your laptop may further slow down the rate while the watch is charging because the USB port on your laptop is designed for transferring data and not charging devices.

Unlike the latest Samsung and Apple watches, all Garmin watches consistently charge from 0 to 100 and it takes from 2 to 3 hours.

Can You Overcharge a Garmin Watch?

You can overcharge your Garmin watch. Overcharging happens when the watch charges 100% but isn’t unplugged from the charger.

Unfortunately, overcharging the battery on your Garmin watch will negatively impact your battery life over time.

You can avoid overcharging your Garmin watch by making sure the plug is out as soon as the battery reads full.

Leaving the charge unplugged from the watch can sometimes cause the watch to discharge. Garmin is yet to introduce the smart Garmin feature on its watches.

If Garmin has a smart charging feature, it could automatically stop charging when it is full.

Should I Charge My Garmin Watch Every Night?

I wouldn’t advise you to charge your Garmin watch every night. The reason being it only takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge a Garmin watch.

A single charge on most Garmin watches should last you at least 5 days unless you have the GPS mode and Music on.

The night is not the best time to charge your Garmin watch because is the period you should be tracking your sleep not charging.

The other thing is you may accidentally fall asleep and leave the watch charging overnight hence overcharging and tampering with the battery life.

You should charge your Garmin every 7 days or when the battery level drops 5% or 10%.

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