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8 Best Smartwatches Under 100: The Ultimate Guide For 2023

If you are on a budget, the best option would be to find the best smartwatches under 100.

Most of these won’t take the cake like their high-end brothers, but they are still the cream of the crop. 

What’s the Best Smartwatch Under 100 in 2022?

1. Pebble Time Round 14mm Smartwatch

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If you are looking for a combination of light and thin, it would probably be a good idea to try Pebble Time Round 14mm Smartwatch.

It boasts of being the lightest and thinnest smartwatch in the world, and the best option for someone who is on a budget.

Time Round 14mm features calendar alerts for date reminders, call and text notifications to let you know who texted or called silent alarms for waking you up in the morning, and Pebble Health, which tracks body activity. The watch is water-resistant.

It is also compatible with Android and iPhone devices. The battery, which can last for up to 2 days, takes minimal time to recharge.

This smartwatch provides easy personalization with bands, downloadable watch faces, and Apps from Pebble App.


  • Pleasantly lightweight and stylish to wear
  • Simple and fast charging


  • Compared to a number of other smartwatches, the battery does not last as long and requires regular recharging.

2. Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Smartwatch

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Samsung Gear S2 cheap smartwatch under 100 is stylish and elegantly designed to suit user specifications without compromising on core functionality.

It comes in a slick dark gray color, so it can be worn in a professional or outdoor atmosphere.

It has a built-in S Health app that monitors heart rate, daily activity, and fitness. And it has a circular bezel that swiftly interchanges from notifications to widgets or applications.

This brilliant smartwatch keeps users up to date with messages, incoming calls, calendar notifications, social media data, as well as news updates.

It also has a built-in wireless charging system. It can access many applications. And, you can personalize it with custom watch faces.


  • Wireless charging
  • Looks professional and elegant
  • Inbuilt GPS


  • It is big and heavy which may be uncomfortable to wear at all times.

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3. Antimi Smartwatch

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Antimi is a black smartwatch with a unique sweat-proof design. It is still a perfect choice for athletes who engage in outdoor activities that exert a lot of sweat.

Because it supports SIM card use, Antimi can act as an independent phone. So, you can dial and answer calls and even run social media apps.

Thanks to Bluetooth support, this smartwatch can seamlessly connect with your smartphone in just a matter of seconds.

If you decide to connect it to an iPhone, you can enjoy the benefits of a calendar, clock, call sync, calculator, stopwatch, music player, and pedometer.

When connected to an Android smartphone, the Antimi smartwatch can act as a remote camera, a sleep monitor, a voice recorder, and email and social media notifications when connected to Android phones.

The watch comes with a 2-year replacement guarantee for the battery, USB, and bracelet.


  • Very clear screen.
  • Low cost with plenty of features.


  • Most features do not work when connected to an iPhone.

4. GZDL DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch

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Although GZDL DZ09 is a Bluetooth budget smartwatch under 100 dollars, it has an array of bells and whistles similar to those in premium and high-end Smartwatches.

With a color choice ranging from black, gold, silver, and white, you can’t miss the one that suits you best. GZDL DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch is good for official, workouts, as well as casual wear.

GZDL DZ09 Smartwatch doubles as an independent phone for making and answering direct calls, as long as you have a SIM card inserted. If you do not want to insert a SIM card, simply use the Bluetooth connection to a smartphone and use the watch to answer and make calls.

GZDL supports social features like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook applications. In other words, you can use this thing to connect with other people on social media with as much a glance as your phone.

Health and sport features include a pedometer, a sleep monitor, and sedentary reminders. You also get an image viewer, sound recorder, alarm clock, calendar, and camera.


  • It comes with a surprising array of features.
  •  Very low price


  • Limited battery life
  • Limited functions for iPhone users

5. Minger DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch

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Minger DZ09 is a basic, easy-to-operate smartwatch with simple features that blend well with a variety of smartphones. With Minger DZ09, you can views Apps or notifications on an HD display screen in the company mode, where calls/texts are made and received via Bluetooth, or in network mode, where calls/texts are enabled via the SIM card.

When it works on network mode with a 2G network SIM card, it synchronizes social Apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

Also, there are health features, including a sleep monitor, a sedentary reminder, and a pedometer, which lets you monitor your health and fitness activities over time.

The Image viewer, sound recorder, audio player, remote capture, calendar, alarm clock, camera, and Anti-lost on this watch make it such a desirable device to own.


  • High sensitivity touch screen
  • It comes with two working modes


  • Limited functions for iPhone

6. ASUS ZenWatch 2

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ASUS ZenWatch 2 stands out from the rest in the market because of its ASUS-exclusive HyperCharge technology, which ensures the user can recharge super-fast before going to work, a run, or a gym.

The built-in Wi-Fi for long-range connectivity lets you connect to the internet with ease, even from a range.

It has a 1.63″ AMOLED Touch Screen Display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and a pedometer is activity tracking.

According to ASUS, this watch can unbelievably attain 60% charge in 15 minutes. It also has a water resistance that protects the watch up to immersion of 1 meter up to 1 hour.

This product is Certified Refurbished and still works as new. Also, the 90-day warranty given on purchase means there is no risk in buying this product.


  • Good quality for an inexpensive price
  • Fast recharging


  • Bulky
  • Some applications may only work with an Android phone

7. Scinex SW20 16GB Bluetooth Smartwatch

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Scinex SW20 budget smartwatch provides endless options for users who want to capture moments in photos and videos.

This smartwatch works by connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth. MediaTek Smart device App should be installed on the smartwatch in order to view text messages, emails, and other notifications from a connected smartphone.

It can initiate phone calls through its integrated dial-up keypad and receive incoming calls directly from the smartwatch.

Scinex comes with a camera, audio recorder, pedometer, sleep monitor, alarm, calendar, calculator, a memory slot, and can connect headphones via Bluetooth or micro USB to listen to music.

In addition, also supports push notifications, remote capture, and Anti-lost.


  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Replies to text messages.


  • Battery last about 2 days with normal usage.

8. Willful SW018 Bluetooth Smartwatch

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The willful SW018 smartwatch is highly ideal for an outdoor and sport-loving person. It has an exciting bright green/ red band and has a variety of features that are wonderful for everyday sport and fitness use.

Willful SW018 connects with Android and iOS smartphones to make calls, and check text and App messages.

It is IP68 Waterproof which means it can not only be worn during washing, bathing, or swimming but does not disappoint when it is worn during deep water diving.

It has a high-definition display screen that is scratch-resistant with interchangeable wristbands which ensure it is long-lasting, exciting, and elegant.

For fitness, it comes with a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep, drink, and activity monitor.

Smaller features include; remote camera,remote music,anti-lost,alarm clock,stopwatch,calculator and calendar.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Durable.
  • Highly waterproof.


  • Short battery life, therefore, needs daily recharging.

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