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Can I Connect A Fitbit To Samsung Health (Quick Answer!)

Fitbit and Samsung Health are two powerful solutions in the health and fitness business. But when it comes to compatibility, it’s easy to wonder whether the two can work together and deliver accurate results. The question, then, is, can you connect a Fitbit to Samsung Health?

You can connect a Fitbit to Samsung Heath and synchronize cycling, swimming, and sleep stats. The integration doesn’t currently allow you to access heart-rated data. And it’s impossible to write steps to the app because Samsung discontinued the option.

For many of us, Fitbit fitness trackers, smartwatches, apps, and online dashboards are more than enough to monitor personal stats.

But for those of us who prefer to explore more options than being tied to a Fitbit-only world, the possibility of connecting a Fitbit to third-party applications (or services) isn’t thought to be easily swept under a rag.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to connect your Fitbit to Samsung Health and also know what to do if you have a synchronization issue.

First of all, make sure that your smartphone is compatible with the Samsung Health App before connecting your Fitbit to the S. Health App.

The Samsung Health App comes preinstalled on Samsung smartphones, but if your phone doesn’t have the app then download it from the store. The S. Health app is available in Galaxy, Google Play, and Apple Store.

Ensure a wireless connection is established on both the Fitbit and the smartphone. A number of users who have used this method find it tedious.

The procedure is worth following because it is the only you can connect your Fitbit to the Samsung Health App. Here is how you can pair your Fitbit with the Samsung Health App.

1st Step: Install the Google Fit App on your smartphone; if it isn’t pre-installed.

2nd Step: Install a third-party app. The third-party app will help you synchronize fitness data from your Fitbit to Google Fit.

3rd Step: Sync the third-party app preferably the FitToFit App with the Google Fit: Activity Tracking App.

4th Step: Sync the Google Fit: Activity Tracker with S Health App.

Another third-party app you can use is the Strava App and Health Sync. The procedure remains the same.

You can allow the sync between Fitbit and Samsung Health App by enabling Strava from the settings. Head over to Settings and find the Connected Service option then Enable Strava.

Why Won’t My Fitbit Connect To My Samsung Health?

The likely reason why your Fitbit won’t connect to the Samsung Health App is the operating system; it might be outdated.

Therefore, the first thing you will want to do is check whether your operating system whether Android or iOS is updated and supported by your phone.

You may also restart your phone or uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit App. The other thing that might hinder your Fitbit from working with the S Health App is the numerous devices registering a connection with your phone.

The endless list of paired Bluetooth devices can also hinder Fitbit from connecting to Samsung Health, clear them and try connecting to the Samsung Health App.

Does Fitbit Work With Samsung S Health?

The Samsung S Health App and Fitbit are both essential tools that will ensure you stay healthy and physically fit each day.

Third-party apps are required for Samsung Health to work with Fitbit; these apps can be found in the app store.

Google Fit, Strava, Activity Tracking, Fitbit, and Health Sync are examples of the best options.

Syncing of data varies with the app. For example, the Google Fit app will only share your Health data while the Health Sync and Strava app will only share your workout data.

Limitation of Using Third-Party Applications to Sync Fitbit with Samsung Health

A major limitation to the use of third-party apps to sync Fitbit with Samsung Health App is the failure to track heart rate, and resting heart rate. The only data that will display on your Fitbit will be swimming, cycling, and sleep data.

User Information Required for Fitbit to Work with Samsung Health

Some of the personal information Fitbit will ask you for includes your name, date of birth, age, gender, weight, and height.

The information is transferred over to Samsung Health for effective communication. Your personal data is safe and can never be sold. The company will only share your information when;

  • Needed for legal use
  • You ask them to do so
  • A Company(s) is involved with the aim of making Fitbit better for users

Like Fitbit, Samsung Health also protects your information and will only share it when you allow them to do so, when the information is needed for legal purposes and when involving Company(s) that aim at making Samsung Health more exciting.

You must have noticed the conditions for sharing your data on Fitbit and Samsung Health are the same.

Samsung Health will ask for the same personal information as Fitbit and also ask you permit to permit it will access to your location, storage, contacts, body sensors, camera, and location.

Information collected from these via the mentioned channels will keep you connected to the Samsun Health and Fitbit community.

Why Sync Fitbit With Samsung Health

The first reason why you should consider connecting your Fitbit with Samsung Health is that Samsung Health provides crucial features that will help you improve your basic health.

Samsung Health is also able to monitor, record, and analyze your daily fitness activities. You get to compete with other Fitness enthusiasts online with Samsung Health.

You get also get connected to the Samsung community too when you connect your Fitbit to Samsung Health.

From the Samsung Community, you get to share experiences with other fitness lovers.

You will want to synchronize your Fitbit with the Samsung Health app because it’s entertaining plus offers well-analyzed stats.

Your data over at Samsung will not be traded, they know how valuable your privacy is and they promise not to share your personal information.

It is always important to ensure that your personal information is important no matter the trust level of the party to you offer your personal data to.

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