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Does Apple Watch Need Screen Protector?

A screen protector is a plastic or tempered glass accessory your Apple Watch needs to additionally protect its screen from cracks, dings, scuffs, and scratches. Even so, your Apple Watch screen is not 100% protected with a screen protector.

It all depends on the impact of the fall or drop. A screen protector will only provide you with an additional layer of protection

So, does the Apple Watch need a screen protector? Apple Watch comes with a screen that is scratch-resistant.

In as much as you need a protector for Apple Watch Apple doesn’t say it’s a must. Applying a screen protector on your Apple screen is up to you.

For example, the latest Apple Watch Series 7 won’t shatter when drops and it’s because it’s scratch-resistant.

Apple Watch 7 can get scratches when the object landed on is sharp and supper abrasive remember scratch-proof and not scratch-resistant are two different things.

Apple Watch needs a Screen Protector to fully protect your screen against scratches and scuffs.

Best Apple Watch Screen Protector

1. Armorsuit Military Shield Screen Protector (6-Packs)

Armorsuit Military Shield Screen Protector is the best stick-on protector with a size of 40mm and is compatible with Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, and SE.

The screen protector comes along with a squeegee, a spray (for installation), a microfiber cloth, and some installation directives.

The screen protector can heal itself of minor dings thanks to the TPU material used to make it.

You get 6 protectors and a lifetime warranty when you buy this Apple Screen Protector. The entire pack comes at under $10 which is a great deal.

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2. Tranesca Ultra-thin TPU Screen Protector Cover (8-Packs)

Tranesca Ultra-thin TPU Screen Protector cover is the best budget case you can buy to protect your Apple Watch.

When you buy the pack you get up to 8 cases in different colors. That means you can swap from case to case to match your day’s outfit or mood.

This Apple screen protector is also made of TPU. In addition, the screen protector is can resist fingerprint and oil buildup thanks to the oleo phobic coating technology. The pack also comes at a great deal – you get 1 at only $2.

Without forgetting, the Apple protector comes in sizes of 38, 40, 42, and 44mm and it is the screen protector your Apple Watch Watch Series 4, 5, 6, and SE needs to protect its screen display.

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3. PZOZ Screen Protector Hard Cover

In case you have the older Apple Watch we also have got your back. This screen protector is size 42mm and is compatible with Apple Watch Series 2 and 3.

Unlike the above 2, it is made of PET and PC plastic to protect your screen from scratches.

The Apple screen protector comes in 5 colors you can use to customize your looks. Unfortunately, this hard cover case is not good with water.

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Do Apple Watches Screen Scratch Easily

Apple Watches are hard to catch scratches. But there are times when the impact is so vigorous hence scratches may happen.

Apple claims that the Apple Watch Series 7 doesn’t get scratches but a number of buyers have reported they had their Apple Series Watch 7 get scratched.

They would have to live with the unappealing scratches on their screens if they considered applying a screen protector on the watch from the start. This explains why your Apple Watch needs a screen protector.

What is the Apple Watch screen made of?

The type of screen you get on your Apple Watch generally depends on the Apple Watch model you have.

We have the Apple Watch series made of Titanium and a Series made of Aluminum. Apple Watch Series made of Titanium are super expensive while those made of Aluminum (Ion-X glass) are cheap.

Apart from the two types of material used to make the Apple Watch screen we have a series of displays made of stainless steel.

Apple claims Watches that have stainless steel display are more scratch-resistant because they are made of a harder material (Sapphire crystal display).

What can Scratch an Apple Watch Screen?

There are a number of things from chemicals to objects that might pose threat to a naked Apple Watch screen.

For example, you endanger your Apple Watch when showering because soap, lotion, body wash, and shampoo among other chemicals can compromise watertight components.

Also, in case there is a crack on the screen water can enter and cause damage to the screen and worst of all kill the screen’s sense of touch.

So, do I need a screen protector for Apple Watch? Yes, you do need a screen protector in such a case.

What Protection should I get for my Apple Watch?

The best Apple Watch Screen Protector you can get for your screen is the RinoSkin Shield Screen Protector. Why choose the RinoSkin Shield Screen Protector? We prefer this screen protector because it is available for every Watch model (Apple Watch 3, Watch 4, Watch 5, Watch 6, and Watch 7). Also, the screen protector is made of the material used to protect surfaces of aircraft – it is a military-grade thingy. Without forgetting, the screen protector also comes at an affordable price, and the chances of failing to do its job are very minimal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use Tempered Glass for Apple Watch?

The best way you can protect your brand new iWatch from annoying scratches is with the use of a tempered Apple Watch screen protector. You need the tempered screen protector because they are thick, strong, and more durable, unlike the basic plastic screen protectors.

Should Apple Watch have a Screen Protector?

Apple Watches mustn’t have screen protection. However, if you want the watch to maintain its clean condition you will need to use a screen protector. With a screen protector, you are sure your watch is protected from scuffs and scratches. Even so, screen protectors are only designed to add a layer of security to your Apple Watch’s display – Apple screen protectors don’t guarantee perfection.

How do I Protect My Apple Watch?

The best way you can protect your Apple iWatch is by applying a tempered glass screen protector. No matter how much the watch looks protected from scratches it is always good to play it safe with a screen protector because the watch can get damaged while on the wrist sooner or later.

Does Apple Watches have Protectors?

Yes, Apple Watches have screen protectors. A screen protector is available for every Apple Watch model in a number of sizes through the Apple Watch Series 7.

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