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How to Fix a Smartwatch Screen (A Step-By-Step Guide)

No need to panic when your smartwatch screen accidentally gets damaged – here is a step-by-step guide to help you fix a smartwatch screen that is broken. From this article you will:

  • Learn how to fix the broken screen glass on your smartwatch.
  • How much does it cost to replace the screen on your smartwatch.
  • What makes screen replacement costly.
  • Find out whether screen protectors are worth it.
  • Importance of Screen Protects on your Watch.

Can We Replace Smart Watch Screen?

In the first place is fixing a smartwatch screen even possible? Fortunately, a damaged or broken smartwatch screen can be replaced.

And to make things sound much better you can replace the smartwatch screen yourself and save the cost of replacement services. On average it takes 30 to 60 minutes to fix a new screen on a smartwatch and assemble it back.

How do I replace just the Glass on My Watch (Apple Watch)?

Replacing the glass only isn’t hard, here are a few simple steps to help you replace the broken glass on your Apple Watch:

  • Start by switching off the watch

power off  the watch

  • Apply heat
  • Slowly/carefully pry the screen

Slowly and carefully pry the screen

  • Insert opening pick under the glass and slide to separate the adhesive holding the case and screen together.

Insert opening pick under the glass

  • Use a second pick to see whether the adhesive has separated in all corners of the watch.

use a second pick to see whether the adhesive has separated

  • Remove the damaged screen by shifting it to the left

Remove the damaged screen

  • Remove the battery

Remove the battery

  • Disconnect the screen fiber (the connection is underneath the screen) and remove the damaged display.

Disconnect the screen fiber

  • Connect the new screen.

Connect the new screen

  • Now assemble the watch.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Smart Watch Screen?

You always have two options at hand when your smartwatch screen is broken and needs replacement.

The options are either fixing the screen yourself or handing it over to a qualified electronic technician who knows to fix a smartwatch screen.

The amount of money you can spend replacing your damaged screen depends on the type of smartwatch you are using.

What makes Smartwatch Screen Replacement More Expensive

  1. A smartwatch that has its warranty void can be expensive to repair because you are the one who is responsible for the entire cost.
  2. A screen that has trouble because of water will require the entire assembly to be replaced which makes the cost high.
  3. In case your smartwatch malfunctioning it means more parts will need to be removed which can also cost more.

Hint: The more expensive your smartwatch is the more money you are going to spend fixing a new screen and vice versa. Examples of smartwatches expensive to repair are the Apple and Samsung watch.

The best thing to do is to consider the cost of repairing the smartwatch in case damage happens. Always go for an option that would drain your wallet and take less time when repairing.
How much is it to fix a cracked Apple Watch screen?

Do Smartwatches Need Screen Protector?

What comes next to most of our heads after buying smartwatches is whether we really need a screen protector.

The thing is, you need a screen protector for your watch especially if it is a typical smartwatch.

A smartwatch screen protection is what you need when you want your smartwatch to serve for a long period of time. Any smartwatch doesn’t matter how robust its display is needs a screen protector.

Why are Screen Protectors Important?

There are so many benefits you get when you protect your smartwatch screen with a screen protector below are the 4 benefits of having a screen protector on your smartwatch:

1. Prevent the Formation of Scratches

Your screen doesn’t get scratches after falling on dirty surfaces. Scratches on the smartwatch screen are always annoying and you can prevent that by applying for screen protection on your watch.

2. Maintains Your Smartwatch’s Look

Look do matter and for that reason, a smartwatch screen protection is crucial to maintain the look of your screen display because it’s protected from abrasion and damage.

3. Your Screen Maintains its Sense of Touch

A screen protector will protect the smartwatch’s screen sense of touch. Too many scratches on your smartwatch screen can sometimes cause the screen to fail to touch.

And for that reason, you will need to replace the screen with another. The moment you protect your smartwatch with the screen protector you save yourself from smartwatch screen replacement cost which is sometimes costly depending on the smartwatch model you are using.

4. Cost Effective

With a screen protector on your smartwatch’s display, you get to avoid damages that could happen as a result of the watch falling hence you get to save the money you would have spent on touchscreen screen repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Apple Watch 3 Screen be Replaced?

Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 replacement screens came out in early 2019 so if by accident you get your Apple Watch 3 screen damaged you can have it replaced. What you do is either mail the watch to Apple or take it to a physical store.

Does Apple Watch Break Easily?

Apple Watches use corning glasses which are very much resistant to cracks and scratches. Even so, if the watch by any chance falls 4+ feet on a hard surface the glass will break.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, the best precaution to take to avoid such a thing is buying the watch a screen protector.

Is Apple Watch Screen Worth Fixing?

Fixing a damaged Apple watch screen is cheaper than buying another watch. So, yes, having your Apple watch screen fixed is worth it.

Does Apple Replace Screens for Free?

The only time Apple will repair your damaged screen display for free is when the display issue is covered by Apple’s warranty or customer laws. You pay for replacement when the display is not covered by the warranty or customer laws.

Can I buy AppleCare after I break My Screen?

That’s impossible, you cannot buy the AppleCare plan for an Apple watch that already has its screen broken.

For example, you only insure a life that is already existing and not someone that is dead. What you can do is have the watch repaired and then buy the plan.

Can You Repair a Smart Watch?

A smartwatch can be repaired when it gets damaged. Even with that, we have damages that are easy to repair while others tend to be slightly hard and risky to perform.

When doing a complex repair you need to be so careful because instead of solving the problem you may end up awakening other problems and end up worsening the situation.

Luckily, smartwatch brands like Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, Suunto, Amazfit, Xiaomi, etc. offer repair instructions on their websites.

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