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Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Active 2: This Is How They Compare!

Fitbit Sense and Samsung Active 2 are the two models that stand out as some of the most advanced smartwatches.

From monitoring heart rate to analyzing sleep quality to allowing wrist payments, there’s very little the two smartwatches can’t do.

But how do they compare? And which smartwatch between the two should you buy in the first place?

In this Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 guide, we look at how the two smartwatches compare, so you can decide which model would be suitable for you.

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Comparison Table

Below is a quick comparison table showing the similarities and differences between Fitbit sense and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: 

Display1.2” & 1.4”, AMOLED1.58” OLED
Resolution360 x 360 pixels336 x 336 pixels
Companion AppSamsung WearableFitbit App
GPSShared GPSBuilt-in
Activity TrackingCalories burned, heart rate, sleep Blood  oxygen levels, calories burned, heart rate, sleep
Wrist PaymentsSamsung PayFitbit Pay
NotificationsCalls, text messagesCalls, text messages
Battery Life24 to 60 hoursUp to 6+ days
Water ResistanceUp to 5 ATMUp to 5 ATM
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Active 2: Display

Fitbit and Samsung have given each other a run for their money on the display of the two devices.

fitbit sense vs samsung active 2 display

You’re getting a 1.58-inch display with a 336-pixel OLED resolution from the Fitbit Sense.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, on the other hand, gives you two display options: 1.2 inches and 1.4 inches. Its AMOLED resolution features a crispier resolution of 360 pixels, making it a winner in terms of content clarity on the screen. 

Both displays are touch sensitive and they respond quite well to touches and swipes with extremely rare cases of lags – if any. 

Fitbit Sense and Samsung Active 2: Bands  

If you’re interested in a smartwatch that comes with interchangeable straps, you can go for either the Fitbit Sense or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The interchangeable bands for Fitbit Charge models are some of the best that we’ve seen so far. And the creative artistry seems to spread across all the models, including the Sense.

Samsung, through what it dubs as mix and match, allow you to get bands you can use to customize the Active 2 watch to match your outfit. This, if anything, can add a great tone to the overall wear of those who have a taste for fashion. 

Fitbit Sense vs Samsung Active 2: Location Tracking

The best activity trackers that will map walking, running, or cycling without having you carry your smartphone along are Samsung Active 2 watch and Fitbit Sense. This is possible with the help of the built-in GPS tracker.

The GPS trackers on both smartwatches are accurate and won’t you go astray as far as directions and routes are concerned.

That said, we believe that Fitbit Sense and Samsung Active 2 are both great options for GPS.

Water Resistance Rating

Samsun Active 2 and Fitbit Sense are waterproof. They are both super options for hitting the pool, shower, or beach.

The smartwatches by Samsung and Fitbit respectively are able to resist water infiltration up to a depth of 50 meters below water.

You can have either of the watches if you are looking for something that keeps track of your swimming.

Samsung Active 2 has an active swim tracker but we would prefer its brother Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro over it.

Fitbit on the other side is a great swim tracker, the smartwatch will be able to automatically monitor your swimming. It will provide you with swim data like swim duration, distance, length, and pace.

Other Fitbit alternatives that can help track swimming include the Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Luxe, Versa, and the Versa Lite Edition.


Fitbit Sense will show texts from Whatsapp and SMS, app notifications, calendars, and incoming calls right from your phone to keep you updated.

For this to work without hitches make sure the phone is not more than 30 feet away from the fitness tracker.

You will be able to reply to texts and speak with a caller right from the wrist thanks to the built-in speakers that give clear sound and the microphone.

The Samsung Active 2 watch, on the other hand, can let you compose your own messages and send them.

Only users with the Samsung Active2 LTE model will be able to make and answer calls.

 This watch must also connect with the phone over Bluetooth for this to work. Like Fitbit Sense, Galaxy Active 2 comes with onboard speakers (with good sound output) and a microphone.


Fitbit Sense and Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch are able to number of calories burned by the body during a workout.

All activity trackers come with SpO2 sensors that are responsible for tracking oxygen levels in the blood.

Both of these activity monitors have ECG sensors but we have a problem with the one in Fitbit Sense because it is inaccurate.

Fitbit got aware of the issue and discontinued Fitbit Sense. The presence of a 3-axis altimeter on the two smartwatches indicated that they are all capable of monitoring the number of stairs climbed.

Optical Heart Rate sensors on the other hand are on Fitbit Sense and Galaxy Active2 and will check the general heart behavior like heartbeat per minute (bpm), resting heart rate (RHR), and heart rate variability (HRV).

Companion App

Fitbit Sense uses the Fitbit app as its companion app to provide users with wellness and fitness data. Samsung Active 2 on the other hand uses the Samsung Wearable app as the companion app to display analysis.

Both of the apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices hence available on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Mobile Payment

Both Fitbit Sense and Samsung Active2 will be able to give you access to your credit and debit cards no matter where you are.

To make mobile payments from Fitbit Sense and Galaxy Active2 you will use Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay respectively.

Battery Life

The Samsung Active 2 smartwatch also comes with two battery options. The first battery option is a 240 mAh battery which is used on the Galaxy Active watch 1.2 inches.

The second battery option is the 247 mAh battery used on the 1.48 inches Galaxy Active 2. On a full charge, both batteries can last 24 to 60 days which is so poor battery life.

Users who prefer activity trackers with good battery life should opt for Fitbit Sense instead. Fitbit Sense is able to keep a charge for up to 6+ days.

The more the battery life the more time spent keeping fit and tracking your wellness and the less time you waste doing charges.

Pros for Fitbit Sense  

  • Interchangeable wrist straps.
  • Onboard GPS.
  • Adequate display.
  • Good battery life

Cons for Fitbit Sense  

  • The watch is pricey.

Pros for Samsung Active 2

  • The resolution is super clear.
  • Changeable bands.
  • Built-in GPS

Cons for Samsung Active 2

  • Poor battery life.
  • Costs much.

Which Smartwatch should I Buy: Fitbit Sense or Samsung Active 2?

Fitbit Sense and Samsung Active 2 are good activity trackers and can both be great choices. The only problem is that they both come at high prices.

They are both equipped with a lot of tracking features some of which we haven’t included but have in the single product review section.

For Samsung Galaxy Active 2 and Fitbit Sense, use your preferred features to get the smartwatch that works best for you.

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