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Fitbit Sense Vs Apple Watch 6: A Distinguishing Review!

Here is a summarized Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 6 table to help you make a quick comparison between the smartwatches.

Display1.58”, OLED1.78”, LTPO AMOLED
Resolution336 x 336 pixels368 x 448 pixels
GPSYes (Built-in)Yes (Built-in)
TrackingRunning (step counts), cycling, stress, sleep, stairs climbed, calories burnedStep counts, number of stairs climbed, calories burned, high decibel alert, irregular heart rate
Sensors3-axis accelerometer, GPS+GLONASS, Heart Rate monitor, Gyro3-axis accelerometer, Heart Rate Monitor, GPS/GNSS, compass, SpO2,
Battery LifeUp to 6 daysUp to 18 hours
Companion AppFitbit AppApple App
Contactless PaymentYes (Fitbit Pay)Yes (Apple Pay)
Water ResistanceUp to 50 metersUp to 50 meters
Calls and TextsYesYes

Display and Design

The Apple Watch 6 offers the best user experience because has a larger screen display of 1.78 inches while Fitbit Sense has a screen display of 1.58 inches.

The display on Fitbit Sense is OLED with a resolution of 336 x 336 pixels while the display on Apple Watch 6 features an always-on Retina LTPO OLED display with a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels at 326 PPI.

Both of the watches are touchscreen. The graphics on Apple Watch are crispier and clear than on Fitbit Sense because of the high resolution. The screen display on Fitbit Sense is damage-resistant because it is made of gorilla glass.

Location Tracking

Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch Series 6 are both good for going running, walking, and cycling because they map routes, distances, and paces with the help of GPS.

Both fitness trackers don’t share phone GPS rather, their GPS is built-in. Activity trackers with built-in GPS are great because with them you don’t have to carry your phone along.

Water Resistance Rating

The Apple Watch 6 series and Fitbit Sense are both good watches for hitting the pool. And that is because they are water-resistant to up to 5 ATMs. That means, they can withstand submersions of up to 50 meters in water.


Apple Watch 6 and Fitbit Sense both come with a built-in speaker and microphones. The built-in speaker in the smartwatches will let you hear what your caller is saying while the built-in microphone will transmit your verbal reply to the caller.

The watches also allow you to receive or make calls through Bluetooth headsets. Talking of text messages, both the Apple Watch and Fitbit Sense can send and receive texts.

From the Apple Watch 6, you can compose and send messages that contain texts, memoji stickers, emoji, audio clips, and images.

Both of the smartwatches also let you send payments. For Fitbit Sense, you will send payment using Fitbit Pay while from the Apple Watch 6 you will send money using Apple Pay.

Operating Systems –OS

Apple Watch 6 series uses the WatchOS 6 operating system with an Apple S6 processor while Fitbit Sense uses the FitbitOS operating system to bring you new ways of staying connected, getting more health and workout insights, and being more active.

Fitbit Sense is compatible with both Apple and Android devices while the Apple Watch 6 is only compatible with Apple devices. Therefore, you cannot pair Apple Watch 6 you’re your Android smartphone.

The Sensors

Apple Watch Series 6

You will find a 3-axis accelerometer and a gyroscope on Apple Watch Series 6 that will help detect your movements.

The 3-axis accelerometer is the feature responsible for monitoring the number of staircases you climb or how far you go up the mountain or hill. The gyro sensor on the other hand tracks the angular velocity or angular rate acting on the smartwatch.

In simple terms, the sensor tracks the angular velocity in the rotational angle per unit or time deg/s (degree per second).

To the back of the watch, there is a Heart Rate sensor made up of photodiodes with visible infrared LED lights that reflect through the skin to monitor the heart rate.

There is a SpO2 sensor that will inform you of how much oxygen is saturated in your blood. It not only keeps track of oxygen levels in the blood when you sleep but it does track the levels all night long. The Apple Watch can also be worn to bed because it can monitor sleep. The watch will tell how much you slept and monitor your sleep stage right from when you fall asleep.

Fitbit Sense

Like Apple Watch 6, Fitbit Sense has an accelerometer that will monitor all your movements. The only two smartwatches by Fitbit that have gyroscope sensors are Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Sense. The two Fitbits can measure the angular velocity along three orthogonal axes.  

There is also a SpO2 sensor on this tracker that will track the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. The watch also has a heart rate monitor that will monitor heart variability and general heart wellness.

Fitbit Sense will monitor and estimate your sleep by combining your heart rate patterns and movements. The beat-to-beat of the heart fluctuates due to transition in sleep stages –light, deep, and REM sleep.

Is Fitbit Sense Being Discontinued, And Why?

Recent emails sent by Fitbits to users state that Fitbit Sense is being discontinued. The reason why Fitbit is discontinuing Fitbit Sense is that the smartwatch has problems with its ECG sensor. The Good thing is that Fitbit promises to replace Fitbit Sense for free.

Battery Life

If among the features you are looking for in a smartwatch is the battery life, then Fitbit Sense is the deal. Unlike Apple Watch 6 smartwatch which is estimated to serve for 18 hours on a complete charge, the Fitbit Sense can last you for up to 6 days when charged to the mark.

Apple Watch 6 on the other hand takes the least time to charge to completion (about 1 hour and 1 ½ hour) while Fitbit Sense will take the longest period (1 to 2 hours).

Pros for Fitbit Sense

  • A bit cheaper than the Apple Watch series 6
  • Features a built-in GPS
  • Longer battery life than Apple Watch
  • Uses gorilla glass

Cons for

  • ECG is totally inaccurate

Pros for

  • Uses an Ion-X glass which is more scratch-resistant than Gorilla glass
  • Like Sense, it features an onboard GPS
  • Can make calls and respond to text messages

Cons for

  • High price tag
  • Poor battery life

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