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How to Connect Whoop to Peloton 

Peloton and Whoop are both fitness tracking gadgets, what differentiates them is Whoop is strapped to the wrist like a watch while Peloton is just an indoor bike that’s cycled. Both Peloton and Whoop use apps and they are e both paid for.

In this article we are going to show you how to connect Whoop to Peloton in less than a minute. Keep reading…

A Summary of What Whoop and Peloton Are

Peloton bike and bike+ provide users with live and on-demand at home classes. Even after buying the Peloton bike you will still need to pay a monthly subscription fee to monitor you workout.

Peloton bike will help you achieve your health and fitness goal through a number of inspirational workout classes.

Peloton has got all that is needed to restore your mind and body in a perfect flow to cover your fitness needs and desires.

Whoop on the other hand is a fitness tracking and coaching wearable that also comes with an app that will use physical data to monitor and improve your training and fitness data thanks to the 5 sensors that measure heart rate variability, pulse, ambient temperature, skin conditivity, and movements.

Whoop comes with a battery life of up to 5 days with a charger that is so convenient but the only thing it lacks is the display.

Can You Connect Whoop to Peloton

Fortunately, Whoop can connect to Peloton to provide users with in-depth fitness data it also does not even take more than a minute to establish a connection between the two gadgets.

Now that you know Whoop 4.0 and Peloton can connect it is time to guide you (step-by-step) on how to connect them.

What happens When Whoop Syncs With Peloton?

Once you have successfully connected Whoop to Peloton, you will begin to track your cycling performances throughout.

In addition, you will also see how your cycling performance keeps improving over time.

How to Connect Your Whoop Strap to Peloton in 6 Easy Steps

  • Start by checking whether the Whoop app installed in your phone is on its latest version, if it is, proceed to opening it. If it is not on its latest version, consider updating it and after that open it.
  • Having opened the Whoop app on your phone, head to the Settings.
  • From the Settings Menu select the Connections.
  • A list of Available Connections will show, select Peloton from the list.
  • Log in your Peloton sign in information and then tap Connect. That is how you connect your Whoop to Peloton!

Video Showing You How to Use Whoop with Peloton for Better Performance

How Do You Pair Whoop Strap With Peloton

Once you have ensured the Bluetooth antenna on your Peloton is turned on launch the Whoop app on your smartphone.

After that choose the “Pair Device” option and the Whoop app will start checking devices within range. That’sit, Whoop is now paired with your Peloton bike.

What to Consider When Pairing Whoop With Peloton

Apart from ensuring your are using the the latest version of Whoop app you will need to make sure your Peloton Bluetooth connection is turned on else things won’t work out.

To turn your Peloton Bluetooth connection on do the following:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Opt for Turn On Bluetooth.

Advantage of Using Peloton with Whoop

When you use your Whoop Strap with Peloton you  get to real time data on how your body is working plus you even get to optimize your daily routine.

How Does Whoop Help with Peloton Training

Whoop helps with Peloton training by showing daily and weekly metrics hence you get to train harder and smarter.

Data on activity outside your workout will also be collected and used to show how it affects your Hear Rate Variability (HRV). You will also get suggestions on how long you should take breaks.

About Peloton and Whoop Membership Plans

All access membership plan on Peloton will cost $44/month plus any applicable tax, users can alternatively pay for the app membership which costs $12.99/month plus any applicable tax.

On the other hand Whoop offers users three payment options, it either you pay monthly, yearly, or two years in advance.

For the monthly plan you will be paying $30 plus a 12-month committee. You pay in advance $25/month for the two years.

You can use the Peloton bike even without membership but you won’t have full access to workout features.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Whoop without a membership plan. If you cancel your Whoop membership you don’t get a refund and you will need to return the tracker.

5 Ways to use Whoop with Peloton

There are about 5 exciting ways you a use Whoop with Peloton. You can use Whoop with Peloton as recovery tracker, calories tracker, a regular heart rate monitor, training evaluation tool, or as a sleep tracker.

1. Use Whoop with Peloton to Monitor Your Recovery

You can use Whoop to track how effective your recovery is from Peloeton classes.

Your recovery ability will depend on muscle soreness, metabolic fatigue, and accumulation of lactate.

An immediate feedback on recovery status will be given by Whoop based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

2. Use Whoop with Peloton to Monitor Your Heart Rate

As you take Peloton classes you can have Whoop on the other end monitoring your regular heart rate.

Both Peloton and Whoop come with heart rate monitors but they are built too differently but with the same goals, which is measuring the heart rate.

3. Use Whoop with Peloton to Evaluate Your Training

 Whoop and Peloton are connected the user can track their training evaluation with the help of the strain coach and strain score metric.

You use the  workout suggestions together with level of intensity to choose the right Peloton class duration.

4. Use Whoop with Peloton to Monitor Your Calorie Burn

Whoop and Peloton can be used together to monitor the number of calories burned during a work out as well as throughout the day.

Whoop estimates the number of calories burned out of the body based on the heart rate, weight, and height

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Whoop Compatible With Peloton

Whoop and Peloton compatibility depends specifically on the software and device being used.

Even so syncing Whoop to Peloton to monitor heart rate and the numbers of calories burned  is much possible.

2. Does Whoop Sync With Other Apps?

Whoop can sync and work with a lot of apps. the Peloton app is a good example.

With Whoop and Peloton connected the user wil have access fitness data and it will be easy for him or her to compare between various of workouts.

That also means you will be able to compare your Peloton activities to Whoop workout.

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