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Whoop Alternatives: 5 Best Choices for 2023!

Before we provide you with a list of the best Whoop alternatives we would like to let you know that Whoop is one of the best fitness trackers known for keeping track of daily workouts.

The more you use the Whoop Strap the more valuable and accurate it provides health and fitness data without forgetting recommendations.

You will need to spend more time with the tracker so that it better understands your workout. Whoop tracker is definitely the activity strap you will want to have if you are an athlete or a workout enthusiast.

Also, with Whoop, you will be able to track mental stress, detect heart issues, and tell your temperature plus it is waterproof up to 10 meters.

Nonetheless, no matter how great this activity tracker sounds to be there are aspects that drag it down and that renege the deal for many. That said here are 5 alternatives you can go for if you find Whoop strap not worth your money:


5 Best Fitbit Alternatives

1. BellaBeat

1.CompatibilityAndroid & iOS
2.App Installs1 Million+
3.TrackingMenstrual cycle, sleep (sleep stages), stress, heart rate, etc.
4.Water ResistanceNot water resistant
5.Battery LifeUp to 6 months (Button Batteries – replaceable)

Been asking your self what’s better than the Whoop Strap? Well, the BellaBeat fitness tracker could be.  This is definitely the best Whoop alternative to consider as a woman. Like Whoop Strap the leaf does not have a display.

Apart from the wrist women can wear this fitness tracker on their necks and collar – the ankle wouldn’t be such a good idea.

Ladies can use BellaBeat to track their menstrual cycle as well as their stress, sleep, and sleep quality. Unfortunately, unlike Whoop, BellaBeat is not water resistant.


Check how BellaBeat Compares to Fitbit Watches!

2. LetsFit

1.CompatibilityAndroid & iOS
2.App Installs100K+ (Android)
3.TrackingCalories burned, Sleep, Heart Rate, ECG, Blood Oxygen level, temperature, swimming, steps taken, stairs climbed, etc.
4.Water Resistance50 ATM
5.Battery LifeAverage of 5 days

LetsFit is a smartwatch that also challenges Whoop. If you want a smartwatch that looks classy opt for LetsFit because from afar it looks like an Apple Watch. It comes at a price that is affordable that can be afforded by many.

The smartwatch is compatible with a lot of devices and with it, you also be able to get immediate notifications from calls and social media.

Something that Whoop straps cannot offer you but LetsFit does is the LCD display, which is 1.3 inches.

With the LetsFit smartwatch you will be able to keep track of the distances you’ve covered while traveling, sleep, steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate among others.

You also get some cool workout modes such as Yoga, climbing, hiking, treadmill, running, and biking.  

3. Fitbit

1.CompatibilityAndroid & iOS
2.App Installs50 Million+
3.TrackingCalories burned, Sleep, Heart Rate, ECG, Blood Oxygen level, temperature, swimming, steps taken, stairs climbed, etc.
4.Water Resistance5 ATM
5.Battery LifeAverage of 5 days

Like Whoop, Fitbit is also a fitness tracker that can monitor your daily fitness and wellness and provide you with data analysis each morning you wake up and that is it appears it appears as our number one Whoop competitor if you may like.

Fitbit is simple and user-friendly, after downloading Fitbit a user can check and analyze his/her daily stats from a single screen hence one of the best fitness trackers in the world.  

In addition, Fitbit would be the Whoop alternative to consider first if you want to connect with your friend and family to keep fit as it will let arrange friendly competitions.

You are definitely going to like Fitbit because it can connect to other health and fitness apps like RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, Endomando, and BlinkFeed just to mention a few.

Also, like Whoop, Fitbit will track your sleep, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and breathing among others.

While Whoop won’t be able to track VO2 max, Fitbit will. Fitbit will also be able to show your blood pressure but Whoop won’t be able to show your blood pressure.

Sadly, Whoop won’t be able to monitor your daily steps whereas Fitbit will track them. Instead of tracking the number of steps, you take Whoop will calculate the strain the body takes on. If you’ve been asking yourself what is the most accurate health tracker, Fitbit definitely is.

Also, if you are asking yourself, which of the two is accurate – Whoop or Fitbit, know that they are both accurate.

4. Stryd

1.CompatibilityAndroid & iOS
2.App Installs10K+
4.Water ResistanceNot water resistant
5.Battery LifeUp to 30 days

You probably haven’t heard of it yet but it falls among the best Whoop alternatives. You will love the tracker especially if you are into running or an athletic coach.

Those who do 5K, 10K, half marathon, or full marathons will benefit from the watch so much thanks to the race power calculator.

The Stryd fitness tracker will also give you a target that you can race towards. The fitness tracker goes into the shoes and unlike others, it features a cradle which makes switching from one racing shoe to another easy.

A single charge can keep the fitness tracker alive for about 30 days hence you train more and charge less.

Unfortunately, Stryd cannot be used when running in the rain, streams, or rivers because it is not waterproof.

5. MorePro

1.CompatibilityAndroid & iOS
2.App Installs100K+
3.TrackingCalories burned Sleep, Heart Rate, steps taken, etc.
4.Water ResistanceUp to 50 meters.
5.Battery LifeAverage of 7 days, up to 15 days on standby mode.

MorePro is yet another Whoop competitor that comes with a screen with all the fitness tracking features you may be looking for in a watch on a limited budget.

The display used on the watch is both clear when you are indoors and outdoors thanks to the IP screen.

Unlike Whoop (featuring a water resistance capability of 1 ATM), the MorePro fitness tracker comes with a water resistance of 5 ATM. Meaning it can withstand water pressure of up to 50 meters below water. That means you can swim, walk in the rain, and snorkel with MorePro. You cannot shower with your whoop on but you can shower with MorePro on.

What makes the fitness tracker even more outstanding than the Whoop strap is its ability to take photos remotely camera from a camera.

You can comfortably go to bed with the watch to track your sleep. Apart from sleep, you will also be able to monitor your blood pressure, steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate among others. Without getting, the MorePro app features a simple design and is user-friendly.

Why Opt for Whoop’s Competitors?

  • Whoop Does not Feature a Display

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that has a display to show time and other vital data search as heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken then Whoop is not right for you.

Whoop minimizes look and style and focuses heavily on the user’s performance, rate as well as recovery.

On the other hand, fitness enthusiasts will not will also not be able to monitor their fitness in real time since there is no screen.

They will need to reach their phones, tablets, or laptops, and access the Whoop app to see their fitness data.

  • Connectivity Issues

No one wants a gadget that is slow in connection and despite how advanced technology is a number of Whoop users have complained that they have connectivity issues with the activity tracker from time to time.

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