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What Does a Smartwatch do? (9 Exciting Things)

There are so many things you can do with a smartwatch thanks to the many features it comes with.

From this article, you are going to learn the 9 most exciting things a smartwatch can do for you plus the different types of smartwatches. But before we continue here is a definition of what a smartwatch is:

What is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a portable wearable design for the wrist. Almost everything a smartphone offers is what a smartwatch can offer.

Smartwatches will offer apps that will record your heart rate among other vitals. A large number of smartwatches are touchscreen, which makes them easy to operate.

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What can a smartwatch do?

There is so much you can do with your smartwatch being turned on. With us are the 9 most exciting things you can do with a smartwatch:

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9 Things a Smartwatch do for You

1. Make sure you don’t miss anything Urgent

A smartwatch like the Fossil and Michael Kors among others will make sure you never miss out on important notices. They will vibrate and rings.

You might hear the smartwatch ring when in a crowded and noisy place but the vibration feel is something you can resist feeling even if you are dumb, deaf, or blind.

Since Apple Watches come with carries for calls and texts, you just need to bring your smartphone close to the watch to receive calls and texts as well as calendar reminders and email notifications.

Connecting a smartwatch to a phone is so easy, once you have the smartwatch connected to the phone you don’t need to worry about missing any notices.

2. Manage your Fitness, Wellness, and General Health

Smartwatches come loaded with functions that help users manage their fitness, well, and health in general.

For example, smartwatches come with apps that will monitor your routes and paces while running, cycling, and walking.

Several smartwatches will also monitor your swimming and for that, they are water resistant up to 50 meters and above.

The majority of smartwatches like Samsung and Huawei etc. will also be able to keep track of your sleep throughout the night and provide you with reports the following day.

In addition, we have smartwatches that can check the level of oxygen running through your veins plus check your blood pressure. The main purpose of a smartwatch is to manage your wellness, fitness, and health in general.

3. Send Text, Receive, and Make Calls

Can you text on a smartwatch? Although not all, most smartwatches will let you text, pick up incoming calls, make calls, and respond to emails. Those that don’t let you compose texts of your own will suggest your replies.

4. Get Weather Updates

Smartwatches come with onboard barometer sensors that not only track barometric pressure but also predict weather changes.

Also, you can install apps and get weather updates right from your wrist without reaching for your pocket for your phone.

This is a helpful feature because it makes you get yourself fully armed for the day with heavy jackets and an umbrella etc. while going to work.

5. Track your Location

Another this thing a smartwatch is good for is tracking your location, the distance you cover, and the pace you are moving at.

A smartwatch ensures you never get lost no matter where you are. If the GPS isn’t working the compass does work.

So, be it in the middle of a desert or ocean you will always find your way out. This feature will also help the rescue team find you in times of emergency. That’s not it, a smartwatch with built-in GPS can easily be traced when lost.

6. Pay Your Bills

Most people who smartwatches are able to pay their dues in a cashless form thanks to the Near-Field Communication feature (NFC).

What you need to do is download the mobile payment app and you are ready to spend using your watch.

With this feature, you don’t have to carry your credit cards or money with you. Contactless payment is a great feature because it helps curb the spread of an airborne virus like the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

7. A Smartwatch Will Entertain You

Connected watches and smartwatches will let you stream music direct from online entertainment platforms like Spotify, Deezer, and Pandora.

Other smartwatches will not only let you stream music but also store music locally. With locally stored music you don’t have to bring your smartphone along.

Your jogging, walking, running, or cycling each morning or evening becomes more exciting when you listen to your favorite songs.

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8. Wakes you up on Time

Another use of a smartwatch is to wake you or your kids each morning. All smartwatches come designed with an alarm function that will ensure you wake up on time or switch to a given activity on time.

Fortunately, setting up an alarm on your smartwatch is not hard. People who use alarm say at home or work yield great results over time.

9. Take Photos

We have a number of smartwatches that come with cameras that will let you take selfie photos of yourself.

A good example of smartwatches that can take selfies includes Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch, Amokeoo Smart Watch, Bauisan Kids Smartwatch, and Aeifond Smartwatch among others.

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Types of Smartwatches

We have to Wear watches with use Google Wear OS and are designed and sold out by many vendors. We have Apple Watches which are specifically designed and sold by Apple.

And Tizen Watches come with a Proprietary OS and are designed by Samsung for its line of smartwatches.

We also have watches like Fitbit which are standalone and phone dependent. Examples of these watches are diving/swimming watches, hiking watches, and flying watches. Let’s briefly give examples for each:

Diving/Swimming Smartwatches – to use a diving watch you will need to connect a Bluetooth transmitter to a first-stage controller. Examples of watches you can dive with are Suunto DX and Garmin Descent Mk1.

The two watches provide important indicators like temperature, the time remaining, and depth while in water. These smartwatches can never be water damaged because they are made waterproof.

Flying Smartwatches – flying watches will offer on-wrist SpO2 sensors, VO2 max sensors, NEXRAD for weather, moving, and maps that are GPS powered, etc.

Hiking Smartwatches – hiking smartwatches can also be used on construction sites because they are able to calculate heights above sea level.

Hike watches are made durable because they are exposed to water, too many drops, and dust. Most of them come with onboard GPS for location tracking and great battery life that can last for at least 7 days.

If you are a hiker or construction worker you may want to check out Suunto 9 Baro, Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, and the TomTom Adventurer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Answer a Call on a Smartwatch?

You can answer calls on a smartwatch with the help of the built-in mic and speaker. You can also connect to wireless headsets like Airdrops and answer calls.

Can You Text on a Smartwatch?

We have a number of smartwatches that will let you compose your own texts and send them to family and friends.

Is it Worth to have a Smartwatch?

According to use, smartwatches are worth investing in. Although a smartwatch is not a phone it operates like one but it offers more than what a phone can offer.

A smartwatch will keep track of your sleep, and the amount of oxygen in the blood, keep track of the calories burned and measure blood pressure which isn’t possible on a smartphone.

Luckily, we have affordable smartwatches for people under a budget and high-end smartwatches for those that want more of what a smartwatch offers.

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